Top Video Editing Apps for Real Estate in 2021

In this day and age, real estate video editing has become more prevalent due to the constant growth and demand for all things online. Therefore, it only makes sense to be adept to this aspect of the real estate business. Most photographers and editors have a head start when it comes to tinkering around with such applications. Their mastery and expertise in enhancement will make it easier for them to jump on this ship and enhance videos more than photos. With the increase for demand of all things on the internet, we also see a rise in the development of real estate video editing apps. Some may argue that real estate video editing already exists as an embedded part of the photo enhancement software we are using day in and day out. Nevertheless, let’s look at it from the perspective of specialized apps.

There are developments here and there for HDR photo editing, for instance and these functions are existent in most photo editing software. This example reiterates why there is a stand-alone application especially for real estate video editing apps and that is due to the potential to maximize the functions available to make the most out of every video. Sure, we can opt for a Swiss knife with all the bells and whistles but with a limited range of motion, or we can choose to get the specialized tool to make sure that every move is worth the effort.

Here are the Top Video Editing Apps

Let us scratch the surface of what the industry of real estate video editing apps has to offer. There could be familiar names and there could be total strangers but all in all, these applications can make every real estate video editing task worth it.

  1. Magisto

The developer Magisto has come out with an online video editor that is self-titled. This real estate video editing app showcases its Emotion Sense Technology, an artificial intelligence driven program that enables the right set of edits in terms of sound and visuals that will complement the raw video. The AI embedded within the program enables the technology to breakdown and analyze the components in the video up to the very detail of motion and object detection, allowing it to recommend some enhancements so you don’t need to slave over thinking about it too much.

  1. iMovie

For Mac and Apple fans, the built in iMovie is one of the highly regarded real estate video editing tools to get the job done since it has all the basic features ready to pump out an awesome video. One of the features it boasts is its ability to stabilize shaky takes. It can manipulate the color grading as well as the play speed to make sure if the video captured is not fast or slow enough, it can be tailored to set of audience’s liking.

  1. Lightworks

Also known by its letters of LWKS, this real estate video editing app can be bought at less than $25 to start with. This well-known application has been used in numerous Hollywood films and is the choice for uploading edited videos in social media, a space where real estate is starting to explore in terms of marketing. It supports any video format as well as any desktop platform so anyone can gain access to this trusty real estate video editing tool.

  1. Pinnacle Studio

The company as founded in 1986 and has been one of the staples in video editing. With different packages available at different prices, you will surely marvel at how this real estate video editing software can give you such high amount of features. It can support 2 to as much as 6 cameras in multi-editing, there is a split screen video features in case there is a need to compare two different films, includes 360-degree video editing tools especially now that 360 cameras are gaining attention. This software has been known for its reliability throughout the ages, and there are no signs of slowing down.

  1. GoPro Quikstories

Even if it is branded to the famous brand, the software is accessible for everyone especially if they need it as a real estate video editing app. Having said this, its features include a compatibility for all types of cameras so you can import your videos and shots. It comes complete with all the basic editing features such as exposure, color, contrast, text addition, and even multi-clip editing. Should you need to get images from the videos, this real estate video editing software can capture stills from the video, ensuring its quality and clarity at the same time.

  1. Wideo

This online platform was launched in 2012 and prides itself as an app that can make professional and fun video edits. One of its standout features is its ability to preview the work without the need to render it first which takes an eternity for some. There is also an extensive library that offers significant amounts of animations, transitions, images, styles, and objects.

  1. Matterport

This real estate video editing app makes waves with its 3D capabilities. It can make videos interactive or recreate them digitally and find a whole new niche of storytelling. It is known for its accurate measurements to scale based on images and allows you to work hand-in-hand with its artificial intelligence program. Every output can be easily shared through the various channels such as social media and email with a very light and easy file mobility.


Indeed, real estate video editing is making noise in the industry. The various tools, applications, and software out there make things a lot easier with a lot of specialized tools that enable you to maximize the experience as well as the work. The applications listed here are just on the tip of the iceberg and exploring a lot more will definitely be an exciting task and even more lustrous is learning the ropes on all of them. This is truly one advancement that photographers and realty editor would like to go for to expand their knowledge, reach a wider customer base, and help their clients showcase more than just pictures on their listings.


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