Estimating Real Estate Video Editing Costs for Profitable Outsourcing

Real estate photography outsourcing for real estate video editing has gained popularity due to many benefits that it brings. The thing is though, do you know if what you are spending for is on the right price mark? It’s best to know what you are paying for to gauge the profitability of your photos after outsourcing.

The Best Estimate

The method of estimation on real estate video editing costs for outsourced services relies on being able to gather all the cost considerations. Some elements could be overlooked resulting to a misleading number or perhaps a shock during the billing or quotation. Whichever the case, the best estimate should give you an idea close to what you will need to shell out for real estate photography outsourcing. Here are some methods you can go by to anchor your assumptions on costs relating to real estate photography outsourcing.

  1. Benchmarking – If there is a reference on cost that offers close to what you are looking for in a different real estate video editing company, then it is a good indicator of how much you might be spending. Take note though, that there will be competitive differences in pricing among real estate photography outsourcing companies because of their goal to reel in a bigger share of the customer base.
  2. Requesting for a quotation – While this isn’t as common in the real estate photography outsourcing world, requesting for a quote on a job will be more accurate than getting an estimate on your end because this estimate is based on the company’s inputs. The only that that most quotations carry is a caveat that says prices may vary on the actual work signifying that the initial estimate is based on a potential benchmark. To get a quotation, it is best to let the real estate video editing company know the details of what you need. If you can provide sample images, then that would be fantastic. The more details you provide, the more precise the quotation becomes.


Cost Components

Now if you choose the first method of best estimate, it will be crucial that you get the right cost elements into the mix. If one slips from your mind, it will greatly skew the estimate and mislead you to think that the cost will be highly manageable and therefore you can get a large profit off of it afterwards. Remember, real estate photography outsourcing is a business as well and they will include their costs into their pricing to make a profit on their end. Missing out or misaligning on these will easily throw you off of the estimate.

  1. Labor

There are two subcomponents that make up labor in real estate video editing services or real estate photography outsourcing for that matter. Time and effort. These two are functions of each other and may comprise a huge portion of cost estimation. You are paying for the talent and time invested that an realty editor spends in working on your images. These stem from the wages that the real estate photography outsourcing company will have to pay the editor for the services rendered so the company is able to operate at a predetermined capacity.

  1. Complexity

In relation to labor, complexity may impact the time spent working on a particular project, therefore attributing the resource allocation to a particular set of images for a longer duration of time. A good way to get a sense of what you will pay for in this aspect is looking at the current state of your images and look at what your end state in mind is. This will give any cost estimate for the services of a real estate photography outsourcing company to be closer as it captures the element of time and effort easily and predicts the labor that will go into a complex piece of work.

  1. Volume

Now the numbers game might be different in volumes. Some real estate video editing and photography enhancement companies will give you a lower price per piece because of higher volume of photos because this will essentially spread their costs and give them more profits coming in. The opposite could also be the case where a small volume will not really give them much profit so they will charge higher, and on your end, tis could be a predictor of how much you need to pay for as a percentage of their intended profits. This is all one big chain of costs and profits and having that knowledge on what a real estate photography editing company might be thinking will help you prepare what you need to spend.

  1. Speed

Turnaround time is important for real estate businesses. To be able to meet them, the chain of processes from you and from the real estate photography company must be in sync and to get the best estimate of rates, you must first count backwards. Take this into consideration. If your client needs it on day 7 and today is day 1, and you know that the real estate video editing and photography enhancement company can do it in 4 days then you have until day 3 to get the ball rolling. However, this will be a tight stretch which may coerce the outsourced service to charge higher rates so its editors may work longer hours.


Profit Margins

The concept of profit margins is important in determining how much will be left to you when you pay for the service and make an income from your client. The difference of revenue (income) less the cost (outflow) will be the net you will retain for yourself. Now the goal is to maximize the net on your pocket by ensuring that you get a good sense of your costs before inking a deal, hence, the relevance of estimates.


Getting ahead and knowing the cost of what you will potentially spend on a real estate photography outsourcing service will prepare you ahead of what you need to spend and with the knowledge to earn, you will be able to predict the money you will keep. There are elements to which you should look at in order to make a precise estimate and ensuring that this is all considered will lead you to a better view of what you intend to achieve.


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