A Visual That Sells Through Image Perspective Correction

Images are almost always snapped to the closest possible state of perfection. No photo comes out as 100% that no type of correction is needed as even seasoned professionals understand what inherent imperfections are and leaves them to the post-processing stage. In fact, trying to snap the elusively flawless image could be deemed an impractical expectation to begin with. Now, one of the things that normally would come out of a photo that requires realty editor are perspectives. Images that do not get to have these obvious irregularities fixed can bid goodbye to chances of sales. Not only does this impact the real estate business but also the reputation of the photographer for the lack of presence of mind to execute this adjustment.

Therefore, real estate photo perspective correction can help photos gain more realism, credibility, and lead up to better sales. People will start to marvel at a beautiful image and avoid any potential onus to call out anomalies within the image.

What is Perspective Correction?

Real estate image perspective correction is then defined to be the execution of rectifying techniques to straighten out lines that are structurally straight. A real estate photo perspective correction software or any photo editing application that can cater to such degree of rectification should be employed to flatten out the crease. There are different types of irregularities or sometimes coined as warping where real estate image perspective correction plays a role.

First on the list are curves. They are arcs that appear on edges of structures and are easily spotted due to their obvious nature. There are varying degrees of curves born out of different factors. The second is the skewing of properties and are mostly demonstrated by exterior shots. Now, the reality is that tripods as well as a photographer’s height can only go up so much, unless there is a drone at your disposal. Lastly there are instances where everything in the room is essential to the image, therefore capturing everything is a must. This causes compromises in places where it is further away from the camera, requiring extensive real estate photo perspective correction.

Causes of Warping

Warping or any form of distortion is a result of inherent flaws in the environment as well as constraints of photography. Take note that these things are almost impossible to remedy at the time of shooting, therefore real estate image perspective correction is inevitably a requirement in post-processing.

  1. Choice of lens

The desire to capture a wider landscape or simply the choice to include an extensive composition into one image will have trade-offs. In these instances, a wide-angle or fisheye lens is employed to get the job done. The only flaw is, to fit such an extensively capturing lens through a cylindrical piece of equipment will require a curved eye and glass on the lens. These then contribute to curved edges forming a convex arc around the edges.

  1. Height restrictions

With the rule of thumb of shooting from the hip a widely used technique in real estate interior photography, one should not be mistaken to rigidly follow this for all types of shots. In fact, for exterior shots, photographers must exhaust all means to take a shot as high as possible. Let’s look at it from the point of view of two different people with vastly different heights. Someone who might stand at 5-feet tall looking up at a 7-foot athlete would have a view of a narrowing person from bottom all the way to the top. This principle works similarly in taking photos of property structures hence, techniques for correcting photographs in real estate editing will be required to pull the structure forward, so it won’t seem to start narrowing as the height goes up.

  1. Distance requirements

In theory, the farther you are nearer the property, the principle in #2 will hold true. However, as you go further, you can get a better view with an improved skewing. Think about the Pythagorean theorem. Sides a and b are the ‘legs’. Side a in this case is the height of the property and side b is your distance from the property. The further you are extending side b, the imaginary side c which completes the triangle and also called the hypotenuse produces a less steep slope. A less steep slope then creates a perspective of a straighter side a which translates to less skewing. The only limitation here is, how far can you go until you hit a wall? Remember that real estate properties are built in neighborhoods with properties across the one you are shooting.

Tools to Correct the Image

Now that we have a full grasp of what constitutes this phenomenon, it is time to take a peek on how these can be addressed through real estate photo perspective correction software and tools.

  1. Using the distortion removal tool

The distortion removal tool is easily found in the Filter menu, selecting the Distort options and going to Lens Correction. Here you can find several options that will easily pull a distorted image forward, using background and object recognition tools in real estate image perspective correction software.

  1. Cropping

This tool is easily executable given the curves or warps born out of wide-angle and fisheye lenses. When anything appears out of the ordinary around the periphery, simple cut it out of the image leaving a straight edge cleanly cut. Another occasion where cropping is used when the photo is ironed out when correcting a selected area that is warped. As most of the available software stretch the photo out, the edges become compromised, taking the brunt of the wrinkles. Therefore, cropping out the edges will remove these areas of compromise and maintain the ironed area.


Images and visuals sell through realistic representations. Having curves and warps and all sorts of imperfections hamper its ability to help sell the property but having the understanding and knowledge on this phenomenon can get you equipped with how to handle it. Even if there are inherent and inevitable conditions, you as a photographer can rise above it and iron things out (figuratively and literally) to bring out the best looking image that sells.


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