4 Great Tips For Creating an Amazing Dusk Photography Effect

PhotoAndVideoEdits.com now offers Day-to-Dusk processing!

With Day-to-Dusk processing, you can now shoot homes in the daytime but have them edited to look like they were taken early in the evening. When you add a colorful dusk sky, brighten the home’s exterior, and turn on all outside lights, your Day-to-Dusk images will “pop” and “wow” your realtor and grab the attention of all those looking to buy a home.

Shooting a Day-to-Dusk image is not the same as your ordinary real estate photo shoot. To get the most realistic Day-to-Dusk picture, follow these four simple tips when shooting the home for dusk photography:

Shoot in Raw Mode

RAW files are larger since they record more lighting and color data from the camera’s sensor. This allows you to manipulate the images in a variety of ways. JPEG files, on the other hand, are smaller (1-3 MB per image). The amount of data you can work with is limited. After each round of editing, the image loses both quality and data. So to provide you with the best possible image, we suggest submitting the RAW files to our editing team. In this way, they have more information to work with in order to get the best possible results for you.




Shoot a Little Darker Than Usual

This is especially true for Day-to-Dusk images. Rather than shoot your images too bright, it is always better to shoot them a bit darker than usual. In this way, our realty editor team can always increase the lighting if need be. But if the images are just too bright, to begin with, it will be more difficult and challenging to work with your pictures to get the desired sundown effect.




Turn on Exterior and Interior Lights

When you turn on the interior lights and make sure all blinds and curtains are open, this helps your team to pull the existing light from inside the house. And one way to help illuminate the home is to turn on all of the home’s exterior lights as well. This will make the Day-to-Dusk shot seemingly “pop” right out of the screen!




Shoot During Overcast Weather Conditions

The best time to take Day-to-Dusk shots is during a cloudy or overcast day. In those times, there’s usually no sunlight casting a large number of shadows on the home. By shooting on cloudy or overcast days, your team will be able to process a more realistic photo.



The Bottom Line

You’re no longer at the mercy of the weather or the time of day to get the perfect dusk shot. You can now offer professional dusk shots to your clients, even in the morning or afternoon. That’s just one of the advantages of our Day-to-Dusk processing.

Many photographers can charge more for Day-to-Dusk photography. By offering Day-to-Dusk images, you can turn a rainy or cloudy day into an opportunity to impress your clients — while also making some extra money in the process.

If you would like some additional information about PhotoAndVideoEdits.com’s Day-to-Dusk images, please feel free to reach out to us at info@photoandvideedits.com.


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