Updating to the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software in 2021

It is the start of a new decade and the real estate business is in full swing. The real estate companies, brokers, and agents are relentlessly pursuing sale after sale due to the ever-soaring demand. This is not to say that photography is lagging behind but the real estate landscape is becoming more and more competitive. Staying ahead of the pack means bringing something new to the table and what better way than to step up the photography game than to invest in new techniques and styles.

There have been a lot of reliable real estate photo editing software over the years. Some have been the constant choice for most photographers and realty editor without considering other software. However, in this new day and age, it will be imperative to explore and perhaps learn a new real estate image editing software. One that may unlock or unleash a whole plethora of editing styles that will wow your client.

List of Software Available

The advent of technology has spawned several real estate image editing software from normal photo editing programs. Here are some of the offerings for 2021 that you can check out to further enhance your skills and bring something new to the table.

  1. PaintShop Pro 2021

PaintShop pro is an offering from Corel and sells for somewhere between $80-$100 depending on the package you avail. There are add-ons at affordable rates in case you want to use these features they offer on top of the already existing set of tools. For This software uses artificial intelligence to recognize unwanted objects within the photo. As a real estate image editing software, PaintShop provides features on their Sky editing module. This provides hundreds of tools, not to mention 100 filters to choose from in order to make that sky look stunning. It has what they call an Unsampling tool that allows you to create smoother images that are less grainy and distorted.

  1. Picturespeed

This software boasts of easy to use and artificial intelligence assisted changes. The automated features enable the software to easily recommend what you should do as it detects certain conditions. Such real estate image editing software can speed up post-processing. The ability of this software to help you detect the unwanted features and offer solutions to use at a batch processing rate can definitely crank up your lead time to meet those tight handovers. This development by Luminar costs $146 dollars annually and may be a bang for your buck given the features.

  1. Krita

Something new to try out is Krita. This software is absolutely free that is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. It can be brought anywhere without the need for a laptop and may suit the lifestyle of most people who love working from coffee shops or remote locations. Most reviews rave about Krita being close to the features of Photoshop but may not be to everyone’s liking.

Choosing the Best for You

Through the range of software available, selecting the one that will best be suitable to your needs depends on several considerations. Thinking about them will surely give you the best fit in order for you to be successful in your career and ultimately make your real estate client happy. Here are some tips to think about when selecting the software.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

Are you always on the go? Or do you have enough time to sit down and work on post-processing after the photo shoot? Then pick a software that will go with your mobility. Oftentimes, on-the-go lifestyles require remote working, being able to sit down anywhere, squeak in the time, and work on those photos. Real estate photo editing software that might be apt for this lifestyle are mobile-adaptable ones, or those that can be operated using tablets. For the ones who prefer to sit down at their workstation to enhance the images, the range becomes wider. You may now select from all types of real estate image software since a high-powered computer is at your disposal and time is by your side.

  1. Consider your budget

There are several factors that could impact your budget. First is the stage of your photography career. At this point you may find money to be tighter due to the lack of cash inflow but later on as you secure more gigs and contracts the purchasing power for better real estate image editing software will increase. Some software will be free but limited in tools and features, some might offer a subscription package for a year, and some may have a premium feature that unlocks a lot of usable facets of the software. Check to see which works for you based on the short or long-term needs and work out the best cost option from there.

  1. Check your processing capacity

While most free real estate photo editing software provide you with a breather in your pocket, the reality is, they are limited in processing capacity. There will be times when demand is too high that deadlines start crunching at the same time the pressure seems insurmountable. There are however, software that offer batch editing and faster processing rates due to the availability of pre-set tools. Check whether your client-base is big enough or will soon grow to lengths that require these types of features and invest in them.


There are a lot of real estate photo editing software to choose from. There are those that remain loyal to the industry preference and those that enter the game bringing new offerings. Some even providing convenience at the touch of the fingertips. Whichever the case might be, selecting the one or the combination of software that is most comfortable to you and your working style must be your weapon of choice. Needless to say, the choice boils down to you and your style. The best one for you might be the one that you associate with or fits your needs. In the end it is the photo quality that will speak for itself. The real estate image editing software will be the machine that churns out those stunning images with you at the helm to make sure everything is spot on.


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