Advantages of Photo Editing in Start-up Real Estate Businesses

Properties have always been a hot potato of a business that the buying and selling never stops. There are a lot of real estate companies out there going at it for supremacy and sales hoping to reach the most audience and become the trusted name in the industry. Larger real estate companies will normally have more resources to acquire and market properties. They also have the means to communicate with a farther reach with their listings visible in nearly every avenue of the advertising world. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the start-ups who are trying to make a name for themselves. The amount of work that goes into these smaller companies is immense as the planning, marketing, and brand building all have to start from scratch. Furthermore, the financing is a risky aspect for these organizations as they do not have a lot of cash on hand unlike the big names. Therefore, helping these businesses out with your photography skill set may just land them right on the map.

When a start-up real estate business contracts your help as a photographer to start getting their listing up on the internet for sale, the value it brings is immensely overwhelming. Oftentimes, this is also where long-term partnerships are forged and when the real estate company’s growth accelerates, then it means more business for you. To start things right, the concept of image enhancement in real estate must be the driving force behind helping your client increase sales.

The advantages of photo editing in real estate can spell the difference between selling of a property of making it go stale. This is why the right blend of techniques is crucial to understand what makes your viewer stick.

What Does Image Enhancement Mean?

From the word enhancement comes the definition of making something better. It takes something that is at its current condition and improves it with a visible difference using a mixture of processes or techniques. This definition is very fitting for image enhancement because the very essence of taking photos raw and turning them into something special while maintaining faithfulness to the object it reflects is a transformation in itself. Image enhancement in real estate is important for two main reasons. First, image enhancement improves the perception of the property. Whether or not the company has become a fully established institution or just in its early stages, the photos will speak for itself, making no difference to the potential buyer. Stepping in as a photographer for start-up real estate businesses can make a world of a difference in being able to communicate to the market all the hard work the organization has put in. The second reason is image enhancement in real estate sets the photo up for further processing. Take for instance HDR photos, the enhancement portion is getting all the good exposures together to come up with an image with no dark areas. This can now go into photo editing to further bring out the colors in the picture.

What are the Different Types of Image Enhancement Techniques?

Getting your start-up real estate client started with photo editing in real estate requires a trusting partnership that you will deliver the photos on time and with top quality and on the start-up company’s end that they will be paying you for your services. Making sure that this partnership goes on well and smooth starts with the level of excellence you bring to the table as a photographer and realty editor. Here are some techniques you must learn to master in order to make sure you deliver the promise of top-notch photos.

  1. Basic Color and Brightness

The color perceived by the naked eye is almost always different when taking raw images. The role of photo editing in real estate corrects the colors in the image to bring it closer to reality. Showcasing the warm colors of an interior, for example, might just be the deal breaker for a person looking at the photo in the listings. The warmth incites an emotional connection to the home which may trigger a positive purchase response. Also, dimly lit photos are a big no-no because they will give the impression of sadness in the photo.

  1. Vertical and Horizontal Line Rectification

By the time the photo shoot has concluded, several lenses and angles of shots have been used. One crucial watch out is presence of curved edges. Wide angle lenses do provide an impression of space in the photo but will produce curves towards the edges of the photo. Photo editing in real estate images must correct this by straightening them out, either using clone stamps or cropping them out of the photo if necessary.

  1. Removing Unwanted Elements

The point of gloomy photos hinge on the weather for exterior shots. Always make sure that even if the raw image is taken on a rainy day, the sky is edited to look bright and sunny. Image enhancement in real estate also has the power to take out noises in the picture. Such noises include animals, stains, passers-by, and a lot other object. Using crop tools such as the magnetic lasso tool can take these out in an instant or if you choose to cover them using a clone stamp tool of an empty space, it is totally up to you.

  1. Retouching

The last step should be the quality check. There is no better way to wrap it up than to go through image retouching. The process ensures that the small imperfections are removed such as cracks and dark spots. Anything that can cause the viewer to stop wanting to see more of the property should be edited out because these imperfections can be physically fixed to reflect the reality of the advertised photo.


Start-up real estate businesses have a long way to go. The support they get from a trusted photographer who can produce the right photos to net in the buyers is highly valued. To always ensure that the partnership is a seamless exchange of trust, the quality of the photos must reflect the value for money the company is paying. In order to do that, following the techniques will surely capture the basics of photo editing for real estate. Remember, the performance you bring will surely be your investment in getting more business in the future.


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