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Brown Grass Patches Replace With Green Grass Editing Technique

The lawn of any property or home is one of the most important aspects of a property. The grass is where you play lawn games, it’s where you host barbecues, it’s where meeting places happen. The lawn is one of the places where first impressions are always made.

In real estate photography, it’s important to make the grass look as beautiful and lush as possible. This is to showcase the welcoming ‘mat’ of the property as well as possible. So, how can that be done if the grass in the photo looks drab and brown? Well, that’s where advanced photoshop and photo editing techniques come into play.

Let’s talk about brown grass patch replacement, and how it works. You’ll be shocked to see how well it can improve the look of your real estate photograph!

The Benefits of Brown Grass Replacement

In real estate photography, you want to showcase the most impressive aspects of a property. This is, of course, to sell the property or to make the property seem as appealing as possible. In this case, you want every aspect of the property to put it’s ‘best foot forward’.

This process can be a bit difficult when the property is currently struggling with some minor issues such as dull or browning grass. Well, grass can be fixed, and is something that can recover with a bit of landscaping work. However, that landscaping work isn’t always something that can happen in the moment that the photo is being taken. That, of course, leads to some problems for the real estate photographer.

So, what are you to do as a real estate photographer? Well, rescheduling the photoshoot is of course one option. However, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Editing and touching up the photo is one great way to make the photo look as beautiful as possible for the image, before the landscaping crew has a chance to come out and improve the lawn condition.

So, with all of that in mind, let’s talk about how you can improve the landscape imagery with a bit of photoshop. Those pesky brown grass replacements can be done with a simple professional real estate images editing technique.

How To Replace Brown Grass Patches

Replacing brown grass patches can be done relatively easily, so long as you know the techniques. Professional real estate photo editors can handle the process in a simple manner, once the image is submitted. Here’s a brief look at how the process works.

The Process

• The first step is to open the image in Adobe Photoshop.

• Then the editor will set the layer blend mode to ‘soft light’ on the image.

• Then the editor will select the color of green that they would like the grass to be once the image is finalized.

• The editor will then begin to paint that ‘soft light’ layer with the green coloration that they have selected. This ‘soft light’ setting will allow the coloration to show, without removing the texture of the grass itself.

• Once the color painting is done, the editor will select the ‘eraser’ tool. This will allow the editor to erase the areas that have been painted green that they do not wish to be green. This essentially eliminates any mistakes made by the editor in the painting process.

• The next step is crucial. The editor will open the levels with Control+L on the layer they painted. They will then drag and point the far right hand side in order to brighten the grass layer so that it doesn’t look too saturated or ‘heavy’.

• The editor will then adjust the opacity of the grass layer to fit the image. This will allow the editor to meet the proper levels of pacity to allow the grass layer to blend into the image naturally. This helps the blending to look natural. Generally this is less than 100%, but more than 70%.

• Finally, the editor will flatten the document to make it look exactly like the original would have. Finally, the image is done and the grass looks gorgeous and green!

Final Thoughts

Real estate images editing is a delicate process that takes quite a bit of effort to master. However, the final results can be exceptionally compelling for anyone who works within the real estate industry. It’s not always possible to capture the perfect image of a property on any given day. The lawn and grass can often look a bit lackluster on the days that the image is to be taken.

The conditions of the lawn don’t have to stop a real estate photographer from capturing the image that they need. Real estate image editing can make sure that any real estate image looks lush, beautiful, and ready to hit the market.

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