How Much You Should Charge for Real Estate Retouching Services?

There’s always a price for rendering a service or contracting a business. The economics of trade dictate that people are willing to pay good money for the exchange of a quality service or good. This doesn’t exempt real estate retouching services, and, in this business, the trades are always cracking all year long. See, real estate photo retouching services provide its clients outstanding images that are used to help property buyers find their next dream home. These images accompany listings that allow people to visualize what the home looks like through their devices thus making the process of deciding easier and perhaps quicker in some cases.

Real estate photography retouching services of course have been around for quite a while. Their existence in the trade has evolved but has always considered the most important elements when it comes to pricing. So, what are these? They are divided into fixed and variable costs. They are part of the realities of operating real estate image retouching services such as people, electricity, equipment, subscription, and an amount that is fairly put on top to earn something for the value you added on the photo for your client.

What is Real Estate Photo Retouching?

Real estate retouching services in the quick sense provides the capacity and technical expertise to transform a photo or sets of photos into something that can be used by real estate business and agents in their bid to sell a property. The photo comes into the real estate retouching service in its rawest form and comes out looking like a million dollars. Well, it’s all thanks to editing software that can put on more vibrancy and life than you could have ever imagined. See, the way we take images could be at the peaks of our camera’s capacity, but they won’t be able to churn out images at the caliber that are meant to be shown to the public. The biggest reason is that photo perception at the camera level could not match the process prowess of human eyes, and thus a levelling has to take place via an intervention.

Connecting Reality to a Photo

A photo that could make its way to the ads should always give justice to the property. Real estate retouching services aim to make the image as real as it can get by bringing it closer to the way our eyes see it but of course in a more idealistic manner. This way people who cannot make it to the site physically can always view it from the comfort of their own abodes and still see the intricacy and detail the real estate has to offer.

How Much Should I Charge for Retouching?


Real estate retouching services can do all these for a reasonable charge. If you are looking to know in order to build your own service then it is only fair to put together a set of charging models you can offer your clients such that all types of needs can be catered to, especially as their scales vary widely. Unethical retouching of real estate images should be avoided.

Per Photo

The per photo model is also similar to charging per piece of image. You may also decide to do it per enhancement technique, but this is too granular for most to manage or even to cost out. Putting together a set of edits and offering it per photo to come out as a presentable image could be your best bet at the most basic level. Real estate retouching services that may offer this could charge higher as the economies of scale applies. The smaller the order, the costly it is to do because the fixed cost allocated to it is not spread out unlike having more photos to work on and in effect, earn from.


This can come into a better presentation through promos. Real estate photo retouching services can put together packages that make each unit cost of the photo cheaper and revel in the eyes of people who want to find some savings in the process. Promotions and packages can come in tiers so each photo added shouldn’t change the price drastically. It can also tread on different sets of techniques that can be used to identify a style from another.

Consumption System

This is a unique form where real estate photography retouching services can throw in a system that could help the client save while experiencing the service in its fullest. offers the credit system which allows you to use only the ones you need at certain times but let’s you spend more if you need it for a video for instance. This credit system can be purchased and the more you do, the higher the free credits you can acquire.

What to Consider When Costing Retouching Services?

In order to price your per photo or wholesale prices right, it is imperative that you know what the cost elements are in your operations.

Labor and Resources

People are your greatest assets. Real estate retouching services hire experts to work on images and their time is of value where they render in order to make a living. For them to do their jobs properly, you must equip them with the right tools to help get the cogs running. Your real estate retouching service will have its success based on the harmonization of people’s skill and the quality of your equipment such as computers, software, and even conducive working conditions.


This is the fixed costs you can manage by helping spread it out with a larger client base. It includes utilities, rent, electricity, and basically the recurring costs that do not change regardless of the work you have cut out for you and your team for the month. This applies to all types of businesses to which a real estate retouching service is always included.

Profit Margin

The amount you put on top of the total cost to operate dictates your earnings. It is always tempting to put a large number on it however, since the competition plays within an average, so should you. It becomes now a fair percentage which you should try and justify balancing achieving your goals and giving your clients something to be happy about.

Final Thoughts

Cost and potential models should be your first consideration in accounting for pricing your real estate retouching services. Getting them right covers your costs and form here, the right profit margin can be put on so you can exist as a service for many years to come.


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