Top Mobile Phones for Real Estate Photo Editing in 2021

Photographers might always go for a professional camera to make sure every photo captured is perfect. It makes sense since real estate photography requires creating photos that draw people in to buy property hence helping real estate agents sell their listings. DSLRs and the likes are also conducive for real estate photo editing. The ability of these cameras to capture a range of photos with different lighting and wideness contributes to the creative possibilities during real estate photo editing. But what if we said your mobile phone can get the job done just as well? Then that changes the game quite a bit.

There exists mobile phone for realty editor. Some may be better than others, but looking at it from a capability perspective, there are phones that can take a beating and handle the load of editing. In fact, the added mobility and convenience of having the phone in your hands as a one stop shop is incredibly awesome. Imagine being able to take the photos you need using your phone’s camera. You will be surprised it can perform a degree of focus and lighting adjustments and prime the photos for real estate photo editing, and ultimately culminate in opening an app to beautify the photo. Everything at the touch of your hands.

Top Mobile Phones to Consider

Counting down the top mobile phones for real estate photo editing, it is important to know what specifications work for you. Consider the frequency of use, the price you are willing to pay, or even the extensive editing options included in the hardware. The phones in this list are considered based on power and processor capability so you get an uninterrupted and a smooth working experience.

  1. ASUS ROG Phone 3

While this phone might be for gaming, it can also double as a mobile phone for real estate photo editing. With its choice of RAM from 8GB to 16GB, the capacity to take on a lot of tasks working at the same time is massive. Laptops of top processing caliber will also possess the same RAM specifications and imagine creating a concentrated version of this power that fits right at the palm of your hands. There are three lenses with different apertures and resolutions. The whopping 64-megapixel lens has a f/1.8 aperture, while the 13-megapixel lens boasts a f/2.4, and finally a 5-megapixel with f/2 aperture. The combination of these features alone is enough to make you go crazy over real estate photo editing.

  1. OnePlus 6T

The Chinese-owned mobile phone manufacturer has a massive 128GB storage which is perfect for photo storage. The 8GB RAM is a respectable capacity enough to be considered one of the top mobile phones for real estate photo editing. The dual lens camera has 16 and 20 megapixels, respectively, which might not stack up to the ASUS ROG Phone 3 but enough to snap a crystal-clear shot.

  1. Vivo X51 5G

Vivo has a range of features to drool over. The 48-megapixel camera alone is enough to get you reeling and clawing to get one. With an option for 256 GB storage to go with a respectable 8 GB RAM, you can be assured to have a ton of photos stored without the problem of slowing the hardware down. The 8GB ram also implies that it can take in pretty heavy loads of real estate photo editing software and applications so you can be confident that you have everything you need on the go.

  1. Razer Phone 2

While the Razer Phone 2 may not be as competitive in the megapixel department, it does make up for the less clear image with a CPU on steroids. The Snapdragon 845 boasts of a speedy processor to ensure your movement is not constricted. In real estate photo editing, the size of the photo grows as enhancements are incorporated. This takes up processing space and storage space which can pose a problem if the device is not chosen properly. Having said this, the storage can be augmented to an unbeatable 1TB with a memory card that runs on 8GB RAM, which as we’ve gone through so far, is quite the average most phones operate on.

  1. Xiaomi Pocophone F1

This phone is an affordable option that stacks up to specifications more than the price reflects. Real estate photo editing can thrive with this phone with its choice of 128 GB to 256 GB storage. The camera, while on the lower side with 12-megapixels, is enough for close range shots. This is what you might consider as an entry level device which can get you going through the entire experience. The specifications are enough to get the ball rolling in both photography and real estate photo editing. More importantly, the high battery reliability and enormous storage, which are among the relevant, yet trivial features contribute largely to how the entire function of the phone can be used.

What are Some Mobile Phone Editing Tips?

Owning any of these mobile phones for real estate photo editing will give you a head start on the ability to edit conveniently. However, using them properly is another story. Real estate photo editing with these mobile phones will come with a couple of tips that can ultimately help maximize the experience and output. For one, never zoom in. Even if the megapixels on your phone is sky high, zooming in will automatically produce grainy textures which can be a pain to remove during real estate photo editing. Second is to make sure there is good lighting. Phones will normally come with flash, but it will only be enough for close ranges. Bringing more sources of artificial light or going to brightly lit sites will help aid in this aspect.


There you have it. Real estate photo editing at the palm of your hands through these mobile phones. The possibilities to do everything in one device, to shoot and edit, brings so much convenience and mobility that in the absence of expensive DSLRs, these can work just as well. With the amount of features also embedded within the camera and processor, you can be confident that photos will come out clear and photos processed without hassle. Perhaps every photographer can consider owning a phone as an alternative, as it also brings the same standards to real estate photo editing and adds a totally new facet into their arsenal of services.


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