The Blending Technique in Editing Real Estate Photos

Editing real estate photos that are captured by professionals can make properties sell faster and at higher prices. According to the stats, properties that range from $200,000 to $1 million in value are sold for $3,000 to $11,000 more than their actual prices if captured and edited by experts. Therefore, spending a little extra on capturing and editing real estate photos today is an investment that can bring a huge profit tomorrow.

When you are capturing indoor or outdoor images, especially images that have a high contrast range, the photo does not always come out as good as you were expecting. The colors may look bad which destroys the real beauty of a property. To reduce this effect in real estate photographs blending techniques are used.

Blending Technique

When taking images of different places, some sites do not look as good as they actually appear in real life. The amount of light captured by a camera lens is not the same as captured and shown by the human eye. To reduce this color effect, photographers take different photos at different exposure levels. Later, photo editing experts blend these images to create a final product that has the right amount of brightness and darkness. All the right places will be highlighted with the correct and balanced use of colors.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) blending technique is the most common and popular blending technique used for creating high-quality and captivating real estate photographs. Mostly, photographers outsource this service to get the help of experts who bring magic to real estate photographs and make them look more realistic to buyers.

Blending Services to Edit Real Estate Photos

Bracketing the Images

Several images of the same angel are taken by altering the settings each time. This will provide shots of a location with different exposure levels. These different shots will be later overlapped together to create a single image that has the right amount of exposure and light balance.

White Balance Adjustment

Colors in a real estate photograph must look natural to make it attractive and natural in appearance. Some images have yellow or blue color casts which make them look less pleasing. To get rid of this effect, blending techniques are used to bring out real colors as well as the beauty of the image by eliminating color cast.

Color Exposure Correction

Commonly cameras fail to capture accurate colors. They may turn a blue sky into a grey or purple sky. Different blending techniques are used to make sure that the correct colors are displayed in these images. Through color correction, different colors are adjusted until they look natural and more appealing. Skilled realty editor who are well aware of photo editing techniques and tools can use their skills of editing real estate photos to change the dull appearance of photographs into captivating images.

Why is Blending Essential for Editing Real Estate Photos?

Picture quality has a great impact on the potential buyer’s choice when looking to purchase a property. An image that does not focus on details and is not clear will more likely get rejected and the buyer will move on to the next one. No matter how beautiful the property is, if the image is not representing the reality of a property then the buyer will feel less confidant in buying that property. They will probably see only what the image shows (which can be displeasing to the eye). Poor photos can affect a real estate agent’s business significantly.

Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, editing real estate photos is the right and ultimate choice. Blending different images of the same place that were captured with different exposure levels brings lost clarity back to the image. It also gives focus to the details and important parts of the property at stake. Real estate photo editors use diverse tools to create flawless images that look like a work of art. These images can greatly boost the chance of a property getting sold in less time at an increased price.

Why should You Outsource Blending Services?

Editing real estate photos is not an easy task to do. Not all photographers have the time or real expertise to edit real estate photos. Hence, the right choice is to outsource these services. Outsourcing blending techniques can give you many benefits such as:

  • Expert Help

    Accepting the help of specialized editors who know what they are doing plus are aware of the latest techniques and editing trends can take your business to the next level. Professional real estate photo editors have control over different editing tools like Photoshop. They can add life to a lifeless image with the use of these techniques.
  • High-Quality End Results

    If you try to edit your real estate photographs on your own and you do not have the expert experience then chances are you may not achieve the best results. On the contrary, a professional editor makes sure that the end result is high-quality and meets your expectations and needs.
  • Saves Time

    Photography can be a very hectic job to do if you have to travel from place to place in order to take shots of different locations. Capturing the interior and also exterior of the property can take a lot of time. So, if you want to save your time and spend it more on capturing rather than editing, then hiring expert Real Estate Photo Editors is the right choice. Choose to outsource the real estate photo blending services so that you can focus more on capturing photographs and let the photo editing experts do their job.


Real estate photos have a great role in convincing a buyer to move forward and buy the property. If images are not edited to show their actual colors and beauty then a buyer can look over the property without much thought. Therefore, editing real estate photos by using blending techniques is very important to your real estate business. The blending technique can adjust the brightness and darkness to create an image that takes the property from drab to fab and bring the potential buyer closer to making an offer (a win-win for everyone).


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