Tips in Video Editing for Real Estate Agents

Video editing for real estate has been a part of wooing potential buyers using amazing visuals and eye-catching scenes. Now, video editing for real estate agents is a huge leap in being able to market photos, the execution of this task by the agent or by a service contracted by the agent enables the formation of a clip which is informative and attractive.

Creating real estate videos is not a straightforward task. Using a video editing software for real estate could be challenging if the quality of the takes is subpar or if the relevant actions to tick off is not done properly. Henc e, it is important to ensure that you come prepared in the physical aspect and in the cognitive one. This helps you achieve direction and vision when editing for real estate.

How Do You Create a Real Estate Video?


Coming up with a real estate video and throwing it into post-production might seem easy. In most people’s minds, it’s grabbing a camera, recording, and then connecting the SD card to a computer and carrying on. However, to be able to do all of this both efficiently and effectively, you must map out what needs to happen and make sure no gaps are present to experience smooth sailing.

Prepare Your Equipment

Video editing for real estate begins with making sure all the required equipment is up and running. These may include your camera, lens, microphone, a handheld tripod which most people upgrade to a gimbal for more stability. Such equipment must be fully operational and fully charged as applicable, and ready for any action or length of the shoot. Most locations for shooting the video could be big while others could be a small cozy space and therefore your equipment must be prepared to shoot hours of videos. While this might sound an eternity in video editing for real estate, always think of the fact that not all shots make it to the final cut and might require you to have some choices to get clips from.

Map Out a Plan

Properties will be different from one another. The interiors will definitely showcase something unique each time such that they offer something new to potential buyers coming into the market. Video editing for real estate must the tell a story of each property that is cohesive and fathomable. With this, mapping out a plan pertains to sequencing the clips into a series that follows the logical path of a person should they case the home. This would prove relevant for video editing for real estate agents because they sometimes use this in place of a real tour and turn it into a virtual one.

Execute the Edits

The last step is to realize that plan and edit the video. This means putting the right cuts, adding the right clips into sequence, throwing in the right text, and perhaps lining it with some entertaining sounds. It means navigating and learning the tools, applying it to the video so that everything comes together like that glue that binds every little thing that you need in the right place. Video editing in real estate requires more than just something to show, it needs something to wow and amaze on-lookers who might just turn out to be the buyers you are waiting for.

Tips on Making an Amazing Clip

Now that you have a plan on how to make a real estate video, it takes a little extra sauce to make it stand out. This means to be the best or among the best in the competition, make those properties sell, and above all, become the video editor of choice. Here are some items to help you through the journey, enabling you to iterate and make even better edits.

Mind the Aperture

A balance in the aperture or the size of the opening where light comes in allows you to use it through the inside and outside of the property without needing to adjust in between. The thing with video editing for real estate is that you may need a lot of continuity in your video shoots. This entails keeping the videos rolling because you might just get some good shots without you knowing. Also, it can allow you to shoot amazing b-rolls outside with the view without needing to worry about the exposure changes.

Make Sure the Lights are Operational

Interiors are tricky for a video shoot. Unlike photos, interior lights might be frowned upon but in videos, they might just have a positive effect. This now allows you to visibly go through the interior and lessen the need to brighten your videos artificially in video editing for real estate. See, in video shoots, you don’t need to constantly hold a flash so these interior lighting will illuminate your property just fine. When you now go into our enhancement process, it will be easier to liven up and add a little more spice.

Clean Up Beforehand

Clutter is the number one enemy of any shoot, whether photo or video. Even if it isn’t the job of any photo professional, a little bit of effort goes a long way even if you have to get help in sweeping up. Video editing in real estate can benefit from lesser object removals just to clean up little bits and pieces.

How Important are Real Estate Videos?

Video editing in real estate plays a vital role in selling these days. People are highly adapted to their devices, and it now takes the place of numerous physical activities such as house tours. This now makes virtual tours the thing of the present and enables a wider reach of people in terms of viewership. This is because real estate videos can be posted across several platforms including social media and websites. It now plays a relevant role in proactively reaching people through various means such as SEO and aggressive and targeted advertising. With this, even going across international borders can be possible.

Final Thoughts

Video editing for real estate agents can do a lot of good and through these tips, enable them to maximize the potential of it. There are a lot of other things professionals can use to enhance the shooting and editing experience to garner more potential buyers and ultimately contribute to every real estate businesses’ goal of growing and serving their purpose.


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