Editing Tips for Top Notch Real Estate Photography Images

Real estate photography editing is a much-needed process for real estate business to turn properties into big bucks. Their operations wouldn’t be complete and sellable without the help of enhanced images designed to turn heads and make eyes fall in love at first sight. As a professional in real estate photo editing, your job is to create a steady flow of quality images that meet your client’s required timings. Nothing speaks louder than meeting all these criteria and thus, these editing tips for top notch real estate photography images must make their way into the mix to support your growth in this career.

Let’s face it. Editing tips for real estate photography might be crawling all over the internet, but they are every bit as they are, essential to the work that editing professionals do. It should be seared into the mind that these tips are non-negotiable in terms of making a checklist and the complete execution of these can spell the holistic beauty that is expected of every image.

Top Notch Editing Tips for Top Notch Images

These editing tips for top notch real estate photography images consider the aspects you should touch on. Every photo that comes out of the camera might look gorgeous, but the work shouldn’t stop there. More often than not, you would encounter a flaw that would throw off the shot and thus require the magic touch of a professional’s hand.

  1. Correct the Color

First on the list of editing tips for top notch real estate photography images is color. This could be one of the most important elements of an image because it is visually striking. No matter how beautiful a house or any property might be, if the colors are not corrected, it could ruin the entire vibe. Such color aspects you need to watch out for are saturation and the vibrancy. Saturation refers to the intensity you see and dictates how deep a color could show up on walls or furniture. Vibrancy could pertain to the overall mood of the image where something dark and dim could express a depressing mood thereby turning someone away from actually buying the property. Correct the white balance in some cases to get you the natural and thriving look real estate photography editing can bring.

  1. Spread the Light

Exposure and light are an element in real estate photography editing that help surface the finer details the property has to offer. Editing tips for top notch real estate photography images is never complete without the photo’s illumination spread out evenly. So, what does spreading the light across evenly mean? Light has to manifest in a way that no single part of the photo is brighter than another. You may utilize the sliders to adjust the overall image and you have options on brightness, contrast, whites, blacks, and even shadows. For smaller changes, you may use Photoshop’s dodge and burn tool and adjust the scope of change to help a certain portion achieve the same light as the entire image.

  1. Straighten Distortions

Here is where cameras show another flaw. Distortions appear because of the need to shoot taller structures. You may find a farther distance to allow the property to see straight but the space you can move around could be limited at times. Real estate photography editing software have built in features that allow you to pull some slanted lines in to straighten them and make it seem like all lines are standing straight. The reason why this needs to be done is because the perception of the property looking from below is a turn off. Therefore, a shot that shows straight vertical lines will come out better whether in interiors or exteriors.

  1. Clear the Area

Clutter is the ultimate enemy of the words pristine and clean. These editing tips for top notch real estate photography images must include being able to clean up after the property and by doing so, you are able to throw out a photo worth looking at by the potential buyer. To realize how this impacts the photo, imagine a cluttered property. It would look occupied, unkempt, and even distraught.

  1. Replace the Sky

One of the most used techniques in real estate photography editing is sky replacement. In every exterior shot, this is normally done to create a more astonishingly brighter ambience than it would have been if you only shot it with a camera and threw it out for the public to see. Of course, this would be unnecessary if the sunny day already provided the ample lighting but, in any case,whatever the weather is, photographers go the distance to snap those beautiful shots and thereby the sky replacement technique being a reality.


How Can I Edit Real Estate Pictures Faster?

In all of this, you might think that there is much to do with so little time. While the reality of the real estate photography editing business is all about quality, speed, and volume, it doesn’t mean you must compromise on any of those. Here are some ways you can have the best of all 3 worlds.

Batch Edit Feature

Some real estate photography editing apps and software will have the batch processing of certain techniques. These will allow you to apply changes to several photos simultaneously in order to get more output in less time.


Getting a real estate photo editing service could be the best way to get your image enhancements done. Services such as Photoandvideoedits.com combines all of these elements together to bring you fast, excellent, and the number of photos you need when you need it. With their service, you won’t need to worry about the cost of enhancing. Their affordable rates allow you to keep coming back for more and all the techniques you need applied is covered with their services.

Final Thoughts

These editing tips for real estate photography are no doubt the basics you need to cover in order to make even the slightest acceptable image you could think of. Mastering them through constant practice and envisioning what the end product should look like is a must for it to make the listings and get a potential buyer in the quickest possible manner. Try it out and see the results for yourself.


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