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Window Pull Technique in Real Estate Photo Editing

Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Vertical lines straightened


The sun is up, and the weather is beautiful on the day of your photo shoot. The outside of the house is so picturesque that getting the desired lighting is so easy that you easily finish the exterior shoot and move on to the inside of the property. The rooms are built with a lot of windows which can surely bring in a lot of natural light and help on the photo. Excitingly, you set up your camera, your lighting equipment, and stage the room. You also notice that the view of the lawn is so breath-taking that you decide to shoot at an angle that includes the view. However, as you snap that photo and when your picture comes out of your camera screen, the windows are over glared, and the view cannot be seen at all. The line shines so bright from the windows that half of the photo is not visible as well. Trying over and over might result into frustration and delay of the entire photo shoot which you obviously do not want to happen. The window pull technique is a way for you to get the best of both worlds. This means you are able to take advantage of the natural light from the window to leverage on better illumination inside while making the view perfectly visible as if it were a set of person’s eyes looking at the room. Real estate image window pulls bring the photo closer to the visual reality it represents and makes the overall feel of the room more attractive to look at.

What is Window Pull in Photography?

Generally speaking, window pull in photography is the way to reduce glare from the windows. The ultimate goal is to make the picture look like its being viewed through the perspective of a person visiting the room and seeing everything with their own eyes. Moreover, it is exposing the room to the light from that window to eliminate the darkened areas. The window pull technique is called as such because it pulls in the outside brightness and levels it with the brightness of the interior. The reason why window pull exists is because of the view outside the window. Properties will typically have a pool area or a front lawn which can be added points to those looking to purchase a home. The window pull technique will take this view, integrate it with the interior and make it look good. Some applications of real estate image window pulls are views from mountain lodges, cottages, lake houses, and even cabins. People who seek nature surrounded properties will not only see the offerings from the exterior but will also get a glimpse of how things will look like from the inside.

How is Window Pull Performed?

The window pull technique can be done through different ways during software editing. But do note however, that the photo shoot is just as important in setting up the image for a successful window pull. One common requirement from the different ways to make a successful window pull is a range of different exposures of photos. That in itself will give you options to work with when stacking photos together or even patching up the window alone. Here are some ways you can perform real estate window pulls.

Exterior Photo Enhancements Before Vertical lines straightened

HDR or High Dynamic Range Imaging

HDR is a great way to get the exposures of both the interior and the view from the window. The vast range of exposures in multiple shots can be picked out and used to impose together the best ones from the interior and the best from the window view. The way HDR works is that it takes different focal points of light in the same photo. It shoots multiple shots and exposes different areas of the picture so in one you may find a darker spot while in the latter pictures that same dark spot will be lighter. Editing this for window pull requires layering and stitching together the room with the window shot with the visible view.

Layer Masking

Some software will provide masking tools to help darken desired areas. Similar to the HDR concept in doing this for real estate window pulls in Photoshop, a layer of the windows exposed based on the level of need must be placed on top of the original photo. Make sure that it only covers the specific areas where the windows are concerned. Blend the edges into the original photo and darken the windows to level its illumination with the interior.

Using Cloning, Cutting, or Brushing

There are several tools software provides when thinking about localized changes. Cloning tools enable you to copy what is in a different photo onto the one you are working on. If you are able to capture different exposures of the same shot, then cloning should be a breeze. Cutting can be considered a more difficult method. This treads on the fact that snipping out the desired portion from one picture and putting it over the one you want requires high precision. Once the photos have been set in, the edges have to be smudged together or blended to appear seamless. Brushing is another technique similar to cloning. However, brushing is literally exposing one layer by removing another. Imagine having 2 layers of photos, one of them contains the perfectly lit interior and the other, the visible view. The portion of the photo with the glare on the window is brushed away to surface the one with the visible view.

Concluding Remarks

Window pull is a great technique to make sure the view does not go unnoticed. It reduces any unwanted glare and brings in the outside to match the lighting on the inside. It may be one of the selling points in the property that a potential buyer might go for. The technique also allows you to go through your photo shoot smoothly and on schedule as knowing how to set up the photos for window pull editing will ease any frustrations of getting it right in the photo shoot stage. Definitely a technique worth learning and investing time in, the window pull technique is sure to be a staple in real estate listings.

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