How to Find the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Companies in 2024

Even if the best real estate photographers get the perfect photo, subpar editing can fail to highlight a property's true potential. The solution? Find professional photo editors who can add finishing touches to the photo. This article will tell you exactly how to find the best real estate photo editing services to deliver high-quality photos to your clients.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Find the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Services

When seeking the best real estate photo editing services, assess the range of services offered and examine the editing team's experience and expertise. Check if your style guide aligns with their editing workflow. You also need to consider if the pricing, turnaround time, and customer service can maximize company productivity.

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High-quality photos and edits can be a total game changer for your photography business, which is why a professional image editing business is exactly what you need. The following criteria can serve as your guide in finding the best real estate photo editing services.

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1. Evaluate the Image Editing Services

Even the most experienced photographers can sometimes fail to capture appealing real estate images. There may be instances when the RAW photo of a single property won't look that impressive. This is where a real estate photography editing service can swoop in and save the shot!

Listings with high-quality photos get 47% higher asking prices per square foot than properties with low-quality shots. Attractive and appealing images of real estate properties invite clients to a property. With the right editing techniques and experience, a real estate photo editing company can make an ordinary real estate photo extraordinary. You know what that means? A higher success rate for your client!

Basic Photo Editing and Retouching

Basic editing and retouching are vital for improving the visual appeal of property photos, correcting flaws, and presenting a polished, inviting photo. Make sure that a company's services include exposure adjustments, color correction, blemish removal, and other basic enhancements.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging helps property buyers visualize the possibilities and increase the perceived value of the listing. It can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of post-production. So, check how the editor can showcase a property's potential by digitally furnishing and decorating vacant or poorly staged spaces. 


Object Removal

Object removal is one of the most common requests in photo editing. It can create a cleaner, more appealing photo and guide potential buyers in focusing on the property's highlights. Review the editor's ability to seamlessly remove unwanted items or distractions from photos, such as trash cans, power lines, utility boxes, or unsightly objects.

Day-to-Dusk Enhancement

Day-to-dusk enhancements can transform harsh daylight shots into warm, inviting dusk scenes. Ask your preferred service provider if they have experienced editors who master techniques in creating a cozy ambiance to make a property feel more welcoming to potential buyers.

Lawn or Sky Replacement

Lawn retouching or sky replacement services can create a more visually striking and appealing outdoor setting. You can inquire if the photo editing team can replace or improve the appearance of lawns, skies, and other outdoor elements.

HDR Blending

HDR photo editing services blend multiple exposures to capture a scene's full dynamic range. There may be instances where you can't avoid harsh shadows and blown-out highlights in panoramic images. In these instances, you'll need experienced editors who can stitch images with varying exposures to produce a more detailed and visually cohesive real estate photo.

Video Editing

Some companies offer other services like color grading, stabilization, or effects for video edits. This lets you add video production services to complement your real estate photo editing service.

2. Weigh In the Experience and Reputation

When evaluating a real estate photo editing company, one of the first things you should do is to check whether your preferred service provider or company is experienced or not. It's vital to assess the experience and expertise of the photo editing team. Woman using a tablet and stylus while editing images with her laptopExperienced editors have a deep understanding of the photo editing industry. They are proficient in using advanced photo editing software to deliver superior results that truly showcase properties in their best light. Consider using an assessment checklist like this one:

  • Years of experience in the real estate photo editing industry
  • Expertise in using industry-standard photo editing software and techniques
  • Knowledge of best practices for creating various real estate visuals, including virtual staging
  • Ability to handle complex post-production tasks, such as HDR blending and advanced retouching
  • Familiarity with the latest business trends and technologies in real estate photography and editing

3. Check for Style Guide Precision

Top-notch real estate photo editing services should be able to adapt to your specific photo editing style guide and requests. This guarantees consistency across your marketing materials for promoting your business services.

