How to Edit Your Real Estate Photos Using Your Smartphone

Modern times have brought about a new wave of real estate photography and editing methods. Some might disagree and even cringe on these, but the reality is they are performing quite well as alternative means to this profession. In support of its growth, real estate photo editing apps have also sprung up in the respective versions, giving rise to the era of smartphone real estate photography. But the question really is how to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone.

The screen might be arguably too small for some people to work with, or the processing power might not be up to speed (pun intended) for some users. A few may clamor that the camera quality isn’t as good as full-frame mirror cameras, so you probably won’t be able to do anything once you go to the post-processing stage. You could be in for a surprise as most smartphones might even be more powerful, making it an option as the best photo editing option for real estate photos as well as capturing them to begin with. Which ones are the good ones? Well, that’s for another discussion. For now, let’s figure out how to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone.

How Do You Take Real Estate Pictures with Your Phone?

There will be similar principles you find when shooting with your smartphone versus your DSLR. After all, photos will require the same beauty and portrayal regardless of the device you are clutching with your hand. Another motivation to shoot amazing images at this point is to feed post-processing with images they can easily work with. Even a real estate photo editing service will not be able to revive an image taken so bad so make sure your snaps are worth the effort of enhancement.

Find Clarity in Stability

Some smartphones are built with extremely powerful real estate cameras, extending over tons of megapixels and clarity as well as sensors to detect light. None of these will matter if you aren’t able to find a stable hand to capture images, therefore the first recommendation on this list on how to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone and how to shoot them as well is to invest in a top tripod. Unlike most DSLRs, their ergonomic design is meant for you to wrap your hand around it, making it comfortable and thereby making your shots less shaky. Phones on the other hand have a common design whose primary purpose is to enable you to browse the web and communicate making their grip a lot less ideal for photography.

Make it Horizontal, Always

Arguably the best handheld position for a smartphone is vertically since we can easily hold it with one hand. However, real estate photography needs to capture wider angles since it is selling properties and spaces. The consciousness of being able to shoot with two hands all the time is a huge must especially when it comes to giving the impression of a larger room. Portrait photos will simply cut out the important peripheral view for the potential buyer.

Use HDR but Never the Flash

In these tips on how to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone, you can easily make your post-processing run faster with the use of your smartphone’s HDR function. It will automatically stack the photos together to make them look highly visible and pleasing, as opposed to a highly contrasted picture with a light and dark side. This is also a better alternative in such a situation as compared to using your camera’s flash. The illuminator built into your phone is not as good as the flash we used to know and will surely ruin the shot if you use it.

Be Creative with Angles

Just like shooting with a DSLR, angles can make or break the quality of the image. Find a corner where you can shoot from rather than facing the wall or perhaps getting some depth into the shot for some added perception of space. Always remember, there is a big difference on how these images will look like especially when already thrown to real estate photo editing apps.


Editing Photos with Your Smartphone

How to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone might seem like a challenge with a smaller screen relative to a computer but it shouldn’t stop you. There are ways to get around this hump and still come up with photos that will turn heads for more than just a first look.

Find the Right App

The choices have spread like wildfire and each app has their own merit to make smartphone photo editing as good as producing it on a laptop. Adobe, Snapseed, VSCO are just a few that you might stumble upon but getting one could give you more editing power more than just the crop and hue adjustment built into your smartphone.

Keep it Real and Natural

Even with the convenience and excitement now within your fingertips, always remember to still keep the edits looking natural. This means to use even tones, natural levels of color, and more importantly keeping the look as close to the real thing as possible.

Use a Stylus

A stylus will definitely get you to use the most out of your real estate photo editing app. There will be delicate changes you need to make, and your finger might just be too large to control the finer adjustments so if you can cop a stylus, then by all means go for it to achieve the precision in editing. This could also be the most important piece in this list of how to edit your real estate photos using your smartphone as you will not get a pin-point accurate mouse to do your work.

Final Thoughts

If you are used to editing real estate photos in Photoshop on your computer or any software for that matter, then you could get a good kick out of editing through your smartphone. See, the way modern times have revolutionized this profession is making it more mobile and compact, but it doesn’t mean you should compromise the quality of your work. Follow these tips on how to shoot and edit using your smartphone and you will see that only minor tweaks are needed in order to get you to the level of creativity you want and thus, master the art of smartphone photography and editing.


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