Editing Real Estate Photos through Mobile Applications

There will be times when editing real estate photos will require crunching all the work to meeting the deadline. In cases like these, no matter how much you expedite the photo shoot and editing from a professional photographer, there will be lead-times to follow in order for them to do their job properly. Sometimes, you might be short on bread and being caught in this tight spot hurts as you cannot pay for a photographer’s services. This doesn’t mean though, that you should just throw in the towel and forget about putting up that photo at all. There are numerous ways to still achieve that enhanced photo of the property. The power to edit real estate photos can be found right at the tip of your fingertips (yes, literally at the tip!).

Realty editor through your phone is possible with the presence of mobile apps. These apps can edit real estate photos in a jiffy and best of all, it is absolutely free. There will be options where you can pay a small fee to unlock certain features but having the free version will more often than not, suffice for the basic requirements of editing real estate photos.

What Apps Can You Use?

There are a range of apps that can be found in both Android and iOS platforms. The reality is, either operating system will provide just the same set of offerings for as long as it is the same app you are using. To guide you on your selection, try and check out these apps that may just be the right one for you in editing real estate photos.

  1. Diptic – This app is a one stop shop for all the amazing features you might need. The most important adjustment you need on the photo are provided by Diptic through filters and adjustment toggles for color, hue, saturation, and the works. The basics needed to edit real estate photos are complemented by the ability of this application to create a collage of photos. It is an option at your disposal should you need to be creative in terms of presentation.
  2. Magisto – More than the photos, videos are now making the scene as well. With people not being able to go out of their homes as easily as they used to, Magisto can be the next best thing to shoot a video tour. It boasts of an effortless way to shoot and edit videos and may be the next thing you might just need.
  3. Afterlight– With its catch phrase of filter, texture, and create, Afterlight lives up to its name of delivering the ability to edit real estate photos through the control of your hands. The filters available for this app is highly suitable to most mobile versions of websites, especially social media where the height of traffic is. By using this app and its quick application of effects and enhancements, editing real estate photos can be done in a jiffy.
  4. Handy Photo – Developed by Adva Soft, Handy Photo is a mobile app that is so comprehensive in tools that it will surely not disappoint. Being on a handheld device, the offerings it has will surely make life easier for editing real estate photos. It has an amazing ability to move objects within the photo, something as complex only computer-based editing software can do. If it can move, then it can surely remove. Again, the ability of this app to detect the difference between objects and backgrounds is impressive, allowing you to make even the most minute changes you wish.


Pros and Cons of Editing Through Mobile Apps

On the top of everyone’s mind, having that app on your phone is indeed an advantage since it allows you to edit quick and free. However, bear in mind that there is a competitive market out there and professional photos that are enhanced through sophisticated computer editing software most of the time come out looking like it is the best one out there.Always think of situations when to use the mobile app over the professional and here are some of the tips you can consider:

  • Possible return on investment – The saying it takes money to earn money is always true. Now, if the property you are selling is of high value and you have the time on your hands to sell it since it is indeed a huge sale, consider going to a professional to maximize the speed of it being sold. This is not to say mobile apps will not help sell it, but giving photos an extra kick will help increase the likelihood of it being sold faster.
  • Tight deadlines – With very demanding clients who want to see the property immediately, using the mobile app as a supplementary add on to the editing capacity should help. Take note thought to carefully select which one will be edited by the computer and which ones through mobile. This is especially helpful to think about when you are on the go and looking for a place to sit to edit real estate photos is very time consuming and simply does not make sense.



Whether it is a tight deadline or shortage of funds, there really is no stopping the possibilities of churning out enhanced images. The ability to edit real estate photos from the convenience and comfort of your own device enables you to save on both time and cost as the control is right in your hands. There are multiple apps available you can choose from and each has its own unique offerings. Be sure to check what they include and exclude so that the editing experience will be to your liking. There are of course, advantages and disadvantages to this so make sure you weigh them and see for yourself how you want things to play out for you. Lastly, always keep in mind that when in a bind, there will always be a solution through your mobile phones. The task to edit real estate photos may seem highly unlikely to be an available service in your phone but checking them out and searching through the depths of the internet may just prove to be worth it.


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