While most photo editing services have their own processes, they should still be able to:

  • Have flexibility to accommodate unique editing requests or preferences
  • Create a collaborative approach to understand and implement your vision accurately
  • Adhere to color schemes, tones, and aesthetic styles specific to your brand
  • Willing to make revisions or adjustments as needed to meet your requirements

4. Compare Pricing Packages

Another important factor you need to consider before selecting a real estate photography editing company will be the price. Compile a list of your preferred real estate photo editing companies and compare their prices. This will help you get the best bang for your buck:

  • Credit or subscription model: This pricing model allows you to purchase a set number of credits or a subscription, although leftover credits can sometimes be forfeited. Despite that, it provides flexibility to utilize various services like basic image enhancement or virtual staging as needed without worrying about per-photo costs.
  • Per photo pricing: This pricing is suitable if you have a consistent volume of photo editing needs. You only need to pay for the specific number of photos edited, making it easier to budget and manage costs.
  • Per-service pricing: A per-service pricing is beneficial if you require specific services like virtual staging or video editing services. You can pay for only the services you need without bundling unnecessary offerings.
  • Monthly plan: A monthly plan suits real estate agents or photographers with a steady stream of photo editing requirements. Some services can offer discounted rates and streamline the billing process.
  • Custom pricing: You can also negotiate custom pricing for larger or unique projects. This means you can receive tailored solutions and competitive rates based on your specific needs and real estate photo editing requirements.


5. Identify the Turnaround Time

Realtors who use professional property photos sell listed homes 32% faster, which means you also need your photos edited at a faster speed. This can be done by having an agreement and keeping a close eye on the turnaround time. These are the common turnaround time options most image editing services offer:

  • Standard 24- to 48-hour turnaround time: This option is suitable for most real estate photo editing needs. Most services can efficiently handle basic photo retouching, virtual staging, and other editing tasks within a 24-hour window.
  • Rush options: When you have time-sensitive projects or urgent photo editing requirements, a company may offer rush options for a faster turnaround time at an extra cost. The turnaround time can sometimes be even within a few hours. This enables you to meet tight deadlines.

You could consider giving a sample project to your preferred photo editing company, set a deadline, and see when they come back with the edits. You can try them for a few months if they can deliver quality work within your expected turnaround time.

6. Look for Active Customer Support

Finally, review the customer support of the company as part of the other services provided. A reliable photo editing company should provide multiple channels for communication, such as phone, email, and live chat support. Some even offer 24-hour assistance.

You want to select an editing partner that prioritizes solving queries or issues promptly. As a result, you can minimize delays and enable a smooth real estate photo editing process for your business. You can directly inquire and ask about these factors:

  • Average response times to inquiries via phone, email, or live chat
  • Availability of support staff during extended hours or even around the clock
  • Dedicated account managers or customer support representatives for personalized assistance
  • Clear escalation procedures for addressing complex or urgent issues
  • Proactive communication and updates on the progress of your photo editing projects

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What Are the Best Real Estate Photo Editing Services?

Some of the best real estate photo editing services include professional retouching, virtual staging, image enhancements, and other services tailored to real estate needs. A reputable company like PhotoAndVideoEdits offers specialized solutions to enhance your property photos.

How Do Real Estate Photographers Edit Photos?

Although not all of them are professional editors, most real estate photographers often utilize advanced image editing techniques such as object removal, sky replacements, and blending techniques. These create stunning HDR images that showcase properties in the best possible light.

What Is the Best Image Editing Service for Editing Real Estate Photos?

For the real estate industry, the best image editing service should provide good quality enhancements tailored to property visuals, producing accurate and appealing representations. PhotoAndVideoEdits is a reliable choice for top-notch real estate photo editing with a quick turnaround time.

Why Use Professional Real Estate Image Editing Services?

Professional real estate image editing services can help real estate agents present properties in their best light. A post-production company can also assist real estate photographers in delivering quality service and visually captivating images that can attract more clients and increase income opportunities.


By investing in the right real estate photo editing service, you can optimize your photography business’ post-processing workflow, including delivering polished and high-quality results to your clients at a faster rate. Outsourcing this part of the job will help you free up more time to focus more on your core skills and services without wasting hours on editing photos.



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