How to Shoot Better Aerial Photography for Real Estate in 2022

Aerial photography for real estate has gained a lot of traction and attention in the last few years. Their popularity is driven by the awe-inspiring views they bring in which ultimately complements the property up for sale in its bid to be purchased. With this premise alone, there is more room for aerial photos for real estate to make some more noise. Creativity and innovative aerial photography for real estate includes being able to adapt to the elements such as the lighting and altitude, as well as the instability of being flow tens of feet in the air. It doesn’t necessarily mean being able to ride the tide, but more of seeing where the new environment can be of advantage to the shoot.

Now, aerial photography for real estate as mentioned isn’t the star of the show but it sure does add a major boost in likeability. See, still shots are still the requirement of most real estate businesses. They need to be able to show the ins and outs of the property and what the potential purchaser’s money will be getting them. Drone photography for real estate then adds by showing where the property is situated, what its surroundings look like, and more importantly how it sits among the other properties within the vicinity. Most people will be picky about its proximity to the city if it’s a suburban home, or maybe those eyeing a beach will find comfort in knowing their home is a stone’s throw away from the water. Such peculiarities are just some of the benefits that aerial photography for real estate brings and as such, must require every professional to ensure their beauty and attractiveness.

How to Maximize Aerial Photos?


Getting the most out of anything is what we all think of and why not? We’ve already taken the time to invest in aerial photos for real estate, why not go the distance, right? Having such a mindset allows you to keep on discovering beyond what you see in front of you. The difference here is when someone sees a scene is they take a photo and that’s it. However, a real photographer takes the time to soak in the potential of the area and make sure it works to his favor. These are some of the things you can do with drone photography for real estate to get that extra punch out of each image.

  1. Utilize nature

The lush greenery or the deep blue you can find in the vicinity of a property is a selling point that draws viewers in like no other. People love to see spaces where they can breathe and relax and just simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities. Homes should feel like they are a refuge from the daily grind and aerial photography for real estate can delivery this without a doubt.

  1. Take advantage of the location

Apart from take aerial photos for real estate that showcase natural beauty, take the chance to boast of its premiere location where it could be a few miles off of downtown or maybe the nearest highway, or perhaps emphasize the fact that it is close to institutions like schools and the community center. All these are part of the strategy to market and being able to show a perspective of this relative to the property being sold could be what allows your viewer to express further interest.

How to Shoot Aerial Photography for Real Estate?

Knowing what to capture in aerial photography for real estate puts you in a position to win half the battle. In order to fulfil the potential of what is on the table, you must be able to technically know what to do during the execution per se. with this, here are some tips for aerial photography for real estate that will create that respectable output from your photos.

  1. Lower ISO, lower light sensitivity

Flying at an altitude higher by tens of feet (or even by hundreds, if you wish) puts your drone at a vantage point that is bright and sunny. It then distorts your usual handling of exposure and may be a difficult task to fix in post-processing. As such, you must adjust your ISO at lower levels to reduce its sensitivity to incoming light. This way, you can still control the image and avoid overexposures of any kind.

  1. Take bracketed images

One of the secrets to taking great aerial photos for real estate is to have plenty of shots to choose from. While this is a technique that helps to ensure probability plays within your favor, it is also one that helps you create a stunning result when you put it all together. See, bracketed images are the bedrock for HDR editing. It puts together photos of various exposures and allows you to bring out the best of each portion to create one stunning shot.

  1. Seek out the perfect time of the day

Without a doubt, shooting in overcast conditions will dampen the mood of your images. You may not have the power of the flash to assist you with your drone flying independently at high altitudes. Hence, you should time your photoshoot at the right time of the day where the sun provides you with natural lighting. This way you will not have a hard time to enhance the shot, and this easily gives you an advantage on clarity.

  1. Try a camera mounted drone

While most drones for aerial photos for real estate will come with a camera, it’s no mystery that a DSLR would still win the battle on quality. There is, however, the danger that you camera can latch off mid-flight and fall thereby causing regret and this is why the equipment quality should be top notch. Try taking photos from two different equipment and see the difference for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Shooting better drone shots for real estate is a fast-growing need. Some might already be there at the apex which makes pressure even daunting but ensuring you get he right practice in and techniques done right helps you on your way to the top as well. It might not be about speed all the time and therefore should be something you do with quality along the way.


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