Advance Real Estate Image Editing Software We Can Use

The contemporary real estate photo editor should not settle for tools that do not match the standard of quality their artistic hands provide. Computers must have respectable speeds and processing capabilities but more importantly, a real estate image editing software that can complement the towering specifications of the hardware.

Real estate image editing these days demand a lot to achieve its goal. With the increasing number of offerings such as virtual tours, virtual staging, and vivid enhancements, one could only think of the next iterations real estate image editing could bring. Potential buyers would start wanting more when it comes to viewership and why not? It helps them make a decision quicker and for real estate businesses, time is indeed money.

Using advanced real estate image editing software could help achieve such means to an end. With features such as batch editing and even artificial intelligence, the possibilities become endless with speed and precision. You may even find an influx of real estate image editing clients as you lay your hands on some amazing applications.

What is the Most Advanced Photo Editing Software?


Scrolling through the internet could land you quite the list of real estate image editing software. Some would offer features that could definitely be an eye-catcher while others could offer efficiency and smarts. In any case, real estate image editing must fit your goals when it comes to applications and software. This means the one you choose should fit like a glove for it to feel comfortable for your intended purpose.

Skylum Luminar AI

AI stands for artificial intelligence. Couple this with the simpler interface, you may just find yourself swooshing through one quality edit after the next. Its AI features allow the software to detect what you are trying to do and what your photo contains such that it may provide edits you are thinking of before you even think it.

Aurora HDR

If its bracketed images you are working with, then Aurora HDR is the best bet you can put your money on. One feature that stand out from this real estate image editing software is its ability to tone map the image better than most application thereby bring out a more vibrant image as opposed to other software with the same ability.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is always the first choice for most professionals. It’s latest release features AI which is a big step to its already industry renowned editing prowess. The sky replacement feature for instance, which was once a multi-step process can now be done in a matter of 2 to 3 clicks. A huge improvement in efficiency.

Adobe Lightroom

Last but not the least is Photoshop’s spinoff, Lightroom. This has features of better file management with some editing features you sure don’t want to miss. However, one advanced feature that stands out to make advanced tools for editing real estate photos a lot easier is the healing brush tool. With a few flicks, blemishes and imperfections will vanish and best of all, whatever you get to accomplish here can be continued in Photoshop for further work.

When Should I Use Lightroom vs Photoshop?

Now, there’s a question that looms above most people’s heads. Adobe came out with both Lightroom and Photoshop. Two real estate photo editing software that have been industry staples because of their respective abilities to churn out amazing photo and not to mention their own specialities in the real estate image editing sphere.


This came out later than Photoshop, but it never fell short of any expectations. Lightroom could be used as the first step. It can organize files with its outstanding features on image management and retrieval and can definitely make basic edits. From here, you may already find the final product of your desire because after all, it is a real estate image editing software. However, you may need to use its cousin in tandem, Photoshop to clean up some projects that have more complex requirements.


On a per pixel level, Photoshop can make the more complicated edits come to life. An example is the clone stamp tool. In order for an object removal to happen, the pixels from one part of the image needs to be copied on another thereby covering the unsightly item. Photoshop will be a better bet for this real estate image editing technique to make it look flawless and untampered to the public eye.

Finding the Right Software for You

Subscribing to the first software you see could be a move you will later regret. It won’t be the most expensive that will bring you the results you want. Each real estate image editing software will have its own usability, functionality, and even quirks, so you better do a trial if there is one so you can get the feel of it and find what it is you are looking for to bring out the best in your artistic mind and hands.

Ease of Usage

Perhaps look for the one that has an interface which fits your preference. Some like Lightroom would have a beginner’s interface which could work for both rookies and veterans. Interfaces can get daunting when there are too much things going on at the same time. Navigating the workstation in front of your screens should be something simple in order to jump from one tool to another or from one step to the next.

Target Features

Advanced real estate image editing software should possess features that bring ease and efficiency into the mix. It wouldn’t make sense for it just to have the basics while not improving when it is being iterated every year. Features you may want to look at could include batch processing of photos for starters. These allow you to do work faster which is a perk on top of the usual editing done. Next you may probably want to look for applications that have algorithms and AI built into it. These combine what used to be several steps into one click wonders, creating fast, efficient, and precise changes.

Final Thoughts

Real estate image editing by use of advance applications and software are no brainer choices to have in your computer. If you will pay for a subscription anyway, it should be a priority for you to spend your money where the maximum returns can be gained. Do the due diligence yourself and reap the benefits from all of it.


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