Dos and Don'ts in Real Estate Photo Enhancement for Property Exteriors

Property exteriors are considered the most critical part of real estate photography, more so in real estate photo enhancement. Why is this? When real estate agents throw out properties in the listings, they would show exteriors first. The architecture and structure become the selling point and gives an idea on how the property will look like inside. From there, they take interest and would want to see more. This goes without saying that exterior real estate photography settings are just as important as the techniques used in editing. Both have to work together to bring the photo to life and shifting the weight to one side could easily tilt the balance that would otherwise be considered as appealing.

While we know that these two have to play in tandem with each other, we put extra emphasis on making sure that the post-processing carries its weight. Real estate photo enhancement cannot slack off under the premise that photography has snapped photos properly. Whatever condition the photo has come in, the end result must exhibit ten times more attractiveness.


With this, every professional must know what the dos and don’ts of real estate photo enhancement specifically for exteriors. Your property shots of the outside structure are first impression-providers all the time. If they turn the viewer off, you can bid goodbye to a potential sale.

How Do You Edit Outdoor Real Estate Pictures?

A good idea on what to do for exteriors is a step ahead into the game of success. More than what you need to know from real estate photography tips and tricks is the real estate photo enhancement that supports it. Furthermore, given that exteriors come in many shapes and sizes, it will be good to have a baseline set of techniques that enable you to enhance these to their maximum potential. Unlike interiors where there are multiple iterations provided by virtual staging, exterior shots normally come as is where is and the opportunity to make them look beautiful relies on these subtleties.

  1. Vertical Lines Rectified

One thing about exterior shots and going through real estate photo enhancement to transform them is that the challenge to keep the lines straight won’t always be provided by photography. In order to get the perfect shot that exhibits all lines on the y-axis to be straight requires a tall height that would keep the perspective straight vertically. Now, unless you are an 8-foot person, you may need to push hard with straightening vertical lines through real estate photo enhancement and most applications will give you the ability to do so.

  1. Think Twilight

Giving a cozy and calming vibe through a twilight effect could be a weapon of choice. Putting a twist to your routine in real estate photo enhancement by making the sky darker in contrast with a brightly lit interior of the property allows the exterior structure to be highlighted. Furthermore, since this technique requires much work, not all editors will pour in the effort for this. Should you be able to pull it off in real estate photo enhancement, it is something that would set you apart as a professional while giving your exterior photos the boost they need, landing this in the ‘do’ list.

  1. Sky Replacement

If there is one do-it-yourself technique for photo enhancement for real estate for exteriors that would require execution over and over, it is sky replacement. The beauty of this is that you are able to provide every photo a fighting chance to be noticed due to the warmth it brings with a bright sky. Keeping it under the clutches of an overcast might deter potential buyers away since it spells nothing but cold and dreariness to the viewer’s eye.

  1. Keeping it Spotless

Object removal is a requirement in this list of dos. You will want to present exteriors in their best shape because again, they are at the forefront of representing the property. In real estate photo enhancement, one thing has to be clear and that is the work has to be clean. Use such tools like the clone stamp tool or the healing brush tool to get rid of unwanted objects in the scene but be careful not to remove anything structurally that would eventually mislead the potential buyer.

How You Shouldn’t Edit Outdoor Real Estate Pictures?

If there are things you should do in exterior real estate photo enhancement, then there are things you should clearly avoid.

  1. Unrealistic Views

Do not create a scene which cannot be achieved in real life. Case in point, a tree you just got rid off through editing but certainly have no plans on removing physically. This simply creates a message of confusion and deception, making real estate photo enhancement work unfavorably for the real estate business. Also, refrain from overdoing the editing. Sometimes we like to put in a little bit of extra to whatever it is we are doing, and it is fine for as long as we still represent the photo in the most realistic light it can be in.

  1. High Color Saturation

Showing off great color is a check. However, manipulating color and making it an eye sore is a huge x-mark. Now, it might be confusing to think that if we follow the color wheel then we are already covered for aesthetics. Wrong. The real deal in real estate photo enhancements for color is making it look natural. Go for earth tones, maybe neutral colors, or even basic colors along the spectrum of white, brown, and beige. Resist the temptation to throw in neon colors with a heavy push on the saturation.

  1. Leaving Unkempt Marks

Being sloppy in exterior real estate photo enhancement is a deadly sin. Never ever finish the job without giving the photo a scan, making sure that every bit of blemish has been accounted for. Such a habit will allow you to churn out pristine edits which eventually become fast sellers and high value earners.

Final Thoughts

Without batting an eye, these dos and don’ts in real estate photo enhancement for exteriors must be taken seriously. Such guides exist to allow you to ensure that you are treading the right path which ultimately leads to client satisfaction and quality guaranteed.


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