10 Expert Tips for Real Estate Video Editing

As in everything, we never can be at the highest level without the openness to learn. We must possess that hunger to go beyond what we know and challenge ourselves to take on more complex tasks. Similar to real estate video editing, being a novice doesn’t make you any less than a master at the art. What sets professionals apart is their willingness to go beyond what their skill levels are and this is what enables others to overtake those way ahead of them in the spectrum of knowledge. See, video editing for real estate can sometimes plateau. This means that whatever technology or techniques exist at a certain era, that’s what people practice and master. However, over the years there have been constant advancements in the way real estate video editing is done and only those who are bold enough to adapt and learn are those that move forward.This is a reality that all professionals editing real estate videos must embrace. It might sound daunting to keep absorbing new things every now and then, but the payoff is riding with the times and keeping your career above water.

The question most people wonder when doing real estate video editing is if it’s worth all that effort. Haven’t pictures dominated the market for so long? The answer to those are both yes. The industry has evolved to make videos a staple that goes along with photos to boost user experience and increase the chances of making a sale happen. Others that have made their mark in the industry include 360 photos and virtual tours, both of which offer the controllability within the reach of their viewers. Videos have a different charm but of course the same impact when done right so get ready to learn more.

Real Estate Video Editing

Shooting a video for reasons of creating a tour or even just snippets requires the right touch and processes to turn out as the desired output and not just wasted film. In doing so, care must be embraced when curating the clip and steps leading up to real estate video editing must also be treated with the right mindset. With this, it is imperative to plan before you shoot, and secure the end state in mind even before you set out to do something. This end vision will guide whatever you do end to end, thereby helping you use your time wisely in producing a stunning video. Here are some tips to consider for expert real estate video editing.

10 Tips to Live By

1. Tell a Story

It’s never ok to shoot randomly. The way you curate your sequence matters to be able to tell a story and such begins by entering the property through the front, introducing the common areas, showcasing the bedrooms, and finishing strong with the amenities. No matter how good your skills are on video editing for real estate , it won’t matter if people don’t really see the whole picture you are trying to paint.

2. Go easy on transitions

Tempting as it may be to go out there and edit with all the most hardcore effects and transitions, you may want to use the simple ones such as fades. This makes your work look professional and at the same time, less distracting because what you want to achieve is for your viewers to focus on the property rather than the skill in editing.

3. Add some interviews in

Testimonials are never a bad idea especially when you know where you can reach out to some satisfied customers of the real estate business. Adding this element is crucial real estate videography tip as it incorporates the element of trust to back up whatever you are trying to show.

4. A phone might be even better than a DSLR

Modern smartphones provide a whole world of options when it comes to videos. They can offer high-resolution pixels or even add effects which are useful even before post-processing. Consider this and you might just get something really unique out of it.

5. Edit the video

WIthout further explanation, we all know that we need real estate video editing to make the video lean and attractive.

6. Think of your audience

Not everyone will have the time and attention span to keep watching lengthy videos. Keeping them concise allows you to get more viewers to finish the entire clip and appreciate the property rather than having someone quit midway through.

7. Showcase the best parts

With limited time at your hands, you need to strategize which parts you will spend more time on. All parts of the property cannot equally share equal attention because some will surely be more attractive than the other so editing real estate videos must consider the probability of this property attracting a buyer.

8. Get it outsourced

Editing real estate videos could take long and if you have a plethora of projects to accomplish, better to find a partner who can do your editing for you. This isn’t to say you are letting go of the job, but it is a way for you to increase capacity without compromising or rushing.

9. Don’t show the camera in mirror

We understand the power of real estate video editing but sometimes it is a cumbersome task to remove the videographer’s reflection on mirrors or other reflective surfaces. Study the angles beforehand and know where to stand to capture a clean shot.

10. Go easy on the texts

It is essential to put labels to help people understand what you are talking about. These may include measurements, labels of the rooms or locations, and some may choose to put in the number of the realtor or the real estate business. However, don’t go crazy and put them on for the whole video. Make them appear and disappear from time to time to also help your viewer focus on the content.

Final Thoughts

As the concept of learning never stops, this top 10 list shouldn’t stop you as well. There are more expert tips out there for real estate video editing just waiting to be discovered and it is an exciting journey to uncover them all and make yourself master all the things there is to learn about video editing and beyond.


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