2022 Real Estate Image Retouching Apps for iPhone Users

Real estate image retouching by phone has been getting attention and traction in recent years. More than just the revolutionary method this has offered most professionals, it carries the convenience and ability to be able to enhance images on the go. Majority of Mac users see that their preferred operating system has proven to carry the best real estate image ending software. With this, it’s no surprise that the equivalent would be chosen, which in this case is the iPhone.

Sifting through the internet can bring loads of options for you to find the best real estate image retouching software for you. While some consider it a pleasantry to have such options, others consider it to be an overwhelming scenario. In cases like these where you want to score that real estate image retouching application that gives you everything you’ve ever wanted, you should be able to get a trial on it and even before you do, perhaps get a sense of what it offers through reviews.


Likely, you will find an application for real estate retouching with a lot of features that absolutely makes you giddy. Take note though, that some might not offer the same comprehensive edits you hope you would because let’s be real, it’s meant to be supported with lower hardware specifications and a smaller screen. This way, you would have to be choiceful of when you will use your iPhone for real estate image retouching more than anything else.

Great Apps for iPhone Users

This list names some of the available real estate image retouching applications that are easily found with a click on the internet. Also, you may not find everything to be free of charge, some would still require a subscription fee and perhaps some software to still act like a plugin but all the same, the process is to assist you in finding the best real estate image retouching software that will work for you as you embark on using your iPhone as an editing tool.


First up on this list is Snapseed. Real estate image retouching editors who feel like they need to extensively be on the go and use their phones as a go-to editing tool will find that this application might already end the search. With its HDR capabilities along with white balance correction as the primary techniques under the spotlight, it would be enough to bring photos to the right state. Couple all of these with the healing brush it has, you wouldn’t need to ask for more.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Your favorite offering from Adobe has just gone mobile. Adobe Lightroom CC carries the easy-to-use interface that allows even beginners to get a hold of real estate image retouching techniques just like that. One of the things you may find highly useful is the continued existence of their file management system. Let’s get real. Our photos are always scattered in our gallery and when we need something we scroll through just to find it. With Lightroom’s ability to get your images straight, it will be easier to pull out what you need when you need it for a smoother mobile real estate image retouching experience.


For the social media savvy user, VSCO or pronounced as ‘VISCO’ could be your best friend in real estate image retouching. It’s pre-sets and filters come together to bring you tons of options made by professionals for professionals allowing you to be confident about sharing your real estate content out there for millions of people to see. Should you be the type who starts from scratch then do not fret. VSCO offers real estate image retouching tools similar to your favorite software but of course, with a toned-down level with the use of your iPhone.

Photoshop Fix

This iteration for the iPhone of Adobe’s premiere real estate image retouching software comes will all the bells and whistles you expect from the name of Photoshop. One of the best features of this, apart from all the enhancement it can give, is its linkage to your Adobe account. Having this feature allows you to easily bring your work to your computer and back to your iPhone with no hassle. Of course, you would have to wait to have your computer to be able to execute the more complex changes on your image.


Priced at just under $3 a month for a subscription to this real estate image retouching application, you may be surprised at what it can do for such an affordable price. Afterlight is easily navigated by beginners and experts alike with its ability add textures and filters, making your image the life of the party.


Looking for a real estate image retouching software that can enhance both photos and videos? PicsArt has got you covered. Thing is though, it’s a paid app under a subscription fee but you can choose to a trial or pay in periods shorter than a month if you are amenable to such schemes. This app contains the required tools such as color and light adjustment and others that even enable you to do sky replacement. You won’t fall short with this one but as always, try it out to know if it’s for you.

Caution on iPhone Retouching

As we always say, there is no match for computers and laptops when it comes to real estate image retouching. The processing capabilities of higher RAM and circuitry embedded in larger devices allow for the best enhancing experience and thus, when using iPhones as a real estate image retouching tool, always bear in mind the possibilities. First is iPhones can display the image in a far lower resolution. This means you may not be able to view the real colors as they appear or to even check the cleanliness of your edits. Second is the capacity to edit. Computers will allow for layers and layers of edits which then results into the pristine-looking image we all know and love. iPhones may not stack up and perhaps gets you to hit a ceiling on the amount of edits that are allowed.

Final Thoughts

That said, it is still possible to perform real estate image retouching out of an iPhone with a plethora of choices. The only thing is now is to determine how to best use it to your advantage and make the most out of the possibilities editing on an iPhone brings. Remember to avoid unethical retouching of real estate photographs.


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