Is It Possible to Edit Real Estate Images in Mobile Devices?

People who hear the work real estate image editing would normally have a notion that photos are enhanced through a computer with the almighty real estate image editing software Adobe Photoshop. Well, they aren’t wrong. What most do not realize though, is that image editing in mobile devices have started to gain a lot of traction. As these phones and tablets begin to jump out of their niche as a computer’s younger brother, their features mature and grow big enough to mimic a real computer. This continuous leap up the ladder of progress allowed mobile phone photo editing as well as through other portable devices a reality.

Professional realty editors along with other industry practitioners have used this alternative method to produce images in quicker speeds and for urgent reasons as opposed to going through the formality of enhancing something over a computer. Moreover, photo editing in cell phones have given rise to a whole new definition to portability and convenience, only a real estate image editing professional may be able to truly appreciate due to its countless benefits. So, to answer the question, it is possible to do image editing in mobile phones and tablets.

The Age of Mobile Device Editing

The art of mobile phone photo editing has not totally shifted away from the usual process we know of. Rather, it has become an ally in creating convenience and availability during the utmost uncertain occasions.Today’s real estate image editing practitioners still largely use desktops and laptops to execute the work and use photo editing in cell phones and devices only when the situation direly needs it.

  1. On-Demand/On-the-Go Editing

One of the reasons for using device and mobile phone photo editing is being on the road. Photography professionals spend time to visit sites and snap photos before they can sit down to transform the image into something spectacular. Oftentimes the schedules become so tight that sneaking in some deskwork seems merely improbable. Image photo editing in mobile phones then allow photographers to catch up on work while spending their time in transit or on the road, allowing them to make use of each minute wisely.

  1. Cost Saving Alternative

Sometimes aspiring professionals do not have the all-out financial resources to procure a workhorse of a computer and an accompanying software. This is perfectly okay. Real estate image editing in mobile phones provide a more affordable way for novices to get into the game. It now creates a gateway into the industry and allows them to compete at an introductory level. They simply perform the photo editing in cell phones of their ownership and voila, a product they can call their own.

Mobile Device Requirements

Not all mobile phones and tablets or devices are fully capable of supporting real estate image editing. Different devices are sold with different specifications with some focusing on core selling points such as gaming, photography, music, and even plain aesthetics. Mobile phone photo editing does require minimum running standards and supporting specifications that will allow both a seamless working experience and top-class quality enhancements.

  1. RAM – Also known as Random Access Memory, RAM is the processing ability of mobile phones to run applications and make them work as smooth as they were intended to be. It accommodates the simultaneous nature of using various functions of your mobile devices such as display, sound, and other transformational requirements.
  2. Storage Capacity – The ability of photo editing in cell phones to reach their potential is their ability to handle the load of being stored. Image editing in mobile phones and other devices can take a toll on memory with all the additional pixels of color, effects, and workings that holistically make a photo worthy of a buyer’s eye.
  3. Camera Capabilities – Megapixels, HDR, flash, focus, and exposure are just some of the features most mobile devices posses nowadays. It is important to know these as they try to mimic a DLSR’s basic functions even though we all know I cannot really match up to one (or have they?).

Software You Can Use

Lastly, no image editing in mobile phones and tablets would be possible without a functioning software. Some may be free or come with a required payment, but all the same they should be able to meet your needs and standards of real estate image editing.

  1. Snapseed – This app is totally free for Android or iOS users. It is developed by Google and is meant for taking a photo through the application and editing it on the spot. A perfect time saver for those who need to get things done immediately and a cost-free option as well.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express – Talk about one of the longest running names in the real estate image editing software industry. Adobe Photoshop Express comes free and compatible with any mobile device. To unlock further features, there is a small subscription fee that can be paid monthly to gain access to tons of other offerings from this software.
  3. Adobe Lightroom – Great news for Lightroom users! Its mobile version comes free for any operating system on your device allowing you to experience the same magic while you perform image editing on mobile phones and tablets. You will need, however, and Adobe Creative Cloud account to unleash all the amazing features, but it is something that won’t hurt to create.
  4. Prisma – Another free-to-use real estate image editing app for mobile devices, Prisma offers tons of filters on top of the basic editing tools you normally need. It was named best app for 2016 on both Google Play and Appstore, giving it a credible name in the world of image editing.


See, real estate image editing on mobile phones have really become part of the photographer’s arsenal with all the technology that can be acquired. Computers are still there to be used as a primary source of editing, but photo editing in cell phones have been gaining so much attention that developers have made app versions of what were once only known to computers. This gives a whole new facet to the real estate image editing industry. Being able to adapt and use this as an alternative may just give you a ton of benefits, not to mention monetary ones.


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