10 Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Aerial Photography Editing

Lately, we’ve seen the growth of real estate photo editing for drone shots. This is because real estate aerial photography has proven to be one powerful selling tool for potential buyers to realize that they are not just buying the home, they are buying the view and the surrounding area.

Why Drone Shots?

There has been a rise seen more than 5 years ago, and this rise in popularity for drone shots, let alone real estate aerial photography, will continue to go up. The reason behind this popularity is the fun and excitement behind being able to fly a remote device through the air. The increase was also due to professionals especially in photography and real estate photo editing. There was an opportunity seen in providing images that show more than just the property, and that is giving people a chance to see the landscape and never before seen areas that are unreachable by foot. This alone gives value to real estate aerial photography as it shed light on something new for the industry and gave real estate photo editing a run for its money.

10 Things You Want to Know

  1. Basic Corrections Must Apply

Light, shadows, brightness, and all that follows are also basic and fundamental corrections in real estate photo editing for drones. These ensure that visibility of the property’s exterior as well as the surrounding areas are clear enough for potential buyers to consider in their holistic decision making for a purchase.

  1. Color Corrections

Real estate aerial photography captures sights more than just the structure being sold. This means that the opportunity to showcase these as part of the property’s location is tantamount to being sold. Color correction in rea estate photo editing for drone shots is important to create contrast and project warmth, that this property is not simply any house in a suburban area, rather, it is a home in a quant and lovely location.

  1. Crop, crop, crop

Drone shots will never be perfect since the drone itself relies on rotors and propellers to keep it up in the air. Stability and area of capture becomes a challenge when you also have a limited flight time. Therefore, real estate aerial shots must be cropped in real estate photo editing to keep only what you need because truth be told, even if you would love to shoot the entire horizon up to the sunset, only a part of it will be relevant and clear for post processing.

  1. The healing brush tool does wonders

With real estate aerial photography, there will definitely be a lot of distractions on the shot, and this is where real estate photo editing works its magic. Drone shots will capture a vast amount of land and there will be people, objects, vehicles, and other things you cannot control. Luckily, the healing brush tool and other real estate photo editing tools related to object removal will come in handy.

  1. Sharpen your images

With the lack of stability of drone shots, real estate photo editing endeavors to sharpen the images brought about by vibrating rotors and propellers. This should be a key edit when it comes to post processing for real estate aerial photography.

  1. Be creative on filters

Numerous filters are available in most real estate photo editing software. Real estate aerial photography takes will surely include a lot of elements and colors so be sure to apply a filter to make this pop out, and you will be able to see the beautiful sceneries in no time.

  1. Sky Replacement Works Well

As most, if not all, drone shots would be done for exteriors, it is essential to replace the sky as one of the realty editor techniques. There will always be room for improvement when the shot is taken, and these might be due to the time of the day or simply due to weather conditions. Whichever the case is, a good touch of this real estate photo editing technique will make your photo look like a million dollars.

  1. Natural resources must stand out

With the rivers and landscape being one of the showcased elements, it wouldn’t hurt to give these a splash of contrast. Nature-loving potential buyers will be the first to draw their attention to these shots and make the sale even faster.

  1. Greenery is key

People love trees and where a front yard would only be a small patch of land relative to the vast amount of greenery in the background, it will be good for real estate photo editing to make these stand out, perhaps add a touch of contrast as well, and make people go gaga over it.

  1. Emphasize the property

After all of these is said and done, do not forget to put the property as the start of the show. Yes, real estate aerial photography does matter along with all of its background elements, but always remember to make the house stand out, light it up, and let the colors speak for themselves.

Are Drone Shots Becoming Staples?

The answer is yes. Drone shots will be here to stay especially in a time were looking for something new to bring to the table speaks so much about ideation and creativity. People in the real estate industry also find it a great deal of help when something new flows in and people start to notice as it gives them more traffic to make their presence felt. For the professionals in post-processing, this also helps them expand their creative juices, and give their clients something new to marvel on.


Drone shots have risen to popularity and has been a great share of most real estate photo editing efforts. Professionals have increase real estate aerial photography for this reason as well and for the vastly growing demand for properties that are outside of the hustling and bustline cities and suburbs. This has given rise to real estate photo editing techniques to drone shots that are similar to the techniques we know such as basic color and light corrections, cropping, object removal, sharpening, sky and background replacements and highlighting of selling points. As these creepsover to real estate photo editing to drone shots, we can’t help but to wonder if this will not be part of the future? And the answer is a resounding yes. Real estate aerial photography will be here to stay and will be a big part of selling and real estate photo editing.


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