The Twilight Enhancement Technique in Real Estate Photo (2024 Guide)

Without effective dusk photo editing, real estate photography images often suffer from silhouetted subjects, color casts, excessive noise, and low lighting that fail to showcase stunning transitions. Our team has post-processed countless stunning twilight photos. We’re sharing this guide on twilight photo editing for your day-to-dusk shots.


Twilight Photo Editing in Real Estate Photography

Fundamental techniques in twilight photo editing include correcting underexposure through slight boosts in brightness and contrast and targeted tweaks with gradient filters to balance uneven lighting between land and clouds. For real estate photography, it also helps to reduce noise in shadows and negative spaces and crop subjects in narrow bands of rich sunset hues. 

Chart describing the various techniques involved with Twilight Photo Editing in Real Estate Photography

Homes may look different during the day than in the evening, and you need to make them stand out in every shot. It is important to highlight the home's beauty in these two instances to let potential buyers feel more attracted to the home using the twilight enhancement technique.


Mansion taken during the time when the sun was bright


Mansion edited with twilight editing elements

Twilight and Dusk Photo Editing Techniques

Twilight real estate photography editing services can dramatically add appeal and beauty. Whether you post-process twilight real estate images in Lightroom or Photoshop, the color contrast must balance out to give your real estate photos an authentic vibe and not look deeply edited.

  1. Fix the blown-out highlights: Use exposure and highlight adjustment tools to refine lighting and exposure settings carefully. With manual blending, you can ensure a balanced image representation with recovered details in overexposed areas

  2. Correct the colors: Correcting colors in twilight photo editing entails adjusting the white balance to eliminate unwanted color casts and using HSL sliders to enhance and balance the overall color harmony

  3. Add more glow: Use the Color Dodge tool to enhance glow in selected areas to create more glow or light in an image

  4. Lighten up some shadows: Use the shadow adjustment tool to lighten darker areas selectively. This infuses a heightened glow and maintains a balanced illumination that enhances the enchanting qualities of an image

  5. Fix distortion, dust spots, and cropping: You may use the Lens Correction tool to fix distortion and the Spot Removal tool to eliminate dust spots. Refine the frame with the Cropping tool, creating a polished and visually captivating final result

Tips on Taking Twilight Photos

The most effective way to maximize the twilight enhancement technique is to take the photo while the sun is setting to contrast the artificial lighting, the sky's vivid blue, and the setting sun.

House photographed during the twilight hour with enhanced light elements

  • Use camera tripods in twilight real estate photography for stability
  • Invest in a remote trigger to remove shakiness or vibrations from your camera
  • Keep the front exterior as the hero shot
  • Survey the house from the inside out from your camera’s perspective to know which lighting bulbs you need to take out if they ruin the entire picture
  • Wait a few minutes after the sun sets to capture the golden hour in an image
  • Set a normal exposure while continuously adjusting the levels of lighting from your flash.
  • Take as many images as possible and take them unfiltered to give you more flexibility during editing

Advantages of Twilight Real Estate Photos

Twilight real estate photography is relevant for showcasing the home in bright and dark environments. It is easier for potential buyers to appreciate a property during the day because of its full appearance. These services take much more attention to detail at night to see the vibrance they bring to an image.

  • As a photographer, it is a technique that can be learned only by a few people. Being part of a niche group that can deliver these photos enables you to build a portfolio of fast-selling real estate properties
  • Learning to create a dramatic effect of an image emphasizes the beauty of the house that no daylight or evening photo can capture
  • It is also considered a neutral part of the day where shadows are not as prominent due to too much natural light and its absence in the evening

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make a Twilight Edit?

To create an impressive twilight edit in Lightroom or Photoshop, gradually adjust exposure, contrast, and shadow sliders to correct underexposure while ensuring balanced highlights. Set the WB towards cooler tones to counter color casts, use HSL sliders to enhance day-to-dusk sky colors, and apply targeted adjustments such as gradient filters to balance the sky and foreground.

How Do You Take Twilight Pictures?

To do captivating twilight real estate photography, arrive about an hour before sunset or after sunrise and scout compelling compositions. Set up your camera with a wide aperture lens stabilized on a tripod for sharp exposures and experiment with exposure times between eight to 30 seconds.

What Are Twilight Photos?

Twilight photos showcase the rich colors and striking textures that briefly materialize in nature during the fleeting transitions between day and night, masterfully capturing the low lighting of the golden hour or the dramatic day-to-dusk skies. They highlight the vivid hues and moodiness when the setting or rising sun dips below the horizon.


Learning the intricacies of twilight photo editing, including correcting exposure, adjusting the colors, and reducing noise, enable photographers to transform challenging low-light images into striking visions that elicit awe. When done effectively, photo editing skills empower photographers to practice and offer twilight real estate photography services.