Which is the Best HDR Software for Professional Real Estate Photo Editors?

HDR, an industry known acronym for the high-dynamic range of photography has been gaining a lot of traction and attention due to its ability to craft stunning real estate images. Real estate photo editors have been flocking to more than just one real estate photo editing software to diversity the high quality of output they produce and add even more beautifying points to their work. This is because HDR is well-known for its ability to bring bracketed shots together and employ the technology embedded in real estate photo editing software to stack them and bring all of the best visible facets of the shots into one workable image. It is sometimes the key to enabling optical visibility in pictures for those overly glaring images that can swing between a dark subject and bright sky, or a blinding background but fathomable subject.

Why You Need an HDR Editing Software

A seasoned realty editor understands the process of bringing together or stacking a set of bracketed images. Before there were real estate photo editing software specializing in HDR enhancements, the process was available through well-known applications that provided stacking features. The only problem is that all you could have done at that moment while other work had to wait. Now you can have two different software, switching between them as plugins or simultaneously running applications.

Another good reason to use an HDR software is to be able to exhaust the potential of an HDR edit. Most real estate photo editing software will be Swiss knives. They tend to have all the tools ready but in limited capabilities unless you are using one of the most powerful applications out there. Real estate photo editors will be able to edit HDR in full potential, making use of all the tricks in the bag available at their disposal.

Top HDR Software to Make Your Pick From

To get to know more about what HDR applications are out there, check out this list of picks that are reliable and at the same time worth spending the time to learn. It may not include everything there is out there, but it will get you introduced to what is available and start exploring from there.

  1. Photomatix Pro 6

Being the first on this list, there is a lot of expectations coming from this application. Real estate photo editors can marvel at its Tone Balancer which is highly recommended by the developers to be used in real estate or landscape images. With this, there is a better touch of reality and authenticity that goes hand-in-hand with the available retouching tools. It also includes straightening features that enables you to easily see distortions and curves in places where they shouldn’t be. It is priced at $99 for a single-user access license which isn’t a bad deal. If you own an older version, the a $29 fee can upgrade your current software.

  1. Aurora HDR

Arguably one of the most recommended real estate photo editing software for HDR photos, access to Aurora HDR costs $89. It is known for the convenience it offers to real estate photo editors, just requiring them to select the photos, the look the want, and voila, Aurora HDR does the rest. It also boasts to improve details, shadow and lighting, and above all, clarity. There is also an artificial intelligence built into the software, making it a great assistant for real estate photo editors.

  1. Adobe Lightroom

The cousin of Adobe Photoshop has wowed many people for its photo organization, distinctive features, and now its HDR functionalities. It has the ability to merge or stack images and offers the de-ghosting feature that gets rid of blurs and otherwise unsightly errors in stacking that might appear as apparitions. Best of all, you can utilize all the other great features that would benefit the process of HDR management and enhancement contained within this real estate photo editing software.

  1. Easy HDR

One of the things you always hear or read about is the ability of applications to batch process several images all at once. Well, Easy HDR can do that for you and more. It is compatible with any operating systems which include both Windows and Mac and on top of that this software can act as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop so you can easily migrate images from one application to the next. HDR outputs will also be the envy of most real estate photo editors with its tone mapping capabilities, allowing only the best results in terms of authenticity and feel.

  1. Oloneo HDR

With an affordable price of $59, Oloneo offers the ability to real estate photo editors to edit lighting and exposure as if they were still tinkering around with their cameras. This real estate photo editing software is also made to operate without taking too much computer memory thereby allowing it to respond quickly to commands and processes.

Verdict: Which One Reigns as the Top?

Given these options thus far, what stands out is the Aurora HDR application brought to us by Skylum, the company that developed Luminar AI. Given that their core technology is employing a continuously learning background made up of artificial intelligence, the possibilities are endless together with the availability of features. This means that Aurora HDR is a dedicated HDR application that can be expected to perform and understand the user just as Luminar AI has in the past. Most users consider this to be the most powerful HDR software there is on the market, unparalleled with its HDR smart structure, giving real estate photo editors unmatched potential at their hands.


There are a ton of HDR software out there suited for real estate photo editing. These choices allow everyone to select the most appropriate application for their needs, level of experience and expertise, and most of all their budget. Selecting the best could be on your level of perspective meeting your requirements on the onset, but for the purposes of looking at it from a technical point of view, Aurora HDR takes the cake home. There could be several contenders that could stack up to this real estate photo editing software just waiting to be discovered, and you could embark on that exciting journey to find out which one can take the throne.


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