Professional Editors for Real Estate Photo Enhancement

When talking about real estate photo enhancement, there are several topics that come swinging in. There’s the talk on the best software, there’s the top 10 of this and that, and then there’s real estate photo enhancement services. It might be a subjective discussion depending on every professional’s experience and point of view but a real estate photo enhancement service that does well over others can really make the rounds as word go around.

If you are a professional looking to hire only the best of the best in real estate photo enhancement, then you’ve got to nail the right characteristics that they exhibit and be able to spot red flags along the process of selection. One of the things you should absolutely be keen on is real estate photo enhancement pricing along with the ways of working of the organization. An overall assessment of their operations can give you more than just the bird’s eye view you need to optimize the money you spend on these. Hence, the selection process of a real estate photo enhancement service is more crucial than getting the work done as getting the right one easily is half the battle won.

But always be wary of how you strategize contracting the work of real estate photo enhancement services. You may be able to get a lot of benefits out of it but if you don’t find one that provides you enough of the flexibility you need then it will all be a micromanaged task where it should have been more of a convenient route.

What are the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Services?


Characteristics of services in real estate photo enhancement which you should be keen on are encapsulated in three main dimensions. They are cost, standards, and turnaround time. Without one of these, you could be facing a bit of stress as you yourself must deliver to your clients the best-looking, most affordable, and ever-speedy service. As such, your criteria as it manifests must look like the following.

  1. A per photo cost of $3 or less

Every photo that undergoes real estate photo enhancement is transformed through software applications, changing pixels to make them visually elevated relative to their current states. There is a high volume of work that flows into real estate photo enhancement services that volume now becomes the driver for profit and why not? One photography professional alone can submit tens of images for one property and this multiples as the number of clients trickle in. If you come across a service that charges more than they should, keep looking. Chances are you will find the ones that price their services fairly.

  1. Turnaround speeds of 1-2 days

Time is definitely of the essence. Speed to the market is crucial for competing real estate businesses and your photos can make the difference should they reach the intended client on time. Therefore, the real estate photo enhancement service must be understanding of these requirements of their clients down the line, and you can in fact test them through a trial service. Check how fast they can work on a set of your photos, and you can get a good idea of their promised speeds.

  1. Edits that match your requirements

Let’s be realistic. Real estate photo enhancement is all about being able to provide what your client is looking for in visual aesthetics. If you send these photos out to be worked by others, then there could be a noticeable difference in the style when you finally pass it on to the end user. With this, the real estate photo enhancement service should be able to replicate the way you do your post-processing and make it look like it has not been done by different hands.

How Do You Choose One?

Choosing shouldn’t be quite the difficult task. There are ways to go about it and interestingly, the process is the same for every real estate photo enhancement service you want to test out. Check these tips out to make sure you are able to see what you need to see.

  1. Request for a trial

Trials are normally offered by these services as part of their promotional strategies. You may want to take advantage of them through asking for it and giving actual photos to work on. It could even be a good idea to request them to replicate one of the photos you’ve already done and see how it stacks up against yours. This way, you will be able to gauge their skill level and their ability to understand the basic elements of post-processing that is incorporated into the techniques you apply.

  1. Take a peek at their portfolio

These real estate photo enhancement services tend to have a collection of previous work. They should be able to show a gallery of their proudest outputs and you should be able to gain access to them. See, it won’t be confidential nor a crime to even take a look at these just to have a benchmark on their stream of work. In the end, you will be thankful you have done it to see how you can expect them to handle your images

Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Editors

The advantages are always there for hiring and teamworking with real estate photo editor. You can get more people working on your photos instead of slaving on each one after the other. The reality here is you are paying for them to be able to bring out the photos in the way and speed you want so you can free up your time to take care of other aspects of your job. You can work on marketing, networking, and even being critical about your finances. However, the downside is you may need to make sure you don’t lose the learning you’ve gained in the past when you’ve already started contracting their services. It will be easy to just keep on paying for it rather than sharpening the saw so you have got to still be conscious about your own learning.

Final Thoughts

There you go. Real estate photo enhancement done by services is something that provides a lot of convenience but before it does, you need to make sure you have selected the right one. The trio of speed, quality, and price are crucial in the selection process, thereby making the outsourcing well worth it rather than being just a mere exercise.


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