Editing Real Estate Photos for Better Social Media Posts

Swipe, tap, and scroll are just some of the common actions people do with their smart phone these days. These dominate the activities we do on a day-to-day basis and have even become reflexes when we’ve picked up our devices. A glaring reason why is due to the cyber space we call social media where we share lives and livelihood at the same time. Posting has become as common as breathing due to the habits formed by garnering likes and attention. All of which increase popularity within the sphere of the internet. On the other hand, a lot of people have used it as marketing tools due to its widespread reach of users plus the speed in which information travels.

Real estate is not one to push back when it comes to a possibility of social media marketing. In fact, real estate has taken its business to social media to try and utilize platforms to educate buyers. Realtors have started vlogs and blogs alike to detail their own experiences and facilitate consultation between them and prospective buyers. Social media has also been an avenue for real estate companies to communicate and engage in discussion with people who come across their pages or posts. It becomes a real time exchange and offers a quick way to get in touch even past regular office hours.

In order for all these to be successful, the real estate company must heavily rely on photographers who perform real estate photo editing. It is through photos that social media work through and it is through images where people stop to look more into something. Having said this, the work of a photographer in editing real estate photos for social media must consider the different requirements to be able to adapt to this platform. The game may be different from how photography once was, but nevertheless still provides the same challenge and requires the same set of skills.

How to edit for Social Media?

Asking the question how to edit real estate photos for social media is the way to begin. Remember that there are a multitude of social media platforms and while some are owned by the same company it does not mean that the look, feel, and requirements will be the same. Some will have different needs and audiences and making sure to tailor fit the viewing experience through real estate photo editing will highly likely gain a following.

  1. Know your audience

There will be age brackets when it comes to different social media platforms. When considering an app such as Instagram, it will likely contain a younger group of people all the way from yuppies to teens. The way to edit real estate photos is to appeal to colors. Instagram is known for its picturesque posts and competing with them will require a high level of vibrance. Check in to see if techniques such as twilight enhancement and sky replacements will match up to the level of effects enough to compete but surely it will require contrasts that are eye-catching. For platforms such as Facebook where people of all ages and walks of life are present, a segmenting can be done for editing real estate photos. A more mature audience can be grouped whose perception of a beautiful property may lie mostly on interiors, hence investing on interior editing techniques such as window pulls may be worth executing.

  1. Capture videos and edit them carefully

People expect more than photos in social media since it is very easy for them to view videos. This is why realty editor must also consider videos for properties. Suppose a house is situated in a beautiful neighborhood where the selling point is in the charming vibe of the area. A drone video will most likely be advantageous to getting an aerial view of the vicinity while zooming in on the house. This will entice people to come and check out the property and such attraction can be achieved through the power to edit real estate photos. Some techniques that can be used are blemish removals or sky replacements when the weather is not cooperative, but the shot is well worth keeping.

  1. Use social media marketing/posting techniques

Creativity is the name of the game in social media and the competing ground for attention in a sea of adverts is quite challenging. This is why more than the editing of real estate photos, some photos of behind the scene shots must also be included to give a sense of being in touch with the viewers. Perhaps shoot a shot of your photo set during an interior shot to be able to show you are grounded with the people and everything is done through a process of hardwork. Another marketing technique is to create an identity. Most of the time, people create hashtags that are unique identifiers of a set of photos and this will help the real estate company brand themselves apart from their competitors. Lastly always consider the platform you are posting to. Each platform will have different places to upload photos. Real estate photo edits must change a photo’s resolution to fit profile photos, banner photos, the usual post photo, and perhaps a cover photo.


Social media has definitely become the virtual space of reality where people lead alternative lives. Even business have shifted to social media to conduct their entrepreneurial needs making this a very crowded and busy place. Real estate has also taken the stride to join the online community and inevitably brought with them the photographers and their skills. The skill to edit real estate photos for social media can be considered as a foundation rather than a specialization as it has now taken over almost all the requirements. While it is tricky to navigate the social media realm with all the complexities, it is important to always go back to the basics of editing real estate photos. The established quality will be a precedent to success especially when real estate photo edits need to happen. Moving towards the future, it will be likely that this trend will be here to stay and editing real estate photos for social media will definitely be the new norm.


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