How to Edit and Replace Colors in your Real Estate Photos Like Never Before

If you’ve heard of the lines “Life is like a box of crayons...” or “The world is my canvas…” chances are you’ve thought about how important color is to just about every aspect of life. It has to ability to bring in or take out the perception of life in visuals we see, and above all, it can make something simple look a million times better. This is the reality of colors when it comes to real estate photo editing. There are countless benefits of changes in color during real estate photo retouching and editing that ultimately lead to a better perception of the property in terms of attractiveness and appeals to the eyes of more people. This then drives the ability of properties to sell even better with probabilities of buyers soaring.

Editing the Colors vs. Replacing the Colors

In conversations about real estate photo editing, one might be confused with the technicalities between editing and actual replacement. One or the other can lean towards a more radical and extreme requirement of enhancement while the other simply treads on simple adjustments. Some would also argue that real estate photo retouching for colors would be different from editing, so let us go through each to clarify the definition and application.


The term real estate photo editing pertains to the tasks to bring out the true form of the color. Cameras as we know it, might not be at par with the ability of our eyes to process, perceive, and interpret colors no matter how dynamic in technology they are today. In the application of real estate photo editing, they come in the form of correcting color casts or removing the tint on the image to make it look natural. It can also touch on increasing the hue, saturation, and contrast of colors to create the right balance of distinction between objects.


This one relates to something on the extreme side of the spectrum. Replacing in the context of real estate photo editing and retouching means to complete change a color and not just within its range of similar shades, but to a completely different combination of RGB parameters. For instance, we snap an image of an exterior with a dying lawn. It will take some time to bring it back to a lush green patch of land so for now, your favorite editing software will have to resuscitate it. Changing it to a color or making it look like it is thriving will complete change the complexity and impression on the image.


Last but not the least, when talking about real estate photo retouching, it deals with brushing up. As abstract as it may sound, think of it as the last mile of the post-processing stage. It deals with being able to correct the little things that might have been overlooked during earlier processes and focuses on localized corrections rather than editing on bigger scales. It could brighten or darken certain parts or even make one area more contrasted vs. another.

What are the Ways to Spruce Up Your Colors?

Putting into practice the ways of editing and real estate photo retouching, there are critical points where you must consider putting in these changes. Keep in mind that the entire goal is to help sell the property and increase its overall value perception.

  1. Achieve realistic visibility

Color correction whether it is editing, or replacement must aim to showcase a realistic presentation of the property, both inside and out. This will package the image in a more palatable taste as it now focuses on a natural view. A prominent example would be the creation of highly distinct colors in an interior shot. There would be a multitude of colors that are just dying to be seen, so rather than leaving the deciphering to the viewer, make it obvious as if the potential buyer were standing right there in the room.

  1. Bring life into the surroundings

We’ve previously talked about how changing colors in the context of grass is a complete game changer, and the application for real estate photo editing and retouching in is countless. One of the most common areas for this is in the sky replacement technique. From a gloomy weather, the photo can be switched into a sunnier one to help elicit positive emotions and hence, draw in more people to checkout those listings.

  1. Vibrancy is the key

An image that looks dead could use a lot of real estate photo retouching to bring it to life. The whole intent of being able to change the color is to adjust the visibility, vibrance, and overall look of the photo. Some real estate photo editing software will easily provide you with adjustment options on colors with the help of background artificial intelligence to help you blend the different aspects of color to easily create a balance and achieve a transformed output.

  1. Light and color go together

Never forget about editing the light together with the color. Real estate photo editing should always consider these two as partners in the process and one could not live without the other. If you would notice how adjustment panels in most real estate software editing would be, light and color sliders and options will be grouped together, and this is because the concept of color being the reflection of light as perceived by the human eyes hold true.

So Why are Colors that Important?

Color correction whether for editing or replacement is one of the first things that will come out of every real estate image editing and retouching tutorial. The reason being, is that the importance of laying a good foundation for the image to be realistic yet beautified relies on the ability to showcase itself as pleasing to the eye and attractive to emotions. As humans, we tend to move towards something that looks brighter and positive than something that is dull and dreary.


So, editing colors shouldn’t be such a chore with all these things to keep in mind. Real estate photo editing and retouching are ways to make sure that the relevant aspects of color corrections are covered, and the techniques complement one another. There are proven techniques that will go along with these how-to-dos, and always remember that looking out for the intent and goal of realty editor especially for color will set you on the right path to begin with.


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