Why Companies Become Better Choices than Freelancers in Real Estate Photo Editing

There is always a choice between getting things done in real estate photo editing. There are choices to do it DIY, in-house, or outsourced, and there are situations where even the choice of outsourcing has a decision to be made. Making these choices requires a good understanding of how fast the real estate business is moving and how quickly the market is reacting. In such situations, the best question to ponder on is whether to have the real estate photo editing done by a company or a freelancer. There are differences in terms of speed, capacity, and sometimes even quality. There are little quirks here and there as well that might be exclusive traits of freelancing or companies who perform real estate photo editing.

Differences between a Company and a Freelancer

The differences evident in the two are night and day. The contrast is so obvious that making that choice could be very easy as certain aspects of the real estate business can be impacted in more ways that you could imagine. Here is a comparison in the relevant aspects you can expect.

Speed of working

Real estate photo editing companies will have more people employed to do the job. This means they can accommodate more orders and meet deadlines simultaneously. There could be drawbacks such as snapping the images from your end and providing it to the company but also do check as some would have photography included in their packages. After all, a client with a pretty sizeable real estate business will be worth having partnered with on their end. An opposite scenario could then be seen with a freelancer. They are independent photographers and realty editor who work alone and take in projects as they come. Now imagine a very busy season where there is high demand for real estate photo editing. Freelancers can accept work and immediately be at full capacity since working on projects will be done sequentially. Real estate photo editing companies on the other hand, would be able to take in more orders and meet deadlines easier.

Availability of updated technology

Let’s face it, real estate photo editing companies will probably be more financed compared to freelancers. They can cater to the demands of a real estate business in terms of the latest editing styles care of the most updated software or probably take more breath-taking shots with more expensive and modern equipment. This is due in part to the ability of a real estate photo editing company to have more income with higher inflow of orders as well as a finance arm that looks for ways to make money outside of photography and editing.

Customer Service Liaisons

While this is one of the quirks and little things that actually matter in the bigger picture, it is something that exists with companies and not always with freelancers. Take for instance the need to constantly communicate and update on the status of your work. A freelancer would definitely have their hands full with the more demanding real estate businesses due to their constant requirement of communication thereby leaving perhaps the less challenging clients to manage left out in the dark. Most real estate photo editing companies are able to afford hiring a customer service liaison such that anything that requires communication to clients will be taken care of.

Weighing the Advantages of the Disadvantages

There are of course, the upsides and downsides to each. But the reality of a real estate business is that time is money, and money keeps the real estate business going. Companies would normally see more advantages compared to freelancers especially during peak seasons.

  1. Better cost at promised turnaround times

Earlier talking about speed, the time has a relationship to cost. Turnaround times are normally formulated based on effort and hence, correlated to how much effort will cost to meet the deadline. We are not saying that a freelancer will always be cheaper in cost versus a real estate photo editing company because they can churn out the photos longer, but what we are trying to emphasize is the point of being able to uphold that commitment. See, the real estate photo editing company with all the hands and equipment available will definitely process photos faster than one freelancer, so the chances of them meeting your required timeline or even surprising you ahead of the expected date will be more likely to happen.

  1. Everything is documented as agreed

Drawing up a contract might not be a problem for both freelancers and real estate photo editing companies. But keep in mind that again, real estate photo editing companies may have the capacity to hire their own team or individual who is dedicated to this task. There is also a higher degree of detail in contracts that will protect the client with real estate photo editing companies such as confidentiality and commitments. This way, a real estate business can be confident with going for a long-term contract with such organizations.

  1. Companies (sometimes) don’t sleep

Think about how shifting can be employed to make use of more hours in a day. Real estate photo editing companies can have people reporting at different hours to keep the wheel running. This is a highly competitive advantage compared to freelancers as the latter would need to rest after a long day of work, and with the limited capacity, will only get to finish certain amounts in each day.


While this is not to undermine the work of freelancers, a real estate business must assess when it needs to go for a real estate photo editing company to do the job. There is simply the reality of what larger organizations can do versus and individual and meeting the business needs is tantamount to getting those sales cashed in. Looking at the differences and the pros versus the cons, one would think that it will always be good to go for a real estate editing company, but it will always depend on what you need and if either party can commit and deliver the requirements you need, then by all means go and explore them both.


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