Real Estate Photo Retouching Keeps Your Images Clean and Clear

Imagine this. You are a photo editing service who finished 3 days ahead of your real estate client’s deadline. The lighting on the edited image looks immaculate and has resulted to a perfectly balanced symphony of colors. The windows showcase a perfectly lit outdoor to bring in the landscape from the outside and everything just seems to be going your way. You decide to make a good impression by compiling the photos and sending it over early so they can get ahead of posting it and possibly getting a few days’ worth of people to check it out. That same afternoon you get a phone call from your client who is livid over the photos you sent because there is a portion of dog droppings on the floor and that paw print on the wall which you forgot to take out. The client refuses to hand the payment and word gets out that you do not do a clean job of real estate photo editing.

Now it may seem like a very trivial matter to most people that these little details are worth the effort. Well, in real estate, it does. This is why real estate photo retouching services are crucial towards the end of the editing phase. This is the final gate of quality check that needs to happen prior to letting your photos be viewed publicly. Let’s face it, sitting for hours on end in front of a computer to edit photos takes a toll on you. It lessens the effectiveness and alertness that results from fatigue of the eye. We are not saying that you should not work hard on those photos. At the very least, render a photo retouching service or spend a few days or hours to go through a final check of the photos and perform final retouching to make sure all of the details are in place where both the interior and exterior are looking their best.

Basic Photo Retouching

So, what is real estate image photo retouching?

Real estate photo retouching is simply getting the photo ready for viewing. It makes sure that any details that were missed out on editing are considered and corrected so that the picture is 100% spotless. What sets real estate image photo retouching from a full blown editing is that it deals with the little things; blemishes here and there, spots that need removal, inconsistencies in color, or small errors that need rectifying that happened during photo editing.

Techniques for Basic Photo Retouching

The reasons why we need to go through real estate photo retouching resonate along the chain of service. For the real estate company, they are assured of a beautiful and flawless photo. Photos that attract buyers more often than not make the sale and spread as referrals that they are looking at a credible company. To you as a photographer, it means more business! Depending on your agreements with the real estate company, more flexible freelance relationships mean you are eligible to work for other real estate companies who catch wind of your good work and decide to contract your services. Question is, what will it take to be a successful photo retouching service? We’ve got you covered with these tips to make your photos appealing without crossing the bounds of realism:

  • Object and obstruction clearing – Not all houses will come brand new, you will have to work with different situations where a house is currently being sold but has not been vacated. In cases like these where it will be a time-consuming logistical nightmare to move stuff out and around, real estate image photo retouching allows you to take those items out virtually. For instance, there is a huge stain on the carpet and cleaning it will require hours until it dries, forget the rag and cleaner, just edit it out of the photo.
  • Additional Effects – People sometimes want to see a room in full effect. This means that if they see a frame in the photo, it will make sense to contain a photo in it. Oftentimes, an exterior shot of a house with a chimney in the evening will look dramatic with a little artificial smoke. The most common effect that can be included is some great gardening. The lawn can be edited with some flowers and rich green grass to avoid the dreary effect of a brown front yard. Real estate photo retouching is keen on adding these small details that can add value tenfold. It does not deceive the potential buyer, but instead tells the story of endless possibilities they can do with these areas.
  • Revisit photos layered or stitched together – Sometimes the flash may not reach the entirety of an area, and multiple light sources or multiple photos have been taken and then bridged together during editing. While realty editor is key to make these things look seamless, it is during real estate image photo retouching that these are double checked and audited for quality since any person who finds the break will immediately have suspicions. Again, we do want to maintain a realistic perspective for the potential buyers.


Whether its you or a photo retouching service, the importance cannot be emphasized enough for real estate photo retouching. This step ensures that no single bad photo is going out to your client or worse, slipping out of their eyes and making its way to the market. The responsibility of doing things right rests with the photographer who is the gatekeeper of quality for the photos.

It is also crucial to understand that this stage must supplement the editing phase of the photos. This is the correction and inspection part where editing may have overlooked and always remember that it is not a sin to have blemishes on the photo for as long as they are identified and remedied prior to releasing. Also, to avoid the impression that this is the second half of the editing process, remember that real estate image photo retouching deals with the smaller details and not on the mood or background aesthetics. There is no better way to keep things in check that image retouching so do not be hasty in sending your photos, remember that slow and steady wins the race!


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