Advanced HDR Real Estate Photo Retouching Using a Mac

You might have tried brightening up photos with the help of photo editing tools and techniques. Sliders can easily change the complexity of the entire image by just moving an adjuster left or right, and some specialized features allow for adjustments in small and localized areas. There are also other ways to get around making photos look bright and pleasing and they involve three letters. H, D, and R. This means high dynamic range and HDR real estate image retouching has gotten traction throughout the years when it comes to showing a whole different side of the image. Even real estate HDR photo editing services have mastered the art to be able to provide this increasingly growing requirement to most clients.

So what is the concept of HDR? Well even before HDR real estate image retouching comes to play, we need to know the basics and dynamics of HDR. From its name, it implies a whole range of brightness from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark. Photography has to come in tandem for the entire concept of HDR real estate image retouching to result in its desired state and what more if you have the right tools to work with. See, one of the more popular laptops to work with are Macs. They give a whole new experience to users by providing stunning displays and smooth processing speed but what don’t people know is the intermediacy this computer brings that piques the interest of most professionals.

What is HDR Photography and Editing in Real Estate?

We know what HDR means, let’s dive into HDR photography and how it works in your shutters. To start off with, cameras must be able to capture several shots which need to simultaneously hit the chosen HDR photo editor for real estate down the line. It is capturing the same scene over and over whilst ensuring the exposure is different on each photo, thereby showing a different part more visibly on different images. This is then loaded onto HDR photo editors for real estate or handed over to real estate HDR photo editing services to be stacked. The result is a single photo that combines the best parts of each image which makes the dark parts easily seen. The good part about HDR real estate image retouching is you can also do it manually. HDR photo blending has been a choice of professionals in working with bracketed shots and using the concepts of HDR while clamping down on the more important steps to come out with the vision in mind.

However, while HDR photography and HDR real estate image retouching works wonders for situations requiring some magic to be cast, it won’t be applicable for most situations. So what merits using HDR and bracketed images? You must look at the scene and see that it exhibits contrast between light and dark. The perfect example is looking at a property’s exterior and seeing the sun shine but not surfacing the beauty of the property’s frontage. This easily qualifies bracketed shots to save the day. Otherwise, you won’t see much of a difference if you do this in normal situations.

What are the Best HDR Applications?

There are software which have been built to bring you the best quality of HDR real estate image retouching. Of course, the experience only grows further with increasing your knowledge and looking for advanced techniques but before we hop into that part let’s check out the applications that are readily available to the public. Avoid misleading edited real estate photos.

1. Adobe Photoshop

This application is a jack of all trades which most people may consider the best photo editing software for real estate. Its offering for HDR editing is considered top notch as well and as a well-rounded software, is always the top of mind choice of most professionals.

2. Aurora HDR

The one thing that sets this apart from other HDR photo editors for real estate is its artificial intelligence. This enables easier and more efficient enhancements as the application looks at what your photo needs and chucks it in for you.

3. Photomatix

For an easy one-time payment of $99, this HDR editing software is a steal. It can be used as a plugin to Lightroom and works perfectly with interiors just as it is with exteriors. If you’re looking for something different, this could be something you could do a trial on.

Advanced HDR Photo Editing

If you are looking to take the off beaten path and challenge yourself in the realm of HDR real estate image retouching, then try to manually blend your images. See, if you are keen on using a software that does the stacking of bracketed shots for you, it will give you stunning results but sometimes you have a goal in mind which you want to see and automatic commands might not be able to align with your thoughts immediately. This now becomes a struggle when you want to customize your HDR edits and luckily, there is a way to control it.

Manual blending entails looking for the areas you want to transform. It will require you to use a brush and several application tools which ultimately only affects a selected area but this isn’t just a normal brush. The intent is to increase or decrease opacity, thereby exposing the layers beneath or above, making what you see on the layer you are working on take on the best facets and most visible parts combined.  You may also need to use layers as your bracketed shots will need to sit on top of one another. In this regard, sequence them from darkest to lightest or vice versa, making sure that the most neutral looking image sits in the middle.

Final Thoughts

HDR real estate image retouching is a great way to get your dark photos looking bright, but they’re even made better by using advanced techniques and using your Mac as an option for the hardware. Such a move can help you get a rich experience and at the same time, learn about the next level of HDR enhancement. So what are you waiting for? Strap on your seatbelts and take the ride to a whole new different path.


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