Top Free Apps for DIY Image Editing in Real Estate

Do the words ‘free’ and ‘at no cost’ ring a familiar bell within the financial bowels of your cranium? Does the word subscription and premium payments in software for image editing in real estate send your bodily hair screaming and standing? Well look no further. This list will give you a quick look on some of the free real estate image editing apps out there that you could use to enhance your images while at the comfort of your own device. Both photographers and real estate agents alike can gain access and execute these free real estate image editing apps in a do-it-yourself fashion, making sure that photos are delivered on time and in full.

In hindsight, one might defend that anything with a higher price is always better in every aspect. This notion might be old fashioned as quality is not just about the money shelled out. It is about the ability to deliver the requirements and standard set by the customer and being able to meet that from the perspective of image editing in real estate, whether through paid or free-to-use applications will be the deciding factor. So, shun those snobs and check this article out.

Here are the Top Free Apps for You

Sifting through free real estate image editing apps, they provide a range of different platforms that accommodate various needs. There are also various options that begin with a free usage and give and option for a small fee should you enjoy their services and want to unlock a whole bunch of new features. Here are some for your perusal.

  1. VSCO

VSCO was developed by the Visual Supply Company and is commonly referred to as ‘Visco’. The thing of beauty about Visco is its ability to perform the basic needs for image editing in real estate such as lighting and color adjustments. On top of this, it swoops in with over 200 pre-sets that may just land users a color scheme that they find attractive. If you choose to subscribe to their membership, you can get members-only exclusive content such as tutorials and tips and is compatible with both iOS and Android users. Talk about mobility and convenience! Visco is best for social media usage. This means that you can shoot, edit, and post through this free realty editor app and treat it as a one stop shop.

  1. Canva

This Australian-Filipino based application is the perfect all around free real estate image editing app. Its wide array of effects, tools, and adjustments can almost be considered as the only free-to-use application for image editing in real estate you will ever need. For a fee, you can upgrade to unlock several features, content and options exclusive to paying members. Similar to Visco, Canva is perfect for growing your social media page for real estate selling. It can fit Instagram requirements perfectly and provide catchy effects to showcase your property photos and get people off of their seats to inquire more. Another neat feature of Canva is its ability to adapt to all types of media files, whether it is a still photo, a video, or perhaps a panorama, which are all essentials to the current real estate industry.

  1. Pixlr

Being the free software Pixlr is, the most notable techniques it contains for image editing in real estate are background removal, filters and effects, and color and light adjustments. All of these can be done through your web browser and the best part of it is its no frills access. Anyone can access PIxlr and enhance their images, catering to both the beginner and the experienced. It is also so convenient that for background removal tasks, artificial intelligence is employed to make sure that it is executed in mere seconds and in a few clicks. Image all the things you can do when it comes to staging and making sure real estate images are flawlessly merged. Now you can kick ass in background removal and many other tasks with the help of AI, breezing through them in no time.

  1. Snapseed

As a free real estate image editing app, Snapseed’s ultimate promise is to retain the quality and definition of your photos, making sure that the integrity is intact after all of the enhancements. This application, developed by Google, is available for iOS and Android. Moreover, it can mimic the techniques available from the paid real estate photo editing software such as the ones by Adobe. It comes with the ability to heal blemishes, correct curved lines, and manipulate the photo using localized tools such as masking and brushing. This is what sets Snapseed apart from other free real estate image editing apps. It is the software’s ability to isolate objects within the image and create the changes within those bounds.

  1. GIMP

GNU Image Manipulation program is such a mouthful to say, so it can be safely assumed that this is why it was abbreviated to GIMP instead. GIMP is totally free and is designed to work as both and independent and a complementing software for your existing real estate photo editing applications. GIMP also has the capabilities to sample pixels similar to what the Clone Stamp tool does. This makes it a perfect choice for those tedious object removal tasks that exists all over real estate images. Furthermore, GIMP includes a batch processing feature so you can get to multitasking on an unlimited number of images at a time. These are just some of its features and discovering them on your own will lead to a rich experience of learning and uncovering what it has to offer.


This quick list of free DIY apps for image editing in real estate should get you kicked off in your search for the one that you would find the most affinity with. With the massive range of choices, the selection process should make you go gaga over which one to pick. They are all reliable and capable to bring in the money that any of them would be a clear choice for a winner. What you want to now at your end is, are you ready for an editing experience at the grip of your fingertips while working with an absolutely free real estate image editing app?


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