Top Noise Reduction Software for Real Estate Photo Editors

Imperfections are always part of anything we do. If there had been ways to do everything perfectly at 100% then there would definitely be no more room to improve, hence, the loss of opportunities for most businesses to even try. The real estate business is one of these businesses that exemplify correcting flaws to achieve an almost perfect output in photos. There is an existence and need for realty editor because of the flawed nature of photography. While the point on most occasions is to make the photo more beautiful for people to be drawn in, the reality is that imperfections exist and they need to be removed from the image.

Real estate photo editing software plays a huge part in getting this task done and for real estate photo editors, the software is integral to their jobs. The right selection of real estate photo editing software also dictates the quality of post-processing which serves as the conduit to getting rid of these imperfections.

Defining Noise in Photography

Noise is an inherent and added element that is outside of the circle of satisfaction. It exists in almost all the things that can be captured by our human senses. Noise in photography takes the form of two different types of imperfections. One related to light called luminescent noise and the other one is color induced simply called color noise.

Luminescent noise is brought about by the differences in lighting conditions in photos. They are further amplified with the objects in the photo such as windows that create glare or obstructions that distort light. Color cast problems for real estate photo editors toil to fix these lighting imperfections through editing and retouching processes that mask or hide the reality behind the noises. They manifest in the form of textures on the photo which can be seen as a uniform imperfection across the image.

Color noises, or what others also refer to as chromatic imperfections are inherent noises from cameras. There is no such thing as a perfect camera that can mimic our eyesight therefore real estate photo editing software exists to supplement the work photographers do. Now when it comes to these color related noises, what one can observe are spots of color spread at random areas within the image. Their intensity is defined by certain settings within the camera where they can be reduced, but not completely eliminated.

What is Noise Reduction?

Noise reduction then, is the process of employing the real estate photo editing software to mask or remove these inherent flaws. Real estate photo editors must have a keen eye to spot these minute defects within the photo to ensure that the outcome will be pleasing to the eye in seamless fashion.

But this does not mean that real estate photo editors must solely rely on photo editing software to reduce the noise. There are three distinct features on the camera that help the cause. These are the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. The correct adjustment of these three settings will help you reduce the noise and come out with a photo that real estate photo editors won’t sweat over as much.

The Top Software for Noise Reductions

Real estate photo editing software has long provided real estate photo editors images teeming with vibrance and life. They have served many purposes other than noise reduction but overall makes the image worth posting on listings. Here are the top picks for real estate photo editing software especially for noise reduction.

  1. The Photo Ninja

Coming in with a price tag of $119, The Photo Ninja comes with a specialized add-on called the Noise Ninja. The downside is the upgrade comes at an additional $69 but do not let the monetary implications fool you as the purchase is very much well worth every penny. The Noise Ninja is a technology developed first in 2003 and improved to suppress noise while maintaining raw image integrity. This means that as the color or luminescent noises are removed, the image will remain sharp and prepped for real estate photo editors to work on.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom makes noise reduction as easy as 1,2,3. There is no doubt that each photo will have different levels of both luminescent and color noises making it difficult to create a one-size-fits-all solutions. This real estate photo editing software then offers a toggle along a spectrum of adjustment, one for each type of noise. So, for instance, you are currently working on a photo that requires both noise elimination. The toggle can be adjusted easily from side to side so you can visually see the changes as the toggle happens, making the adjustments very precise and up to your standard.

  1. Topaz Labs Denoise AI

Just when you thought noise reduction couldn’t get any better, then Denoise AI is here to take it up a notch further. This artificial intelligence supported software is priced at $79.99 with a free trial so you could marvel in its prowess before hitting that purchase button. The AI technology clearly distinguishes between the photo details and the noise and this allows you to use any ISO you are comfortable with without compromising image quality come editing time. It boasts of recovering detail just as good as the original once the noise has been removed.

  1. Noise Reducer Pro

Developed by Systweak, Noise Reducer Pro promises quick and instant noise reduction at no cost. This is a go-to for beginners since it provides an easy-to-use and hassle-free interface that even allows you to visually compare the before and after side by side before finalizing your work. Since this real estate photo editing software is very specialized, it can be easy enough to carry around in portable devices other than laptop computers. It is available through tablets and mobile phones so you can bring your work wherever you go.


Accepting noise as an inherent part of photography makes the work seem worth it. There are ways to reduce the noise both during and after photography but ultimately the process can be finished in real estate photo editing. There are a lot of software to choose from that come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Making a decision about it would surely make your life easier and make that noise go away.


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