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Replacing Overcast Skies in Real Estate Photography

Dealing with dull and overcast skies can be a pain for any real estate photographer. The overcast look makes your photographs appear lackluster and bland, while also washing out the vibrance of the property and nature. This, of course, makes listing properties and displaying properties far more difficult.

Putting the best ‘face’ forward on a property is crucial in real estate photography. That is why knowledge of replacing overcast skies with bright and sunny skies is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Many would be amazed at how a simple process like replacing overcast skies can bring a photo to the next level instantly. Here’s a bit of what the process looks like, and what it does to help your real estate photography.

Photoshop Allows Sky Replacement Easily

Using the ‘select and mask’ feature of photoshop, a sky can be replaced easily with any other sky that you could imagine. The pieces of the image can individually be cut and overlaid on top of a new image. That layer will be the desired sky that the photographer would like to have in their image. The process can be rather simple, but does take quite a bit of practice to get ‘just right’. However the general concept remains, with photoshop it can be quick and simple to layer a new sky image underneath the foreground of the property rather easily

Sky Replacement Makes Photos More Welcoming

Replacing overcast skies with sunny and blue skies can add a much needed contrast that wasn’t there before. The vibrant look of the new sky helps to bounce colors off of the property that will make the image ‘pop’. The process of sky replacement can also change the overall mood of an image. Overcast skies can be replaced with bright blue skies filled with puffy clouds; or even skies that are pure blue without a cloud in sight. This gives you freedom to set a tone and mood for a photo that you desire. Overcast sky replacement helps make your real estate property photo more welcoming, beautiful, and engaging for potential buyers and listings.

Overcast Sky Replacement Looks Seamless

The process of overcast sky replacement can ensure that the final product appears seamless and perfect. This is done by carefully blending the edges of the two layers to make them look like they belong together. Photoshop tools and other editing softwares allow for the addition of natural shadows, color enhancement and brightening, blending, and more. This ensures that the photo doesn’t have any unnaturally occurring shadow patterns that would not normally exist with a sunny sky. The final result is a perfectly convincing replacement of the overcast sky, and all the small details in the photo are adjusted to match.

Overcast Sky Replacement Gives You Flexibility

As a real estate photographer, deadlines can be incredibly restricting. Oftentimes getting an image of a property requires you to take the picture at a certain time--no matter what. This means that you can be left with overcast skies or rainy skies, no matter how well you plan it. Mother nature doesn’t bend to your photography needs! Overcast sky replacement allows you to get the image that you want without having to bend over backwards for nature. You can simply take the photo to the best of your ability, and have the overcast sky replaced during the editing process. You no longer have to worry about planning, rescheduling, or putting out a dull and drab photo.

Replacing Overcast Skies Can Be Done With Any Photo

You don’t need to concern yourself as a real estate photographer with getting the ‘perfect photo’. Replacing overcast skies is a process that can be done with any property photo, from any angle. This allows you to simply get the shots that you need, without losing your hair over external factors such as angle, lighting, etc,. Simply make the best attempt at a high quality shot that you can make, and let the post editing process take care of the rest. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ photo for !

Color Balance Is Always Achieved With Overcast Sky Replacement

The process of replacing overcast skies involves careful color correction and matching. This means that the real estate photo editor will adjust and match the hue and tone of the replacement to the overall tone of the property. You won’t end up with a very muted looking color on the property versus a bright and captivating sky. The contrast will be made to compliment the property, and match the vibe and aesthetic of the photo. This is another small nuance that overcast sky replacement editing uses to help make the final result look more authentic and beautiful simultaneously.


Additional Elements can be Added for More ‘Flair’

If the real estate photographer desres it, additional elements can be added to the sky replacement. This can range from adding in additional clouds, better more attractive clouds, and even birds. This can bring a more nuanced balance to the look and appeal of the sky. In addition, these elements can make the picture seem more ‘alive’ and intriguing to the viewers of the listing. These additional features can be added in easily with overcast sky replacement services for real estate photo editing.

Concluding Remarks

No one wants to look at a property photo that is drab and dreary. That is why overcast sky replacement is a must for serious real estate photographers. Our professional real estate photo editors can take your gray and boring real estate photo and make it shine with a bright and vibrant sky replacement. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results, and you will love how gorgeous your photo looks with a clear blue sky in the background.

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