What Homebuyers are Attracted to in Your Real Estate Photo Enhancements

People who seek their next dream home go through listings, agents, and sometimes personal visits to the property. They look at where the home sits and how it looks. The latter bears a large weight when it comes to buying as people’s taste in aesthetics and function kicks in. Real estate agents are quick to know what buyers are looking for and help them point in the right direction. However, in these unprecedented times, viewing has become less and less on the physical visits and more on online viewing. The drivers could be the pandemic or simply convenience at the touch of their fingertips. Listings can now be viewed on the real estate agent’s site or page and offers a hefty amount of information. On top of all this, photos play a huge part in getting the people to take a deeper look into a property. More than the information available, the way the photos represent the home and portray a feeling of connection is relevant in making that sale.

Real estate photo enhancement is the key to making photos stand out. They boost the photo’s attractiveness and at the same time, make every detail pop out for people to see. Now that the relevance has been spelled out, photographers must take to heart the impact photo enhancement for real estate brings. They are a vital part in the entire chain of selling as they become the conduit in which a property is communicated online. With this, it is important to know what exactly people are looking at when they see enhanced real estate images.

What do Homebuyers See?

People will not be vocal about the colors or the sharpness they want to see over the lighting or the exposure being the winning element over the twilight effect. This is why it is so important to cover the checklist of items that people from all types of perceptions will notice. Photo enhancement for real estate is capable to deliver all this thanks to powerful software that is accessible to everyone.

  1. Start by making the photo look perfect

Imperfections are a big no-no in property photos. The process of real estate image improvement must first begin by looking at the oddities that were included in the shoot. This could be something as bad as a garbage bin out in the lawn or even a fallout of leaves throughout the exterior. People will get turned off at unsightly objects that are scattered on the property. It will most likely make them skip at looking at it if they deem that there is extra work on their end to clean it up if they choose to purchase it.

  1. Fix distorted lines or curves

There will be times that wide angle and fisheye lenses will be very useful, but also do take note of the photos these lenses produce. The last thing we want our home seekers to see are warped edges and lines along the corners or edges of the image. This tells them that this property may have been heavily manipulated to look good or simply the seller does not care. People do see these things and what photo enhancement for real estate must do is rectify all these.

  1. The secret is in the details

The little things matter and as a photographer the effort into making the details stand out goes a very long way. Realty editor is built to put in fire into fireplace, views into windows, and overlays on screens. All these during real estate image improvement, when done right, will add a whole lot of life into the image. There are also techniques such as window pull and window masking which may be very useful to avoid people noticing the windows being glared out with light.

  1. Replacing that gloomy sky

Let’s face it, gloomy weather brings a lot of sadness even by just looking outside the window. This effect is also seen in photos especially when dark clouds loom over properties. Always remember that photos incite emotion. The happier the person is, the more energetic they become and hence a better mood in making decisions. The task given to real estate photo enhancement is to always bring out a bright blue sky on a sunny day. People who are keen on purchasing the property will definitely be critical on feeling a connection with the house and having a gloomy first impression will almost always throw that property deeper into the listing.

  1. Putting together furniture virtually

Empty spaces in property interiors are something you want to avoid 100% of the time. Now there may be challenges your real estate agent may have when putting in furniture. The previous owner of the home may have owned all of it and have brought it with them on the way out or there is simply no time or resources to pull off this task. Luckily, computer aided software has the capability to throw some furniture in without anyone being the wiser. Virtual staging is part of photo enhancement for real estate images where stock photos of furniture are edited into the interiors and made to look like they were really there to begin with.


Real estate photo enhancement contributes massively to showcasing a property. The little bits of color and lighting that are corrected will create a rippling effect that grows bigger from your client all the way to the prospective buyer. There is no denying your role as a photographer in real estate image improvement. Providing real estate image improvement services is more than just providing a means to an end, it is providing a lifeline to the real estate business. This is because it takes the most important group that keep the industry alive and those are the home buyers. People who buy may have different quirks and requirements but at the end of the day they are all looking for the same set of features in a property and learning to enhance the way those are showcased will help in landing your real estate client that sale.


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