Top Real Estate Video Editing Software for MAC this 2021

Property sales have soared throughout the last decade and it’s all thanks to ways real estate is now accessible for viewing. Real estate photo editing has seen a sharp rise in demand prompting realty editors to also expand their capacities and grow their business at the same time. As this trend grew, people grew more associated with using their devices for all things under the sun, including viewing and transacting real estate. This made the online platform a much viable and reliable avenue for every real estate company to play in.

Real estate video editing is getting to be as popular as real estate photo editing. With the swing of the tide to an online platform for almost all of the viewing and sales, people would love to see more of the videos and stills in place of visiting the property physically immediately. This said, the demands and expectations from real estate video editing has taken it up a notch. Realty editors and professionals alike are starting to expand their skillsets in being able to apply what they know in real estate photo editing to this aspect.

No, where real estate video editing is done matters a lot. The platform, the operating system, and more importantly, the device. There are tons of choices to choose from if you hit your local dealer and you can choose from a range of powerful gaming laptops to everyday household trustworthy computers. One of them, the MAC by Apple is a unique operating system that is designed to carry heavy loads and process hefty projects such that realty editors will not have a difficult and frustrating time. Here, we will take a look at where real estate video editing software intersects with the MAC so you can explore a good range of options that would fit the hardware by Apple.

Check Out These Video Editing Applications for Your MAC

  1. Adobe Premier Pro

The real estate video editing application of Adobe does not fall far from its real estate photo editing software. It has a user-friendly interface that is easily customizable for realty editors to find convenience in. Similar to its cousin for real estate photo editing, the capability to utilize plugins come as handy as before, allowing you to interface several other programs to enable the highest potential of editing. It also has a batch processing feature, and for any realty editor, it spells speed and efficiency.

  1. Power Director 365

Novice realty editors can get their hands on this real estate video editing software as it is one that enables you to learn quickly and easily. It carries a timeline panel that allows you to track the effects and progress of the video’s elapsed time and provides easy to use drag and drop features. Realty editors who are familiar with the Windows Movie Maker will surely feel at home with this interface and be able to execute effects swiftly with ease.

  1. VideoProc

This software is reminiscent of a real estate photo editing application in a sense that all the tools at your disposal are available here, except now you are editing videos. Such familiar tools you can find are noise reduction, light and color adjustment, and the likes. But what is nice about this real estate video editing software is that realty editors can preview their work in high definition prior to publishing and rendering. Overall, this choice of application is among the top you can choose from and has a whole range of uses from marketing to entertainment.

  1. DaVinci Resolve

It could be a tough one to use but it was built with the realty editor in mind. It can facilitate multi-user collaboration making this a unique feature where several people can use the program and edit different things at the same time. For real estate video editing, this means a lot on the efficiency side and with its ability to interface with other programs as plugins, it will definitely be one of those real estate video editing apps to be reckoned with.

  1. Apple iMovie

It’s simple, it’s easy to use, and above all, it’s free. iMovie comes with every MAC computer and can be used by realty editors just starting out. Their amateur and beginner friendly interface and programming can easily help create masterpieces out of thin air. It also contains tons of included effects and sounds which saves the hassle of having to look for separate files to incorporate in your video. All-in-all, Apple iMovie is enough to get the job done, but of course still would bow down to heavily armed real estate video editing software.

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements

This version of Adobe’s Premiere line is much more for beginners. It has an artificial intelligence program that assists realty editors in execution of effects, making it simpler and faster. The only downside is, since this version of Adobe’s real estate video editing software is not as hard hitting as the pro version, the processing speed may not be as fast for complex projects. When we take a look at how different this is from real estate photo editing, videos will take more space, RAM, and overall computer processing speed.

  1. OpenShot

If you try this application, you may find some similarities with iMovie, but it will offer more than what you can find in Apple’s house brand. It can take on a heavy load of effects and for a free real estate video editing app, that is more than what any realty editor can bargain for. The reality behind this software is it allows you to easily put in the effects with no difficulty and do this even with the complex features.


To sum it all up, MAC can support a lot of real estate video editing software and some of them would even remind you of familiar real estate photo editing applications. The vast amount of choices allows you to choose what you need depending on your level of experience and expertise, and best of all, some of these come free of charge.


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