Perfect Enhancement with Professional Image Retouching Services

When it comes to the perfect image, there are many opinions and views that will result to different perceptions. Real estate photo enhancement plays a significant part in ensuring that whatever these views are, they are translated into the client-desired enhancement. This is one of the core competencies of this profession and can be expected in most real estate image retouching services.

Even if there is a saying the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, real estate photo enhancement must stick to some basics. It can modify and play around with some techniques to ensure that a touch of style is in it but ultimately the groundwork must be established. This is also a known fact for real estate image retouching services and professionals alike. Furthermore, there is a limit on how much real estate photo enhancement and retouching can be done, as some principles on truthful representation must be upheld.

What is Considered a Perfect Enhancement?

A perfect enhancement is a blend of several fundamentals that make sure the photo meets its basic intent, and that is to attract. Real estate image retouching services are also keen on meeting this first and foremost need before diving into anything fancy. So, what are they?

The right blend of colors

Snapping a photo with a DSLR or any digital camera for that matter should come with auto-correct features so that photos come out as natural as possible. However, this is not always the case. Most cameras will tend to pick up dominant colors that may result into color casts making the photo tinted. In most cases, cameras also tend to misrepresent a color due to the lighting conditions. Real estate photo enhancement works toward correcting the color to make sure that what our eyes see in real life, are the ones that come out in the photo. In an extreme scenario, the day of the shoot is very gloomy and rainy. The only way to make changes is to create a sunny sky while changing the color tones surrounding the property to match the change in weather conditions.

Making things visible

Now, when it comes to lighting, one might think that more light is actually the way to go. But think about situations where the light coming from the sun is too bright and part of the photo is now glared and unfathomable. The more accurate term, perhaps, is making the objects in the image visible. On one end, a glum photo needs to be brightened up. It is an obvious choice so that colors can be seen vibrantly and hence, the photo can exude a warm and inviting tone. On the opposite side of the spectrum, glare can render the image virtually bleak. Some sources of glare are windows and reducing the glare may not be possible through editing. Fortunately, real estate image retouching services normally have different techniques such as window pull to try and make the view from the window visible. When working with a professional, they require taking HDR photos or multiple shots at different ranges of exposure so that there will be options to stitch or stack photos to bring out the best-looking ones.

Straight lines must be straight

Perspective, reality, and line of sight. These three key items must be present in enhanced images no matter what. Such need arises when cameras with wide-angle lenses create curves or warped lines within the photo. This may occur naturally as these lenses tend to increase peripheral vision at a compromise. Real estate image retouching services will always have a keen eye out for these things and ensure that they are straightened so they do not appear like the entire photo was simply fabricated.

Retouching and creatives

In so much as the first three are relevant, retouching is also a must when it comes to polishing the image. The reality with real estate photo enhancement is that no two photos are ever the same. Yes, some will probably have the requirements of similar techniques since there will be colors that are way out of line or lighting that is undesirable, but the imperfections on a micro level will be usually unique. Such micro imperfections are blemishes, or perhaps passers-by who got caught in the photo shoot or animals in the backgrounds. Retouching can mean taking these out or making them aesthetically look like they blend in with the photo. Lastly, the creatives are the ones mentioned earlier where photographers or real estate image retouching services alike can add on to add some flare onto the image. These may be a showcase of some areas in better and more appealing effects that really are present within the property or making sure that something as specific as swimming pools are presented as glistening and relaxing amenities.

Professional Services Getting the Job Done

There might be times when money seems to be scarce and doing something DIY can save a lot of cash. However, the results might not be as good as you expect and while some DIY may have more fight in them compared to others, trusting realty editor services to make a huge enhancement in your photos can go a long way. They will have the latest, if not at least updated, editing software that has all the bells and whistles you can imagine. They have people working together so that turnaround times are fulfilled. More importantly, they do not charge an arm and a leg to get this service done.

While these are the aspects you might want to consider, always remember that real estate photo enhancement is an investment in a small way. The money spent to have professional services perform this task can help you sell faster, gain more audience, and build your image at the same time.


The single perfect photo does not exist in the world of real estate image enhancement. The perception of what is beautiful lies in people’s views and can vary from one individual to another. What is certain though, is that this service must be able to deliver the basics as not to disappoint the perception of what is an enhanced photo. The fundamentals will ensure that the image is presentable and is fully visible, and then anything that will further boost its perceived value can be added on to please the viewer, the client, and more importantly, the buyer.


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