Real Estate Photo Editing Services: How Does it Help Boost Your Online Sales?

When we see photos, we immediately begin to look at it and at that very moment our brain decides if we want a second look or we are moving on from it. On certain occasions, we tend to scrutinize the photo which ultimately leads to stamping it in our memories. The latter is how most businesses want their photos to make an impact and the real estate business is no exception. Realtors will normally rely on different individuals to conjure the best photos to place on their listings. An interior designer might be called in to work on the staging and furnishings, a painter might be paid to touch up on the colors while you as a photographer make sure that every detail of hard work will be captured and edited. Being on the tail end of the chain means everyone’s work lies on your shoulders to be presented perfectly. But don’t worry, the best real estate photo editing services have always been the simplest yet most elegant works.

Real estate photo editing services play a larger role in this modern age more than any other service because people due their due diligence to search for the best-looking homes that are fit for their needs. There has been a study that merely adding 1 additional photo to the listing makes it sell an average of additional 2 days faster. Imagine what an enhanced photo can do to even speed that up. Enhanced images can also boost sales by an average of $6,000 - $ 7,000 per listing for those with top-notch images. Realty editor services can do more than just get the property out there in the market, it has proven to boost sales and should be an end in mind when working on enhancing photos.

How Does it Work?

First and foremost, the fact that millions of listings are available over the internet makes the competition space crowded and tougher. Setting yourself apart from the average photo may take a bit more than just making sure all the edits have been incorporated. The best real estate photo editing services must learn how to turn the photo into a work of art. It has to make sure that the photo speaks to your viewer in a way that it is to their taste and measures up to their personality. Having said this, working with the real estate company closely to know whether they are targeting a particular market segment will help you know which photos to take and how to edit them. For instance, if your real estate company aims for a younger crowd for properties in a very specific town, social media might be their avenue to reach out to them. As a photographer, it is your job to make the photos suitable for social media platforms in terms of sizing, resolution, and feel. The social media space will also be a complex sea to sail on because of the differences in audience. Considering apps with yuppies might work well if real estate photo editing services produce pictures that are edited with contrasting colors or with deeper effects.

What are the Elements of a Good Photo?

Now you may be wondering what makes an amazing photo. Well, the answer is it depends on your audience but at the very base of it all there are the basics which need to be covered to ensure you are on the right path. The bottom line is to get people to notice your photos, fall in love at first sight, and at worst, make them take a second look and fall in love on second sight.

  1. Photo editing services in real estate is minimalistic. This means that interiors must be free of unnecessary objects such as cluttered toys, fallen objects, or personal belongings on top of tables. Note that houses may not be perfectly vacated during the time of the shoot. But working with whatever you have is a sign that you have a keen eye for editing later on which will take are of the imperfections.
  2. Photo editing services in real estate is creative. Now being creative does not only mean that during the editing bits and pieces of effects are thrown in together to make a nice blend of effects. It hints at doing the photo shoot at different parts of the day to create various feels. For instance, consider taking photos during dusk or dawn to later on edit in a twilight effect. Perhaps, use that HDR camera to make a window pull effect for the bedroom. Real estate photo editing services are keen to visualize how the end product looks like even from the point of the photo shoot.
  3. The best real estate photo editing services are customer centric. Customers have a lot of meanings, in this case, it is your internal customer which is the real estate client. Have a good discussion with your client on what they want their photo to feel like. Engaging with them allows you to know if there is a certain trademark effect they want to put in. For example, their high sellers are in the beach house market. Their selling points would definitely be views from interiors or backyards that have access to the beach. Knowing these puts you in a position to put emphasis on these parts of the property when editing.


There is no other powerful tool for real estate listings than property images. Real estate photo editing services contribute largely to the success of the real estate company and does justice to the hard work of all the people who pitched in and made the property looked astounding. The reality is, the best real estate photo editing services are able to bring out the essential elements of the home and allowing it to communicate with the viewer leading to a potential sale. The impacts of being able to successfully pull this off is tantamount to more people flocking that one particular property listing and increasing the chances of people who are adamant to buy it and those who are willing to pay top dollar for it. Needless to say, the ability to produce photos of this caliber draws in more business, and it all begins with the right set of photos culminating with the right idea of presentation, a sure-fire way to propel both the real estate business and your photography career through the roof.


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