Popular People in Real Estate Photo Editing

Every craft, every artform, every profession, and every job will have its heroes. These are the people who are considered crème-del-a-crème of the game and rise above due to the mixture of sheer hard work, talent, and potential. They make a name for themselves in the industry as a result of their work and complement it with the right personality that people can look up to and emulate. In the world of real estate photographers, one cannot separate their work as real estate photo editors whether they are the ones curating, orchestrating, or executing. The beauty of their output reflects the hard work put into both ends of the process and has made a significant impact to the real estate industry.

Reading through this, aspiring real estate photo image editors can learn more about them by looking them up and perhaps emulating some of their characteristics in a bid to become one of the best as well. These real estate photographers are staple names in the industry and make sure that even in the game of real estate photo editors, their photos stand out among the rest.

Let’s Briefly Get to Know Some

These real estate photographers come in different backgrounds, scale, and personalities but at the end of the day whether it is the photography or the realty editor within them that speaks out, the product will always be nothing short of amazing.

  1. Brandon Beechler - Based in California, Brandon himself was immersed in the world of real estate prior to pursuing a career in real estate photography. He is the owner of BMB Dezines and you can check out his webpage for more details and some photos of his work which provides a stunning before and after gallery. As a real estate photographer, his services also include a complete package as a real estate photo editor ensuring that every image raises the bar high.
  2. Chris Meyer – He is revered to be one of the best when it comes to helping real estate business turn up profits. Looking at his clients through his web site, they are all big names to be reckoned with. His vast range of services as a real estate photo image editor goes above and beyond real estate photos where there are drone image services, virtual tours, and video tours. His photos speak of the magnificence of his work and would definitely be a runner for excellence.
  3. Colin Forte – With a track record of $160+ Million of sales within 3 years, there is no denying that Colin knows the business. After his career in the receiving end of photos from real estate photo editors the next steps were clear; follow his passion in real estate and go into photography and videography. Visiting the website Photoandvideoedits.com showcases what Colin can do for the industry. His services for photography and covering the work of real estate photo image editors is one that will surely bring in the bucks for your real estate business, not to mention the top-notch quality of photos you can expect each time.
  4. Josh Pabst – Josh is an architecture by profession and fell in love with photography. These two passions eventually led to his company Josh Pabst Photo which specializes in architectural photography and commercial real estate photo services. An initial look into his vast collection in the portfolio section of his website will already tell you that there is a lot of heart into his work which will definitely wow any client that receives his services.
  5. Iran Watson – Much of Iran’s work can be marveled through the lenses of twilight and evening photography, interior shots, and stunning exteriors. He is based in Atlanta and is known more than just for photography, but also taking care of the work of real estate photo editors that churn out excellent images.
  6. Cameron Nielson – The uniqueness of his photos speaks of his ability to take the abstract and turn it into an artform. Cameron is a New York-based photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of the city as an urban jungle and is also an architect by profession. He is fueled by the needs of his clients in technical and excellence requirements and transforms those into an interpretation of amazing photos.
  7. Harry Lim – With the mindset of giving real estate business the best photos for them to maximize their businesses, Harry provides only exceptional images that bring out the creativity that exudes warmth that invites people to come purchase a property. His background was in videography in the media industry. He attributes his experience in the broadcasting world on how he was able to make the leap to the photography space. Since then, he has never looked back and continues to provide quality and excellent images for almost 10 years now.

Lessons to Ponder on for Aspirants

If we see how these notable individuals became the success story they are today, there is no requirement to have a degree or diploma in any course to be a photographer or real estate photo image editor. While some of them have prior experience in related professions and fields, nothing stopped them from doing what they love, and that is in real estate photography. But the ball doesn’t stop there, they are customer focused. This is another aspect of success. Everything we do is for someone to receive. These established names made sure that their customers were happy and that they could build upon that success over and over not because of the rewards, but because of the inherent passion.


There you have it. To be a real estate photo editor and photographer doesn’t come overnight. There are aspects to which success is built on and if you see how these professionals were able to get to where they are, it is always from a solid foundation established to create a better future. Real estate photography, let alone real estate photo image editing, is a career that is filled with excitement and creativity. Emulating any one of them could be your next step and looking to grow on your own two feet could land you in the same level as these distinguished professionals.


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