Main Attributes of Sky Replacement Services in Real Estate Photo Editing

Photographers love a clear blue sky with the sun shining at its brightest. It’s a day perfect for shooting that stunning property and then suddenly you hear the cackle of thunder.

“It’s going to rain”.

As most outdoor activities would come to a screeching halt, real estate photography can still salvage the photos through the real estate photo editing technique called sky replacement. This is when exterior photos get a flip into becoming a sunny day regardless of an overcast or simply heavy rains. The thing is a sunny day in real estate photos can do wonders for people who are prospective property seekers. A sunny day draws in the feeling of warmth and simple vibrance over a glum day. What this now means for sales is that more people will be looking at these photos instead of dismissing them at first glance.

The Elements of Sky Replacement

Sky replacement is a must. There is no other argument that will probably say a darker vibe to the image will be more appealing. Navigating through this real estate photo editing technique might seem straightforward but having a second look at what it entails will have you making sure that every detail is accounted for. To be able to cover all bases and ensure that the execution of the sky replacement is seamless, a few things must be checked.

  1. The depth of color of the sky – Looking at how skies impact the overall photo, the color of the entire image must be taken into account. This includes the property, the frontage, perhaps the backyard, and the overall mood. Now we do want to have a bright and vibrant day within the photo that will greet potential buyers on the onset, however having one single tone for the sky across all photos will simply make it look monotonous. Sky replacement must then be apt to the entire color scheme. For instance, a property that is painted in a shade of blue must not be camouflaged in the same color as the sky. A clear contrast must distinguish these two in order to bring out the try attractiveness of the property.
  2. The time of the day – In most cases where real estate photo editing must transform the sky and move away from a gloomy day, try to be creative with the time of the day. If a photo looks like it was taken during the noontime sun, perhaps use an afternoon as a setting for a different sky replacement. The sun at a different position can give a much-needed change in hue and perhaps catching a sunset would add some dramatic flair onto it.
  3. Creating seamless cuts – Some sky replacement techniques in real estate photo editing use the background removal option or some simply cut the sky out using the lasso tools. After these have been removed, a stock photo of a clearer sky will be put in to fill the void. These are all acceptable for as long as the edges of the property that remain do not exhibit any form of jaggedness that can give away the impression that the photo has highly changed. To ensure that these are taken care of, retouching must be performed to check the micro imperfections, paintor clone over the areas of interest to be able to present an image worthy to be shown to the public.
  4. Authenticity is key – Realty editor aims to show an image that does not deceive but can still attract people to dive further into it. Adding a touch of reality to the process of sky replacement would mean adding a bird or two flying in the horizon or perhaps having the clouds look like they were snapped while in motion. These put in a sense of relatability with would-be buyers as near-perfect skies might seem unrealistic to see on a day-to-day basis. Shadows would be another aspect of authenticity. Note the changes that have occurred in terms of the direction of the sun and the shadows they cast. The last thing real estate photo editing would want to miss is publishing conflicting directions of shadows as if there were multiple sources of light.

Is Sky Replacement Alright?

The question of ethicality begs if sky replacement is completely fine since it would somehow be considered on the extreme end of real estate photo editing and perhaps treading on the surface of manipulation. Well, the answer to this one is no. Some might argue that it is a scenario that can go both ways but discussing sky replacement in light of what can or cannot be controlled may help uncover the answer.

Sky replacement in real estate photo editing does not aim to deceive

The change of background is bound to happen as the sun eventually shines. This means that instead of settling for a rainy photo, a bright and sunny one can be put in since gloomy days are not permanent. In fact, there is no crime in picking the best time of the day because if we take a look at any impacts this manipulation brings, there are only positive ones and they do not end up disappointing buyers.

Real estate photo editing might not always be able to wait for the perfect conditions

Time is money and real estate clients are the ones who understand this the most. The sooner a property is put up for listing with a properly enhanced image, the sooner it can be sold. The phrase ‘a properly enhanced image’ is emphasized to focus on creating the edits within the right set of boundaries. Sky replacement, even if done in extreme lengths to manipulate the weather conditions, pose no threat in bending ethical considerations.


The next time there is a gloomy day, well, then consider to just shoot the shot anyway. The attributes included in this technique enables the seamless change in sky which should be done to blend in with the property exterior and not just for the sake of changing the sky. It is also good to understand that sky replacement can help make the photo seem like it was taken in beautiful weather conditions without negatively impacting any buyer expectations so you can do this guilt-free.


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