Facts About Editing a Video in the Real Estate Business

Should your mind be on the fence with real estate video editing, you can make that informed decision if you’re able to see all angles of it. This is because this part of the game requires a different set of skills but intersects with those that exist for photo editing. Real estate video editing software may even be the same as the one you use for images but with different tools and functionalities.

To help you make that jump into this side and pursue real estate video editing, you should understand the work that it entails. Finding the right set of must-haves is a ticket to being successful in this job and more than this, it is knowing what to expect in terms of effort and impact that makes the entire scope of real estate video editing worth getting into.

What Should I Know?


There are well-known facts that surround the use of real estate video editing software. The little quirks that may seem trivial could very well be the difference maker between a performing video or a dud. Editors often underestimate the value of being able to put out a well-made output that their efforts sometimes go to waste. This doesn’t have to be the case every single time. Real estate video editing must be crafted to perfection, sent out to make its intended impact, and give you the returns that you deserve with the work that you have put in with such passion and vigor.

You Might Need to Make Cuts More Than You Think

When a real estate video is recorded, it will surely have hours of footage in it. The shots per room could rack up to tens of minutes to capture every bit of detail that the real estate business would like to showcase. A real estate video editing company or even a professional would need to filter out which parts should be retained, and which ones will be shelved because honest to goodness, the viewer won’t have all day to sit down and finish the clip for hours on end.

Silence is a Big No-No

When you watch a video with no sound at all, it might lead you to turn it off or simply doze off to sleep. Well, this is why real estate video editing should always incorporate some form of sound whether through pleasant and relaxing music or a voice over that narrates what is going on. This helps your audience stay engaged and the voice over could even serve as an informative piece should there be no real estate agent or anyone in front of the lens giving a tour. What matters is you promote engagement and avoid any occurrence of boredom.

Being Creative Just Went Up a Notch

As opposed to image editing, real estate video editing will require a higher level of creativity. You might need to do the basics such as light and color adjustment while throwing in some neat transitions to make sure cuts and shifts aren’t as obvious. Being creative on this level also requires you to add perhaps a preview at the start and a montage in the end just to create a story for your video rather than just jumping straight into the front door and catching your audience by surprise.

Complement Views with Text

In real estate video editing, some scenes might not be as self-explanatory. A room might contain all the good things those potential buyers might be looking for but without any context, it just passes as a regular space with no explanation. Sometimes text can help people figure out what is going on. You can perhaps write down the space in square feet or what the room can become, and this can push the selling points to be noticed more than just being another room to see.

You Can Probably Charge a Pretty Penny

Another fact of real estate video editing is that this isn’t a volume job. Unlike real estate images where they are charged at fairly reasonable prices and are done in bulk, videos are done one at a time. There is no such thing as simultaneous or batch processing as each clip needs the right attention to detail for it to come out perfectly. With this, you may charge a few hundreds to even a thousand depending on the complexity and length of the video. Do not sell yourself short as the effort in real estate video editing is different from real estate photo editing.

How Long Does It Take to Edit Real Estate Videos?

Now, the question begs, how much time should you allot to edit a video? Well, the length depends on how long you or your clients asks for the video’s duration to be. But most work will probably be around half an hour to two hours. Thinking about how this now impacts your productivity as a professional, here is where you might want to consider giving it to outsourced real estate video editing services or doing it yourself. Just weight the pros and cons of being able to earn more or forego other projects because you need to focus on certain jobs merely because they require a more meticulous approach.

Why Real Estate Videos are the In-Thing

Videos nowadays are more captivating that just having photos out there. Some claim that the salability of a property increases drastically to even two times the chances when there is a video that accompanies the listings. Furthermore, it is aways a treat for people to be able to do something at the tip of their fingers. This means that they can view the property at every angle through the video rather than going in for a visit personally should that piece of real estate be in a different state in the country.

Final Thoughts

Real estate video editing is really a task with a lot of things to look at before you jump in. These facts are not here to scare you but to help you see the amount of effort you will need to put in so you can break free of any impression of mediocrity and be able to deliver a stellar output. There is no other way to put it for videos but to be able to put out only the best so it can impact the chances of selling positively and in the end, achieve its purpose.


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