How Real Estate Image Retouching Creates Lasting Impressions

Real estate is a business heavily reliant on attracting people to find their dream home. As people seek their next property purchase, they look through photos available in different ad media. A true measure of the success of the photos to imbibe the reader is when they see the photo it leads them to visit the property and end up purchasing it. Therefore, helping the real estate business garner more buyers through the power of photography and real estate photo retouching is a powerful medium to boost your photography career.

Image retouching in real estate comes hand in hand with raw photography. Even if the best equipment is available such as a wide array of lenses or varying degrees of lighting, the environment will almost always work against the ideal conditions. Some colors may not appear exactly the way the camera intended to capture it, or shadows may be pointing in directions counter intuitive to the lighting in the picture. Image retouching acts as a line of defence to ensure the photo that reaches the customer is a true and accurate representation to remove any negative impressions that are uncharacteristic of the property.

The photographer’s job is essential to showcase the true beauty and vibrance of the home is conveyed. Does this sound like the you? Then read on to know why real estate image retouching is important in the real estate game today.

Basic Retouching

Basic retouching simply means altering an image to bring it closer to its true state while maintaining its integrity. It is important to draw the line between a realistic representation and deception especially in real estate image retouching primarily because people place their trust in the photos and make an effort to view the home in person.

Retouching a Picture

Image retouching in real estate is done for the purposes of emphasizing the home. For the interior, lightings are the primary concern where the available light within the home and the equipment from the camera are insufficient to illuminate the fixtures and furniture. Real estate photo retouching is also critical about the exterior surroundings of the home. Oftentimes, the time of the day glares the edges of the house and creates a dull and blurry image that is simply not pleasing to the eye. Hence, there is a need to create adjustments to make the house visible without altering or deceiving the intended target market.

Another purpose of real estate image retouching is removing unwanted obstacles and objects within the landscape. We must accept the fact that we cannot control the busy streets with cars passing by or parking within the proximity, or even worse, birds or animals that happen to ply by the area. Image retouching enables removal of these objects so people viewing the pictures can focus on the home and remove unwanted noises within the photo.

Retouching a Picture Professionally


Professionals perform real estate image retouching by using a mix of photography equipment, reliable software. Outlining these tips, we recommend the following:

  • Ample lighting in the interior of the home, adjusting or removing lights from unwanted sources and coupling it with sufficient lighting equipment from the camera.
  • A tripod to stabilize the photo and a remote to avoid unwanted shakiness that might appear during editing.
  • Take several pictures with wide aperture on the lenses to be able to capture different levels of illumination especially when windows are present with a strong glare from the sun.
  • A reliable realty editor software that facilitates granular retouching and flawless removal of seams to bring together the best elements from several pictures.

The most important element to remember is being keen on the details that need to be retouched in order to produce a stellar image. While it is a given that the right tools will enable the process, it is the craftsman that will bring out the best in the tools. Hence, the following items are a must if a checklist is to be made for real estate photo retouching:

  • Brightness – the bedrock of image retouching in real estate photos is making sure the tone, contrast, and sharpness are warm to the eye. You will be surprised how you can transform a drab-looking photo into a jubilant image with just this technique.
  • Colors – the varying colors present in the photo must not contrast nor clash with one another. It is vital to remember that the colors must not compete and instead harmonize with one another.
  • Obstructions – a sharp eye must always be on the lookout for unwanted objects, people, animals, or fixtures. These items are considered distractions and may draw the viewer’s attention away from the property.
  • Blemishes – Sometimes, the photo shoot is scheduled on a day immediately following unexpected circumstances. Kids writing graffiti on the wall or strong winds taking out a tile or two on the roof are some of the things that cannot be helped. Editing these things out in the interest of time is not considered deceitful if it will be eventually be taken care of by the property.
  • Perspectives – minute movements can cause minor distortions especially during long exposure shots. Editing out warped lines and rectifying edges are some of the details that must be ironed out.
  • Shadows – lighting comes from different sources during a photo shoot. Real estate photo retouching must always consider the shadows created by lighting equipment which may appear to be opposite to the shadows created by the sun.Therefore, a consistent arrangement of shadows is relevant not to give the impression that the photo is unreal.


With no question, image retouching in real estate is must before the photos are sent to the target audience. It is the gate to both correct and enhance the image to reflect the true offerings it has to potential buyers. There will be uncontrollable environmental factors that will constraint the quality of the image but that should not hinder the photographer from achieving the goal. Also, having the right equipment and tools will not be enough if the right elements to real estate photo retouching are not considered. In this regard, thinking of real estate image retouching as a crucial step while approaching it like a pro will no doubt give your photos the edge in the real estate market and help boost your skills and demand by real estate businesses.


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