Maximize the Potential of Your Images with Online Real Estate Photo Editing

A photo speaks a thousand words. For realtors, it speaks of potential sales and for you as a photographer, it speaks of more projects to come. The reality nowadays is the competitiveness of real estate photos. To stay in the game a lot of photographers differentiate themselves not only on the photography techniques but also on the editing styles. On the grounds of image enhancement, there are different ways to get the job done. Some photographers jump on the usual software that can give you the best-looking photos with the same set of editing tools and techniques within the software. There are numerous ways to be creative with these, but the thing is, it requires you to have your own computer. Now for cases where your computer crashes with all your work inside or being on-the-go does not allow you to conveniently bring your computer, there is a handier option for real estate image enhancement.

Online real estate photo editing has become an alternative to the conventional editing where staple software similar to Photoshop is utilized. There are now countless means to edit using online editing software that does not require a downloaded software to a computer. It can be used with any computer just by creating an account and logging in to a chosen provider’s website. All your work can be stored in a cloud and opened in another computer from a different location where your work takes you.

Maximizing the Potential of your Photos

A raw image sent to the printers or posted online may seem like the fastest way to get to the customer but trust when we say that it is also the fastest way to end your career as a photographer. People will almost always skip the photos that are dark, boring, and uninviting and move on to a different real estate company which could lead to deteriorated brand credibility and weaker sales. If real estate companies do not get the jolt they need to maintain or increase their brand equity from your photos, they might as well move on to a different photographer. Think of how fast social media marketing for real estate companies spread. People area easily browsing over social media and when they find something that is equally bad on their feed, that photo will circulate effortlessly both inside and outside their networks.

Now we know how photo editing creates an impact to both your partners in real estate as well as their potential customers for the properties they sell. The pictures become the selling point as well as the first point of contact for these potential buyers and therefore should be your consideration when editing your photos. This is because people who can associate themselves with the warmth of a home immediately jump into getting more details about the home. It is through the photos that they find association and stop their browsing activity of other potential real estate options. A vibrant living room or a bright sunny day that complements the tones of the exterior of the property might just do the trick when editing. Online real estate photo editing can get the job done with the right choice of online photo editor but ultimately relies on the right techniques of editing. Ever heard the phrase it is the carpenter and not the tools that get the job done?

The Best Online Photo Editing Sites

There are a number of online real estate image enhancement site options. These may even come free if you are satisfied with the offerings of limited tools to sufficiently get the job done and some may even be cheaper than the usual downloaded software. Here is a list of options and their benefits if you are keen to switch to online real estate photo editing:

  • First on the list is GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is one powerful online editor which you can perform your online real estate image enhancement close to being as complex as other paid and downloaded software. It provides the full range of adjustments, tools, and configuration options that give your photo a complete transformation. Best of all, it is free for anyone to use!
  • If you are an Adobe loyalist, then Photoshop Express Online might be your go-to option for online real estate image enhancement. As the name suggests, the express version is available online with simpler tools and preset options to choose from. This makes the editing process quicker with no frills while giving you a certain degree of control to the photo sharpness and clarity.
  • Next up on the list is Pixlr. This online editor is available through your phone, tablet, and computer which spells total convenience. The catch with this application though is that the free content is limited to a handful of tools and editing options. To access the more complex tools, a payment subscription is required but can be well worth it if you know how to use them to their full potential. Furthermore, this online editor is great for its ease of use and its user-friendly walkthrough tutorials.
  • Polarr is another great online option that is free of charge with an option to unlock more features with a payment scheme. It boasts of being easy to use with a minimalistic feel to the interface giving you the chance to tinker around with the various tools and preset filters depending on your style. Some users consider this as an advanced online real estate image editing tool which might just be what you are looking for.


The real estate industry has been just as competitive as ever. The weapon of choice of real estate businesses count heavily on the images by the photographers and it is a competitive edge to provide the best-looking photos you can find. This is done not only through the photography process but also through the editing phase where the photo is enhanced to bring out the best facets and features within the property.

Having said these, online real estate image enhancement has become non-negotiable. Photo editing should not be bypassed with any excuse as it can be done anywhere. With the great range of options to choose from, online real estate image enhancement has become a viable alternative to the conventional photo editing software available. As more and more people become mobile and require on-the-go conditions, the possibilities with online realty editor become boundless as they offer anywhere editing even on mobile phones.


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