How to Sharpen your Photo Editing Skills during COVID-19 Outbreak

The last 12 months have been unprecedented in many ways. The COVID-19 outbreak drove a lot of people to change their ways on interacting and other even resulted to staying in their homes for most of the year to make sure they are safe. Globally there have been impacts to how people spend their time in the latter scenario. No one could have said it was easy, but a lot of people have found ways to make the most out of that time. One thing perhaps that is mostly impacted by this COVID-19 outbreak is house hunting. People have resorted to online means just to view houses and further along the chain of this impacted industry are photographers. It may have been more difficult to go out and get photos to edit due to safety concerns, so the choice was to stay at home and wait for better days. This case doesn’t have to be this way. As far as photographers are concerned, this is a golden opportunity to sharpen your real estate photo editing skills. The time spent at home can be scheduled and used variously to contribute to this activity and more.

Sharpening Your Photo Editing Skills

There is no doubt that a ton of time is at your hands now that you are safely isolating from the COVID-19 outbreak at home to sharpen your realty editor skills. So what are the ways you can do this?

  1. Get in touch with peers in the industry

Talking is always a great way to learn new things. People tend to share their stories and secrets in their own journey in adding to the repertoire of their real estate photo editing skills. In fact, conversing has become a lot more convenient during the COVID-19 outbreak as a result of video conferencing platforms. Not only will this activity create a soundboard amongst people who share your enthusiasm, but it will create closer networks of friends and colleagues.

  1. Read on up on new articles and blogs

If video conferencing gets too exhausting and you need to recharge your energy but still want to take advantage of the time, then reading online articles and blogs may be the next best option. People why are also trying to make the most of being at home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak may share some insights and newly discovered things that they themselves have uncovered. Sharpening those real estate photo editing skills can also come in forms of expanded knowledge which can later be applied to the actual work.

  1. Play around with a new software

With a plethora of free photo editing software just waiting to be discovered on your phone and computer, the limits are boundless. Sharpening your real estate photo editing skills does not only mean being able to drill down further into the software you are using, but it also means being able to expand your skillset and applying those skills through different platforms. The COVID-19 outbreak has provided an opportunity to try new things or even get in touch with things we believe we are already good at.

  1. Discover some hacks and technological advancements in photo editing

There could be realms within your favorite software that you have not touched yet. For instance, shortcut keys and pre-sets! Both can help you work faster since they provide less keyboard and mouse movements which is something you can totally bust out after the COVID-19 outbreak is over. Also try and tinker with some technological advancements. Some software companies have started developing artificial intelligence features in their software and getting familiar with these can help you discover more of your skills and abilities.

  1. Learn to edit different formats of photos and videos

Recent years have seen a trend in more than just still photos. Consider sharpening your real estate photo editing skills with panoramic photos, videos, 3D photos, and so much more. These could unlock a whole new set of skills and understanding about how photos and videos should be presented.

How to Spend Time Wisely

The next question now is how do I get to do all that without burning myself out? It does take all sorts but considering these items should help you out.

  1. Create a weekly plan

Weekly plans and goals will help you pace the things you want and need to do. You simply cannot master everything in a day so why not spread them out through the week, creating milestones so you do not end up stressing yourself out. Sharpening your real estate photo editing skills does not necessarily mean you need to push yourself to the limit but having a grip on what you want to do and how you want to do it will ensure that you get along that schedule and feel fulfilled at the same time.

  1. Exercise for the benefit of your mind and body

Believe it or not, exercising even for just short periods daily can help you set your mind to your goals. The COVID-19 outbreak may seem like a very anxious period where uncertainties are aplenty, but exercise, breathe, and focus. These will help you through the things you need to do and help you spend your quarantine time wisely.

  1. Get enough sleep

The prospect of coming out the lockdown as the top photographer and editor does seem like an inviting goal but note that you are not in the lockdown to pressure yourself. That is why the first two items are relevant, is because they set the stage for success should you want to sharpen your real estate photo editing skills. Getting a good amount of sleep will also make sure your mind functions optimally so you can fulfill your weekly plans and goals.


No doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak did put a lot of things within the circle of uncertainty. However, you have the control on how you spend this time. There are a lot of ways for you to get through and honing your skills in real estate photo editing is a wise way to do it. Consider how you can creatively go about this while making sure that you stay safe and in tip top health. Always remember that you do not need to push yourself to the brink of stressing yourself out and instead think about how you can pace things so you get the most out of this period.


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