Best Tips When Adding Virtual Furniture in Real Estate Photo Enhancement

The real estate photo enhancement we know today has taken a progressive leap forward towards more flexible and convenient ways of editing. What used to be already game changers in real estate photo editing software has gained even more benefits through annual iterations and advancements. This has enabled every professional and real estate photo enhancement service to create more and more images in less time without sacrificing quality at any point in the process. As such, one of the real estate photo enhancement techniques that gained from this is virtual staging.

Virtually adding furniture is a concept that seems too good to be true. In the context of real estate photo enhancement, it eliminates the need to physically and constantly change the furniture each time which costs money and expends effort just to do. Now, to see what happens before and after real estate photo enhancement for virtual staging brings in a totally new look and feel to the image. The theme may change and cater to several people. The benefit of this? It gives potential buyers an idea how to style their prospective purchase.

What is Virtual Staging?


Virtual staging is simply the technique of adding furniture using your rea estate photo enhancement software into the interior shot. It requires having to find the right set of pieces to come up with a cohesive theme and allow the photo to up its attractiveness. However, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Virtual staging in real estate photo enhancement can make or break the purchase because even if there is an explanation to all that is going on in the image, it’s the first look that would be the difference maker. Take this scenario into consideration. If the buyer is scrolling through a plethora of listings with images that might make it seem like a mundane task, they would simply bow out of the hunt. In some cases, they may even find a good property but seem to just let it slide due to the lackluster presentation it has on the listing. Something striking would then change how this behavior happens. Professionals and real estate photo enhancement services alike must put together some designs that are eye-catching and appealing enough to merit love at first sight. Virtua staging is more than just a technique then. It is a combination of an artform incorporated into the process of real estate photo enhancement.

Tips on Adding Virtual Furniture

So, you want to make an impression and try to think of ways to stand out. Virtual staging should not be difficult but requires a keen eye for design and harmony and sometimes even for details. If you don’t know where to start, take a gander at these tips to be able to craft your own idea and take the wheel from there

  1. Accents Matter

Yes, without a doubt, the subtle pops of color here and there matter in real estate photo enhancement and virtual staging. You might think that you are limited to furniture found in everyday homes, but you may be in for a treat to find out there’s actually more to it.

a. Picture Frames

Putting up picture frames on tabletops such as bedside tables, living room tops, and the likes bring some life into the mix. It shows how the area is habitable and has the potential to be one of the places to cherish memories. While all these seem too farfetched in the world of real estate photo enhancement, you’d be surprised by the number of people who daydream about actually living inside the space they see.

b. Art Pieces

Hanging some paintings on the wall is a great way to add some flare into the image. Art is a way for you to liven up the colors in the room when you feel like you need a hint of something different. It could provide you with the accent colors you need or simply a nice piece to tie all the items together.

c. Television Sets

Some may say that television sets are not really necessary pieces in real estate photo enhancement and virtual staging. However, the modernity it brings into the photo is an added bonus on attractiveness and may turn heads due to its feel. A modern-themed home after all, requires a modern touch and this is what TVs can do for you being on the subtle side.

  1. Clean Up Real Well

Virtual stating no doubt requires the image to look pristine. You must be able to show a spic and span area while you put in that soft and comfortable-looking couch, so you don’t end up having to turn off your viewers with a messy room.

  1. Never Hide Problems

Whatever is in the property, never use virtual furniture to hide it or conceal it. Cracks, misalignments, odd wall structures, blemishes, and whatnots can be dealt with physically via renovations. However, if there is no plan for such, do not use virtual staging as a means to cover them up and mislead your clients into thinking they are not there.

  1. Layer Up

The feature of layering is one of the most useful tools you can pick out of your real estate photo enhancement software. It allows you to perform the delicate technique of virtual staging as the furniture that is thrown in the photo must look real with no hints of being manipulated. As such, utilize the layers to cleanly edit each piece onto the working canvas.

  1. Keep the Theme Intact

Again and again, the theme will save your photo and make it go the distance to stand out. If you do not put any thought into curating the look of the interior, you may have just wasted a lot of time and effort trying to stage the scene. What’s important is the choice of furniture jive with one another, complementing the room and bringing in a cohesive theme.

Final Thoughts

Giving virtual staging the best touch it could ever get is one of the greatest gifts real estate photo enhancements has to offer. Even the littlest details can make the scene come to life and with no hesitation, may even get a viewer converted into a buyer in no time. With this in mind, these tips go far beyond what you could ever imagine and in the process, you should be able to exercise some creativity and bring out the inner interior designer in you.


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