Best Real Estate Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Owning a mobile phone nowadays is like breathing air, it’s completely part of the norm. Wherever you look someone is bound to be holding or pulling out a mobile phone ready to jump in on its many functions. Having one easily accessible implies a lot of things. You can search for anything on the internet, you can call someone with a push of a button, and you can capture a moment or take a video in an instant. Harping on this last bit, one of the most underrated features of a mobile phone is its camera. Sure, there may be a lot of high-tech models that boast of the highest megapixel ratings but none of that matters without the right understanding of how to use it. When a camera in a mobile phone is used properly, you can maximize its potential especially if you are a photography professional.

Now in many ways, phone photography has gained a lot of users left and right, professionals included. Real estate mobile photography is even one of the aspects of camera usage that has gone up in popularity especially within the real estate industry. However, as mentioned, without the proper use of this, it might not produce anything close to what DSLRs can do. This is why this real estate photography tips and tricks aims to outline what you can do to tap the potential of that device in your pocket.

What Hacks You Should Know

Real estate mobile photography can just be like a hand-held camera. There are similar features but functions that are triggered differently. In this realty editor-photography tips and tricks, we want to show the features and functions you can utilize in order to make the most out of each photo and imitate the snaps taken by heavy duty cameras.

  1. Buy a tripod for your phone

Believe it or not, there are a range of tripods available for every mobile phone out there. This is a sign that real estate mobile phone photography has taken a serious turn for the better as more and more people require the accessories similar to a full SLR camera. Tripods provide stability and ensure photos are taken in full clarity. It avoids shakiness as you can mount these in creative ways on flat surfaces, rails, poles, you name it, they can do it.

  1. Tap the screen to focus on the subject and sharpen it

This real estate photography tips and tricks will not be complete without the guide on how to focus and sharpen images. Often phones will have this square right on the screen on the camera as you are about to take a photo. Some people ignore it and some cameras don’t even have such noticeable features on it. But what it does is it focuses on the subject as you tap it on your camera screen. It then works its magic to ensure that the subject is clear and well lit.

  1. Use the grid to portion and follow the rule of thirds

Most cameras will have an option to bring out a grid. This works really well for real estate mobile photography as you can apply now the rule of thirds and make your photos look professionally set-up. The rule of thirds is a 9-grid concept where the main subject occupies 3 squares of the grid and the other 6 will take up the empty space. By now you should notice that exterior shots will not just show the property, it will capture a good portion of the background as well.

  1. Never ever use the zoom-in function

Zooming in will absolutely destroy the resolution of your image. This is why this real estate photography tips and tricks emphasizes that you keep the current settings of zoom to avoid compromising the clarity and quality of the photo. Once you zoom in, the grainy bits start coming in and ruins your photo and now you will require a noise removal process in post-processing.

  1. Turn the flash off during night-time

Using the flash is good during the daytime as it complements the natural light available during the shoot. However, real estate mobile photography is a totally different animal in low light settings. Using flash will only light up a localized area, making it look like it was taken by a 90's camera with a wound-up roll of film. The flash in mobile phones are nowhere near the power of actual SLR flashes to be careful when using these especially in the evening.

  1. Use the landscape view, and never the portrait view

This particular real estate photography tip and trick is a no brainer. Portrait view photos will always show less of what you are trying to capture in a real estate context and will absolutely ruin the orientation when it is uploaded in the listing. The trick is to always use the landscape view and play with the angles from there.

  1. HDR works differently, so use it to your advantage

In real estate mobile photography, HDR also exists. However, this time it doesn’t require stacking during post processing. The camera on your phone automatically stacks the image, rendering a brightly lit photo that is worthy of a second look. Best of all, you are not required to use the flash to come up with a great photo. Simply hit the HDR option and snap away.

  1. Buy a lens for your phone. Yes, there are lenses for phones

In cases where you cannot find the level of detail you need and are constricted by the fact that zooming in destroys the resolution of the image, you can use a lens. Lenses are available accessories that are attachable to mobile phones. They greatly increase the level of zoom without compromising the quality of your image. Most come in a clip mechanism that can easily be removed in the event you do not need them, making them one heck of a real estate mobile photography accessory.


This set of real estate photography tips and tricks might be something that sounds like a whole bunch of wishful thinking, but it all exists right inside your phone. The accessories mentioned can be purchased almost everywhere with a lot of choices to make real estate mobile photography a real breeze. Considering using your phone for your next shoot while following these tips, and you might be in for a surprise yourself.


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