Best Laptops for Real Estate Photo Editing in 2021

A compromise should never be in the vocabulary of photographers who are in the real estate photography business. Having the best, if not appropriate tools should always be on top of mind especially with the new requirements of real estate photo editing in 2021. This goes the same for the quality of work and being able to ensure that the standards are up to your client’s liking means investing in the right equipment. Cameras, flash, lenses, even tripods are some of the basic gear that should live up to your expectations and even exceed them. For post processing especially for real estate photo editing, it is not enough to have a good editing software. Your choice of hardware must also live up to the complexities and power of the editing software so the work can go smoothly and compatibly.

The selection of a laptop for realty editor is crucial in getting the job done right and on time. Real estate photo editing comes with a heavy requirement on computer processing where the speed of the laptop and its capacity to process complex details plays a major role in supporting your high-resolution photos. The right laptop for real estate photo editing also ensures your computer does not overwork itself due to the high processing requirements and prevents it from crashing in the middle of the job resulting to a potential set of lost photos.

What Specs Should You Look For?

Taking into consideration the frequency of use, the number of clients you have and planning to get, together with the working conditions dictate which specifications you should consider. Sometimes even when You’ve found an aesthetically attractive laptop that connects with your personality and liking, always go down to the technical specifications before making a decision. It is more important to put the business in front rather than the personal taste because the former will pay dividends while the latter will not.

  1. Laptop size – Size matters and it contributes to the convenience factor if you are a digital working nomad. Smaller sizes will be easier to carry and ranges from 11 to 13 inches in screen size while the larger one can go up to 17 inches. Real estate photo editing can sometimes demand quick turnarounds and if you are scheduled for multiple shoots for the day, an easier to carry laptop will help you get cracking on uploading your photos in the middle of the shoots and save time.
  2. RAM – Random access memory or RAM is the capacity of your laptop to store work in progress data. This means as bigger RAM is in a laptop, the more work can be done simultaneously. This benefits batch processes if time is a constraint and RAMs come in 4GB, 8GB, and even 16GB. It is recommended to get an 8GB at least to avoid slowing down of the computer if there are multiple tasks going on.
  3. Hard disk storage – Internal store is crucial especially with real estate photo editing in 2021. The projected abundance of household sales can mean an increase in projects and running out of storage space to upload photos is the last thing you want to happen. Choosing your laptop for real estate photo editing must have an internal storage memory of 500GB to 1TB and if you want to continue storing more photos, then an external drive might be needed.

The Best Laptops

Apart from specifications, it is important to know who these sellers are and what models suit photography needs. Here is a list of some laptops that made the cut.

MacBook Pro 2019

Coming in at $3070, the MacBook Pro boasts of a 16GB RAM at the lowest tier and goes up to 64MB. This gives a lot of room for multitasking and sizes up to a 16-inch screen.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1

This portable computer is available in a 15.6-inch size and has a whopping 256GB to 4TB storage capacity perfect for storing photos without the worry of filling up too fast. Some compare the specifications to a desktop computer which means the processing speed and capacity is on the higher end.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This tablet turned laptop from Microsoft could be the perfect choice for real estate photo editing for digital nomads. It comes in a sleek 8.5mm in thickness which is perfect and light for a backpack that will not add to the weight needed to carry everything including photography equipment. It comes in 256GB storage which is respectable but can handle a beating with the 16GB RAM.

HP Spectre 360

This offering from HP is a laptop and tablet all-in-one. It has a touchscreen feature that goes along with flipping the laptop over, so it becomes a tablet. A stylus is provided to help make precision movements, has more than 17 hours of battery life, 512GB of storage, and more importantly 16GB or RAM so it does not hang when you are editing.

Acer ConceptD7

With the demands of real estate photo editing in 2021, the Acer ConceptD7 is a perfect companion for post processing. It is heralded as one of the most powerful laptops designed for photographers with its Nvidia RTX graphics and a whopping 1TB of storage. This might just be one of the better choices for a laptop for real estate photo editing.


As real estate photo editing in 2021 brings in a lot of new techniques and styles, the gear you own must also catch up with these requirements. Choosing a laptop for real estate photo editing that lives up to the specifications needed will ensure work can be done smoothly and worry-free. Spending a little bit more can give you the peace of mind that your work will be kept safe and the output will not be compromised. In fact, treat it as an investment that can go a long way and that the projects you get will eventually pay for the cost of the laptop and more. So do not compromise and do not cheap out. Go out there and get the laptop that suits your needs and for certain you will not regret it.


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