How to Add a Blue Sky in Real Estate Photography Editing in Photoshop

Quite often, the weather will not be cooperative during the photoshoot. We think about whether we want to power through or simply reschedule but the delays will put an inevitable change that would cause a frown with whoever your client is. Reality is the business needs speed, volume, and quality to thrive. Real estate photo editing must pounce on every opportunity in order to keep the wheels running. Having said this, even though the cloudy weather, image editing for real estate photography will have to save the day by replacing the sky in the image and making it look bright and vibrant.

Adding a bright blue sky through the help of real estate photography editing does have its merits. The reason why this is a staple service is due to the fact that bright and visible images invite the viewer to take a closer look which leads to a better chance at gaining a sale.

How Do I Enhance a Real Estate Image in Photoshop?

Whether done personally or through a real estate photography editing service, blue sky replacement will always be in the checklist, waiting to be ticked off the list once done along with other enhancements that will only increase the aesthetic of the photo and the perceived value of the property. Such coveted results are achieved through properly touching up on the photo, applying the necessary changes, and cleaning up pristinely to make sure there is no trace of any changes. Real estate photography editing shouldn’t be hard, just follow these general guidelines to make sure your photo gets the treatment it deserves.

Correcting The Visual Levels of Color and Light

The first and foremost step of any image editing for real estate photography is he visual correction of the photo. The lighting and colors will definitely be impaired, requiring intervention from a professional’s touch to bring it back to a level in which it would be the same as looking at the property in person.

Removing What Shouldn’t Be There

Decluttering physically matters, but if the job cannot be fulfilled at that point, then there is nothing to worry about. Real estate photography editing can remove these scattered little objects that when put together, create an unsightly set of things just laying around such as toys, ladders, and even trash.

Keeping Things Straight

In the literal sense in real estate photography editing, straightening the photo means keeping the lines vertically upright. You can end up with curves after a photoshoot as a result of various lenses used and correcting these should make the photo gain a lead in terms of attractiveness and beauty.

How Do I Make the Sky Blue in Photoshop?


Among all these, blue sky replacement in real estate photography editing will fall under correction visual levels of color and light. It is a technique that treads on the immediate impression which is crucial to bring the potential buyer closer to the next step rather than making them think twice about it.

Create a Layer that Duplicates the Image

In executing this touch up, you must be aware and conscious enough to create a duplicate layer of your photo. This gives you a base onto which to go back should things take a turn for the worse. Real estate photography editing is a sensitive task which requires next steps to be always calculated. However, having a safety net can allow you to be aggressive and creative at the same time so you won’t need to hold back.

Open the File of the Sky to Be Used

Select a photo of a blue sky from your collection or browse through the gallery which some software like Photoshop offers.

Separate the Foreground from the Background

The process could prove to be cumbersome but do not fret, real estate photography editing with software such as Photoshop offers several options to help get the task done. Start off with selection tools such as the lasso tools and its variations. They can provide quite the convenience when tracing objects, so you won’t have to spend too much time on this. If you are keen on utilizing the quick selection tool and retouching later on, you can also save time by just brushing around. Once you have enclosed the background as a selection, delete it and your sky should already appear.

Blend in Your New Sky with the Foreground

It goes without saying that this part is all about merging the two photos together. One cannot be more opaque or brighter than the other and above all, potential buyers should not suspect any trace of editing even if they try and zoom in on the cracks. Here you may use the brush tool to liven up some colors, or perhaps use sliders to change the exposures and lighting.

Why is Blue Sky Replacement Important?

There are reasons why real estate photography editing does what it does. These might be unfathomable to most people but to the professional, it means being able to make sure that their client gets the sale they have been making an effort to get with their marketing and sales materials.

Creates a Vibrant Feeling

Who doesn’t love a bright sunny sky laced in blue and white? People get a positive feeling just by looking at the photo and with this, you are able to imbibe the right thoughts into helping your potential buyers purchase the property.

Removes Restrictions During Photoshoot

See, whether it is a sunny day or not, photographers can whip out their camera and just take those images. They won’t need to think about rescheduling nor holding back because real estate photography editing is there to mop up and make the image look a hundred times better than as it comes out of the camera.

Final Thoughts

Adding a blue sky in real estate images is without a doubt a good decision to make. Incorporating it into every image of an exterior should prove to help make the photo livelier and in effect, create a more positive outlook from the viewer’s end. All of these might seem too good to be true, but the impacts of a little change could immediately set the gears rolling for success and you would not want to miss out on this train. Not now, not ever.


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