9 Exterior Real Estate Photography Tips

The first thing people notice in a listing is the exterior of a building, home, or apartment.

A high-quality image is vital. Most people make decisions based on first impressions. Therefore, you must grab the prospect's attention with stunning shots that whet their appetite to see more. Here are some simple tips for taking great exterior shots for real estate.

Ensure that the property is ready

You wouldn't want to have your portrait taken without first combing your hair, right? It's the same with real estate photography. Make sure the yard is tidied up, garbage bins and other unflattering objects are moved out of the way, and cars are also driven out of view.

Consider the sun's position when you shoot

Book the shoot at a time when the sun is striking the house at the perfect angle when you are there. It is best to shoot the exterior when the light on the house is softest. This time is usually the time farthest from noon. But by all means, avoid shooting when the sun is directly overhead. It will only create dark shadows and extreme highlights. Don't worry about overcast days. The lighting it provides is perfect for that. The clouds act as one giant diffuser, giving you more even lighting. If you need blue skies, they can always be added later in post-processing.

Take shots in the early evening or dusk

Property exteriors look best when the sun sets. Switch on all interior and exterior lights around the time of dusk. The brightness of the property should ideally match that of the sky. A great thing to upsell to your agents would be new dusk shots. This will enable them to show off the house at various times in the day.

Experiment with other angles

Don't just stick to what's safe, apparent, or ordinary. Try to get more creative by shooting the house at different angles. Try to determine which side of the property is most flattering. The little experimentation will set your work apart from other real estate photographers.

Always use a tripod and the camera’s timer

If you want to get tack-sharp photos, always mount your camera on a tripod and use the camera's timer to the shot. This will eliminate camera shake which causes blurry images. A tripod is especially important if you're taking long exposure shots in low light like at dusk.

Keep the camera horizon level and straight

If your lines are not straight, your property will seem distorted and sliding off the photo. Use the grid in your viewfinder to ensure that your lines are level both vertically and horizontally. But if you're doing a creative shot, don't worry too much about this, since the perspective can always be tweaked during post-production.

Don't forget to focus on the details

If the property has interesting architectural elements, don't forget to focus on them. The details can often be vital selling points so take the time to show them off. Whether it is pine trees surrounding the house or a pool, make sure you include these details that make the property unique.

Consider using a drone for overhead shots

A single shot can photograph the property from overhead. This aerial view is unique and can give a prospective buyer a better feel for the property, especially in relation to other homes and businesses. Just always check the FAA regulations in your state as some areas may have stricter laws.

Retouch and review

Editing photos are often essential to get the very best image. It allows you to improve contrast, brighten colors, remove unwanted reflections, and edit out other blemishes. Often photo editing is the difference between a great image and a merely good one.

The Bottom Line

First impressions are essential in the real estate industry. Property photos can either make or break a sale. They're that powerful. If they are beautiful and realistic, they can generate a positive impression and can help sell more homes and bring in more clients and referrals. If you're spending more time in post-processing and not enough time in growing your business or with your family, let PhotoAndVideoEdits.com help you with some of that stress so that you can shoot more, edit less, and spend more time with your loved ones.


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