How Interior Design Impacts Real Estate Image Editing

Home interiors are getting more and more attention in the social media space. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok have been avenues to put real estate photos to reach wider audiences. It is also worth noting that these platforms can also be used to find potential buyers who show interest in buying homes. Social media apps have the ability to suggest photos that may be of interest to the viewer and once they are interested, they click further into the photo and its details. Having said this, real estate interior image editing, and photography have evolved from just putting up an empty space or putting in furniture for bare compliance. It has become an art that carefully considers the implications of having an interior design that acclimates to the location it is in or the personalities it wants to attract.

Real estate image editing takes any beautifully arranged interior to the next level. It crafts the image to stand out and let people see the fruits of conceptualization and design to help them connect with the picture. It uses the power of lighting, colors, and focus to draw attention and emotion towards the photo.

Interior design image editing also emphasizes the fact that the interior has to be well thought of before it even goes through photo enhancement. The arrangement of furniture should reflect a personality that people can identify with and at the same time, imagine themselves living comfortably in.

Setting up the Photo

Maximizing the photo shoot requires preparation and visualization. If the room is already set up beautifully, the best way to make the most out of it is to take a photo of angles that capture the entire room to showcase every inch of it. Real estate interior image editing cannot do this alone and must be preceded by the right set of photos to begin with. Therefore, the first considerations of the photographer must be on getting quality photos, and to do that here are some tips we believe can help you get sorted out.

  1. Contract services from a professional interior designer

Getting the right people for the job is essential in maximizing the potential of the photo. The interior designer will know how to reach out to certain profiles the real estate company wants to sell to. The role of interior design image editing in this case is to support the interior designer in making the photo speak. What this means is while the interior designer has creatively constructed and staged an interior, it will be effective for personal visits. However, if it is social media that the real estate company wants to play in, the photos must do the interior justice through making every detail pop out.

  1. Shoot straight photos and make sure there is enough light

Needless to say, perception and illumination are key to making the image look realistic and visibly brighter. Perception means looking for the right angle vertically and horizontally that results into little or no distortion in lines of sight. A tripod may be helpful in achieving this by providing ease in adjustment of height, not to mention the stability it brings.

  1. Composition will bring together the entire photo

Composition is getting the best arrangement for the elements in the interior, thus bringing out a balance of light, depth, detail, and color. There is no single formula to dictate what makes a great composition, but it takes a lot of heuristics to get it right. Say for instance, that the room has been perfectly staged by the interior designer. It is now up to the photographer to find an angle that captures all the selling points of the room and incorporate it in the image. Realty editor then can complement this balance with the right adjustment of brightness and contrast, making the finer details noticeable while maintaining overall balance of the picture.

How Do You Edit Interior Real Estate Photos?

Once a good set of photos have been captured, it is time to process them for enhancement. This is the stage where all the hard work culminates and brings in together all the elements of the photo, making sure they are able to communicate to potential buyers. Real estate interior image editing treads on the basics of photo editing to make sure that what the human eyes process, the photos can replicate.

So how can I edit interior design pictures?

  • Correcting the color - Interior design image editing must keep in mind the intent of the exercise. Color correction will rectify the perception of brightness that may be difficult to control in natural conditions. For instance, natural light from windows can be too bright and masking the windows to make them dimmer and conversely applying the same principle in reverse for the room will help balance the light.
  • Warp straightening – Even if the photo shoot had taken into account shooting at angles that minimize distortions, curves will appear in objects they should not. Editing perspective warps in software is a must for real estate image editing. It maintains the photo within a psychological perception of reality.
  • Window Pull Technique – The good thing about interior design image editing is everything in the room is part of the design concept. The window pull technique will help maintain the view from the window and make it blend in with the furniture to jive with the overall theme. Playing with levels of exposure and using layers to grab the view from the window and imposing it with the brightness of the room delivers the best of both worlds without compromise.


Real estate interior image editing indeed can get a boost from the right interior design. The combination of a good set of furniture that mashes in perfectly with the mood of the room increases the attractiveness to potential buyers and can target specific profiles which real estate companies aim to sell to. The concept of interior design image editing plays well with the growing popularity of social media and it definitely will be the next major space of interaction where real estate companies can take advantage of to cast their nets wider.


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